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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Excuse me, my dear fellow," said he, as we watched the rearcarriages of our train disappearing round a curve, "I am sorry to makeyou the victim of what may seem a mere whim, but on my life, Watson, Isimply can't leave that case in this condition. Every instinct thatI possess cries out against it. It's wrong- it's all wrong- I'll swearthat it's wrong. And yet the lady's story was complete, the maid'scorroboration was sufficient, the detail was fairly exact. What have Ito put up against that? Three wine-glasses, that is all. But if Ihad not taken things for granted, if I had examined everything withcare which I should have shown had we approached the case de novoand had no cut-and-dried story to warp my mind, should I not then havefound something more definite to go upon? Of course I should. Sit downon this bench, Watson, until a train for Chiselhurst arrives, andallow me to lay the evidence before you, imploring you in the firstinstance to dismiss from your mind the idea that anything which themaid or her mistress may have said must necessarily be true. Thelady's charming personality must not be permitted to warp ourjudgment.
2.  "Well, then, will you please compare that print with this waximpression of young McFarlane's right thumb, taken by my orders thismorning?"
3.  A man striding up the path which led to the door. He was a tall,handsome, swarthy fellow, clad in a suit of flannel, with a Panamahat, a bristling black beard, and a great, aggressive hooked nose, andflourishing a cane as he walked. He swaggered up a path as if as ifthe place belonged to him, and we heard his loud, confident peal atthe bell.
4.  Dear Sir:
5.  "Where?"
6.  "One tallow stain, or even two, might come by chance; but whenI see no less than five, I think that there can be little doubtthat the individual must be brought into frequent contact withburning tallow--walks upstairs at night probably with his hat inone hand and a guttering candle in the other. Anyhow, he nevergot tallow-stains from a gas-jet. Are you satisfied?"


1.  "Exactly," said I. "A plausible lawyer could make it out as an actof self-defence. There may be a hundred crimes in the background,but it is only on this one that they can be tried."
2.  "Ain't I a proof myself? If I stood before her and told her how heused me-"
3.  "Mrs. Toller!" cried Miss Hunter.
4.  Sherlock Holmes was in a melancholy and philosophic mood thatmorning. His alert practical nature was subject to such reactions."Did you see him?" he asked.
5.  "Tell me what happened."
6.  He took a small piece of torn paper from a notebook and spread itout upon his knee.


1.  "Well, how do you explain it?"
2.  "It is all here," said the inspector, tapping a bulky notebook."Still, if the lady is not too exhausted-"
3.  "By my old enemies, Watson. By the charming society whose leaderlies in the Reichenbach Fall. You must remember that they knew, andonly they knew, that I was still alive. Sooner or later theybelieved that I should come back to my rooms. They watched themcontinuously, and this morning they saw me arrive."
4.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, what can it be?"
5.   "Ah, yes, the box. The professor brought back a little wooden boxfrom his travels. It was the one thing which suggested a Continentaltour, for it was one of those quaint carved things which oneassociates with Germany. This he placed in this instrument cupboard.One day, in looking for a canula, I took up the box. To my surprise hewas very angry, and reproved me in words which were quite savage formy curiosity. It was the first time such a thing had happened, and Iwas deeply hurt. I endeavoured to explain that it was a mereaccident that I had touched the box, But all the evening I wasconscious that he looked at me harshly and that the incident wasrankling in his mind." Mr. Bennett drew a little diary book from hispocket. "That was on July 2d," said he.
6.  "He left his hotel last night- he has not been heard of.""No doubt he will return."


1.  "Quite so, but it seems rather an absurd blind, does it not? Werethere other bicycles in this shed?"
2.  Well, it is not for me to judge you," said Holmes as the old mansigned the statement which had been drawn out. "I pray that we maynever be exposed to such a temptation."
3.  "I will endeavour to do so. In the first place she was seized byyour secretary, and stabbed him in order to escape. This catastrophe Iam inclined to regard as an unhappy accident, for I am convincedthat the lady had no intention of inflicting so grievous an injury. Anassassin does not come unarmed. Horrified by what she had done, sherushed wildly away from the scene of the tragedy. Unfortunately forher, she had lost her glasses in the scuffle, and as she was extremelyshortsighted she was really helpless without them. She ran down acorridor, which she imagined to be that by which she had come- bothwere lined with cocoanut matting- and it was only when it was too latethat she understood that she had taken the wrong passage, and that herretreat was cut off behind her. What was she to do? She could not goback. She could not remain where she was. She must go on. She went on.She mounted a stair, pushed open a door, and found herself in yourroom."
5、  "Oh, anywhere. It's all the same to me."




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      "Well, Watson, what make you of that?" asked Holmes with the airof the pathologist who presents a rare specimen.

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      "I fear I cannot help you much. His only correspondent, so far asI know, was his own father."

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       "My opinion is in no way altered."

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      "The Carlton Club will find me. But in case of emergency, there is aprivate telephone call, 'XX.31.'"

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    {  "Certainly, Mr. Holmes. Step into my room here."

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      Sherlock Holmes took a folded paper from his pocket and flattened itout on the table. "This is a map of the Colony of Victoria," hesaid. "I wired to Bristol for it last night." He put his hand overpart of the map. "What do you read?"}

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      "I have given him notice. In a couple of weeks I shall have shakenoff his accursed slavery. A hard man, Mr. Holmes, hard to all abouthim. Those public charities are a screen to cover his privateiniquities. But his wife was his chief victim. He was brutal to her-yes, sir, brutal! How she came by her death I do not know, but I amsure that he had made her life a misery to her. She was a creatureof the tropics, a Brazilian by birth, as no doubt you know.""No, it had escaped me."

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      Holmes stopped at a post-office and sent off a telegram on ourway. The answer reached us in the evening, and he tossed it acrossto me.

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       "Bloodhounds- sleuthhounds-"

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    {  "How do you know that?"

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      She was an interesting person, this stern Australian nurse-taciturn, suspicious, ungracious, it took some time before Holmes'spleasant manner and frank acceptance of all that she said thawed herinto a corresponding amiability. She did not attempt to conceal herhatred for her late employer.