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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Thus in life there is ever the intellectual and the emotionalnature--the mind that reasons, and the mind that feels. Of onecome the men of action--generals and statesmen; of the other, thepoets and dreamers--artists all.
2.  "Yes, out near Hoyne Avenue. You were with your husband."
3.  Carrie looked at the card handed by the boy and suffered a shockof surprise.
4.  Lola felt for her first hold upon Carrie in the following manner:
5.  The bath was a handsome affair, done in white enamel, with alarge, blue-bordered stone tub and nickel trimmings. It wasbright and commodious, with a bevelled mirror set in the wall atone end and incandescent lights arranged in three places.
6.  They had been dawdling over the dishes, and their eyes hadfrequently met. Carrie could not help but feel the vibration offorce which followed, which, indeed, was his gaze. He had a wayof touching her hand in explanation, as if to impress a fact uponher. He touched it now as he spoke of going.


1.  Carrie looked gratefully at Hurstwood, and smiled at Drouet. Theformer took the air of a mere friend. He was simply there toenjoy himself. Anything that Carrie did was pleasing to him,nothing more.
2.  As they went out, he took her arm and helped her into the coach,and then they were off again, and so to the show.
3.  It is but fair to say that this thought had occurred to himseveral times before he acted upon it.The poker room which he first invaded was over a saloon in WestStreet, near one of the ferries. He had been there before.Several games were going. These he watched for a time andnoticed that the pots were quite large for the ante involved.
4.  "Yes."
5.  The bath was a handsome affair, done in white enamel, with alarge, blue-bordered stone tub and nickel trimmings. It wasbright and commodious, with a bevelled mirror set in the wall atone end and incandescent lights arranged in three places.
6.  The manager looked at his lovely prize, so beautiful, so winsome,so difficult to be won, and made strange resolutions. Hispassion had gotten to that stage now where it was no longercoloured with reason. He did not trouble over little barriers ofthis sort in the face of so much loveliness. He would accept thesituation with all its difficulties; he would not try to answerthe objections which cold truth thrust upon him. He wouldpromise anything, everything, and trust to fortune to disentanglehim. He would make a try for Paradise, whatever might be theresult. He would be happy, by the Lord, if it cost all honestyof statement, all abandonment of truth.


1.  "Whom did you play with?"
2.  Drouet was just finishing a little incident he was relating, andhis face was expanding into a smile, when Hurstwood's eye caughthis own. The latter had come in with several friends, and,seeing Drouet and some woman, not Carrie, drew his ownconclusion.
3.  She gazed weakly at him and said: "Well, what do you think youwill do? A hundred dollars won't last long."
4.  "The thief!" roared poor Bamberger.
5.   "Miss Clark, you pair with Miss Madenda."
6.  "What are you thinking about, Miss Madenda?" inquired her merrycompanion. "Come, now, let's see if I can guess."


1.  "Yes, indeed," returned Carrie.
2.  The sight of him always around in his untidy clothes and gloomyappearance drove Carrie to seek relief in other places. Twice aweek there were matinees, and then Hurstwood ate a cold snack,which he prepared himself. Two other days there were rehearsalsbeginning at ten in the morning and lasting usually until one.Now, to this Carrie added a few visits to one or two chorusgirls, including the blue-eyed soldier of the golden helmet. Shedid it because it was pleasant and a relief from dulness of thehome over which her husband brooded.
3.  Always from the man at the corner now he bought two papers--the"Evening World" and "Evening Sun." So now he merely picked hispapers up, as he came by, without stopping.
4、  "You'd better sleep alone," she said, "you'll feel better. I'llopen your bed for you now."
5、  "If we got married as soon as we got to the other end of thejourney it would be all right."




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      "Own to it, dear," he said, feelingly; "you do, don't you?"

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      "Manager of the company or the house?" asked the smartly dressedindividual who took care of the tickets. He was favourablyimpressed by Carrie's looks.

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       "Here you are," he said, repressedly, feeling a spring in hislimbs and an elation which was tragic in itself.

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      "Don't know! Ah, Carrie, what makes you say that? Don't tormentme. Be serious."

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    {  Drouet had gone, but what of it? He did not seem seriously angry.He only acted as if he were huffy. He would come back--of coursehe would. There was his cane in the corner. Here was one of hiscollars. He had left his light overcoat in the wardrobe. Shelooked about and tried to assure herself with the sight of adozen such details, but, alas, the secondary thought arrived.Supposing he did come back. Then what?

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      Carrie followed up this desultory conversation with occasionalinterruptions from the Vances. Several times it became generaland partially humorous, and in that manner the restaurant wasreached.}

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      "You'd like that. I know you would. I've seen you dancingaround here and giving imitations and that's why I asked you.You're clever enough, all right."

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      "Thanks," said the captain, turning to the two remainingapplicants. "Now we have some for to-morrow night," he added.

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       "Have you?" said Quincel, rather surprised by his promptness;"that's good. What's her address?" and he pulled out hisnotebook in order to be able to send her part to her.

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    {  To-morrow came, and the next, and the next.

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      "Now, you must do your best to please me," he said encouragingly."Just remember that I want you to succeed. We will make theperformance worth while. You do that now."