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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Sit down," he added, offering her the chair beside him.
2.  Carrie merely hastened her steps and took the Sixth Avenue car.Her head was so full of the wonder of it that she had time fornothing else.
3.  "Oh, nothing," she answered; "I've always thought so."
4.  She shook her head.
5.  "Oh, you haven't," he said, eyeing her keenly.
6.  For all the liberal analysis of Spencer and our modernnaturalistic philosophers, we have but an infantile perception ofmorals. There is more in the subject than mere conformity to alaw of evolution. It is yet deeper than conformity to things ofearth alone. It is more involved than we, as yet, perceive.Answer, first, why the heart thrills; explain wherefore someplaintive note goes wandering about the world, undying; makeclear the rose's subtle alchemy evolving its ruddy lamp in lightand rain. In the essence of these facts lie the first principlesof morals.


1.  "Oh, dear," said Carrie.
2.  He was forced to take his feet. It was too much to think of andsit still.
3.  He felt really hurt as he thought of his treatment, and looked asif he saw no way of obtaining justice.
4.  If the occupants of both flats answered to the whistle of thejanitor at the same time, they would stand face to face when theyopened the dumb-waiter doors. One morning, when Carrie went toremove her paper, the newcomer, a handsome brunette of perhapstwenty-three years of age, was there for a like purpose. She wasin a night-robe and dressing-gown, with her hair very muchtousled, but she looked so pretty and good-natured that Carrieinstantly conceived a liking for her. The newcomer did no morethan smile shamefacedly, but it was sufficient. Carrie felt thatshe would like to know her, and a similar feeling stirred in themind of the other, who admired Carrie's innocent face.
5.  "Well, you do look great," he said. "I never saw anybody improveso. You're taller, aren't you?"
6.  "He talks about worrying," thought Carrie. "If he worried enoughhe couldn't sit there and wait for me. He'd get something to do.No man could go seven months without finding something if hetried."


1.  This seemed to renew the general interest in the closed door, andmany gazed in that direction. They looked at it as dumb bruteslook, as dogs paw and whine and study the knob. They shifted andblinked and muttered, now a curse, now a comment. Still theywaited and still the snow whirled and cut them with bitingflakes. On the old hats and peaked shoulders it was piling. Itgathered in little heaps and curves and no one brushed it off.In the centre of the crowd the warmth and steam melted it, andwater trickled off hat rims and down noses, which the ownerscould not reach to scratch. On the outer rim the piles remainedunmelted. Hurstwood, who could not get in the centre, stood withhead lowered to the weather and bent his form.
2.  "No, only a day or so."
3.  They arose and went out into the street. The downtown sectionwas now bare, save for a few whistling strollers, a few owl cars,a few open resorts whose windows were still bright. Out WabashAvenue they strolled, Drouet still pouring forth his volume ofsmall information. He had Carrie's arm in his, and held itclosely as he explained. Once in a while, after some witticism,he would look down, and his eyes would meet hers. At last theycame to the steps, and Carrie stood up on the first one, her headnow coming even with his own. He took her hand and held itgenially. He looked steadily at her as she glanced about, warmlymusing.
4.  "We'll look to-day, if you want to," she said.
5.   The first week she got her thirty-five dollars, it seemed anenormous sum. Paying only three dollars for room rent seemedridiculous. After giving Lola her twenty-five, she still hadseven dollars left. With four left over from previous earnings,she had eleven. Five of this went to pay the regular installmenton the clothes she had to buy. The next week she was even ingreater feather. Now, only three dollars need be paid for roomrent and five on her clothes. The rest she had for food and herown whims.
6.  He gave the matter no more thought, but slept. In the morningshe was not beside him. Strange to say, this passed withoutcomment.


1.  "You did," he answered, seeing that he was arousing opposition,"but Chicago isn't New York, by a big jump."
2.  "Of course I am," said Lola; "but what can I do? I haven'tanything."
3.  "To be my wife, yes," went on the actor in a manner which wasweak by comparison, but which could not now spoil the tenderatmosphere which Carrie had created and maintained. She did notseem to feel that he was wretched. She would have done nearly aswell with a block of wood. The accessories she needed werewithin her own imagination. The acting of others could notaffect them.
4、  She sat meditating, merely shaking her head.
5、  Carrie felt this as a personal reproof. She read "Dora Thorne,"or had a great deal in the past. It seemed only fair to her, butshe supposed that people thought it very fine. Now this clear-eyed, fine-headed youth, who looked something like a student toher, made fun of it. It was poor to him, not worth reading. Shelooked down, and for the first time felt the pain of notunderstanding.




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      "What hotel did you manage?" he inquired.

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      "I know," said Carrie, "but maybe I can't get anything else."

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       Then began one of those pointless social conversations so commonin American resorts where the would-be gilded attempt to rub offgilt from those who have it in abundance. If Hurstwood had oneleaning, it was toward notabilities. He considered that, ifanywhere, he belonged among them. He was too proud to toady, tookeen not to strictly observe the plane he occupied when therewere those present who did not appreciate him, but, in situationslike the present, where he could shine as a gentleman and bereceived without equivocation as a friend and equal among men ofknown ability, he was most delighted. It was on such occasions,if ever, that he would "take something." When the social flavourwas strong enough he would even unbend to the extent of drinkingglass for glass with his associates, punctiliously observing histurn to pay as if he were an outsider like the others. If heever approached intoxication--or rather that ruddy warmth andcomfortableness which precedes the more sloven state--it was whenindividuals such as these were gathered about him, when he wasone of a circle of chatting celebrities. To-night, disturbed aswas his state, he was rather relieved to find company, and nowthat notabilities were gathered, he laid aside his troubles forthe nonce, and joined in right heartily.

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      "Now, I'll tell you what you do. You go down and see about it.It'll be fun for you. The rest of the company isn't going to beany good. They haven't any experience. What do they know abouttheatricals?"

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    {  "I don't think I'll ever be able to do much with Shaughnessy."

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      "Of course," he answered, "you know I will."}

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      Mrs. Hale, from her upper window, saw her come in.

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      Mrs. Hurstwood was not aware of any of her husband's moraldefections, though she might readily have suspected histendencies, which she well understood. She was a woman uponwhose action under provocation you could never count. Hurstwood,for one, had not the slightest idea of what she would do undercertain circumstances. He had never seen her thoroughly aroused.In fact, she was not a woman who would fly into a passion. Shehad too little faith in mankind not to know that they wereerring. She was too calculating to jeopardize any advantage shemight gain in the way of information by fruitless clamour. Herwrath would never wreak itself in one fell blow. She would waitand brood, studying the details and adding to them until herpower might be commensurate with her desire for revenge. At thesame time, she would not delay to inflict any injury, big orlittle, which would wound the object of her revenge and stillleave him uncertain as to the source of the evil. She was acold, self-centred woman, with many a thought of her own whichnever found expression, not even by so much as the glint of aneye.

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       "I only got a half-pound of steak," he said, coming in oneafternoon with his papers. "We never seem to eat very much."

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    {  "When will I see you again?"

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      When Carrie came Hurstwood had been waiting many minutes. Hisblood was warm; his nerves wrought up. He was anxious to see thewoman who had stirred him so profoundly the night before.