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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  This was the last blow to the prisoner.
2.  "Ah, ah!" said Lord de Winter, "after having played comedy, afterhaving played tragedy, we are now playing melancholy?"The prisoner made no reply.
3.  "THE OTHER?" said Athos, in so stifled a voice thatD'Artagnan scarcely heard him.
4.  "There will be, in all times and in all countries,particularly if religious divisions exist in thosecountries, fanatics who ask nothing better than to becomemartyrs. Ay, and observe--it just occurs to me that thePuritans are furious against Buckingham, and their preachersdesignate him as the Antichrist."
5.  On the landing they were no longer fighting, but amusedthemselves with stories about women, and in the antechamber, withstories about the court. On the landing D'Artagnan blushed; inthe antechamber he trembled. His warm and fickle imagination,which in Gascony had rendered formidable to young chambermaids,and even sometimes their mistresses, had never dreamed, even inmoments of delirium, of half the amorous wonders or a quarter ofthe feats of gallantry which were here set forth in connectionwith names the best known and with details the least concealed.But if his morals were shocked on the landing, his respect forthe cardinal was scandalized in the antechamber. There, to hisgreat astonishment, D'Artagnan heard the policy which made allEurope tremble criticized aloud and openly, as well as theprivate life of the cardinal, which so many great nobles had beenpunished for trying to pry into. That great man who was sorevered by D'Artagnan the elder served as an object of ridiculeto the Musketeers of Treville, who cracked their jokes upon hisbandy legs and his crooked back. Some sang ballads about Mme.d'Aguillon, his mistress, and Mme. Cambalet, his niece; whileothers formed parties and plans to annoy the pages and guards ofthe cardinal duke--all things which appeared to D'Artagnanmonstrous impossibilities.
6.  The political plans of the cardinal when he undertook thissiege were extensive. Let us unfold them first, and thenpass on to the private plans which perhaps had not lessinfluence upon his Eminence than the others.


1.  "Judge not rashly, say the gospel and the cardinal," repliedAthos. "How many guns, gentlemen?"
2.  After approaching Milady with a slow and solemn step, so that the tablealone separated them, the unknown took off his mask.Milady for some time examined with increasing terror that pale face,framed with black hair and whiskers, the only expression of which wasicy impassibility. Then she suddenly cried, "Oh, no, no!" rising andretreating to the very wall. "No, no! it is an infernal apparition!It is not he! Help, help!" screamed she, turning towards the wall, asif she would tear an opening with her hands.
3.  60 IN FRANCE
4.  Athos, whose keen eye lost nothing, perceived a faintly sly smilepass over the lips of the young Gascon as he replied, "We had ashort discussion upon dress."
5.  "This vexes you?" said Athos.
6.  "But why have you not fled?"


1.  "But Athos!" cried D'Artagnan, whose impatience was increased bythe disregard of the authorities, "Athos, where is he?""As I was anxious to repair the wrongs I had done the prisoner,"resumed the innkeeper, "I took my way straight to the cellar inorder to set him at liberty. Ah, monsieur, he was no longer aman, he was a devil! To my offer of liberty, he replied that itwas nothing but a snare, and that before he came out he intendedto impose his own conditions. I told him very humbly-for I couldnot conceal from myself the scrape I had got into by laying handson one of his Majesty's Musketeers-I told him I was quite readyto submit to his conditions.
2.  "The truly guilty," said Milady, "is the ravager of England, thepersecutor of true believers, the base ravisher of the honor ofso many women--he who, to satisfy a caprice of his corrupt heart,is about to make England shed so much blood, who protects theProtestants today and will betray them tomorrow--""Buckingham! It is, then, Buckingham!" cried Felton, in a highstate of excitement.
3.  "Has anyone an interest in preventing your arrival there?""The cardinal, I believe, would give the world to prevent mysuccess."
4.  "Pardon me for quitting you, my dear Madame Bonacieux," said he;"but, not knowing you would come to see me, I had made anengagement with a friend. I shall soon return; and if you willwait only a few minutes for me, as soon as I have concluded mybusiness with that friend, as it is growing late, I will comeback and reconduct you to the Louvre."
5.   "To a certainty, Athos," said Aramis, "you were meant to bea general of the army! What do you think of the plan,gentlemen?"
6.  "'Yes, yes, I!' replied he.


1.  "I am lost!" murmured Milady in English. "I must die!"Then she arose of herself, and cast around her one of those piercinglooks which seemed to dart from an eye of flame.
2.  "So it is!" said D'Artagnan; "I know him now. Do you thinkhe would recollect you?"
3.  D'Artagnan shuddered to the marrow at hearing this suavecreature reproach him, with that sharp voice which she tooksuch pains to conceal in conversation, for not having killeda man whom he had seen load her with kindnesses.
4、  "Ah, my God, my God!" murmured the poor mercer, "now, indeed, Iam lost!" And he followed the guards who came for him,mechanically and without resistance.
5、  "Yes, monsieur, yes. And as it is three months since you havebeen here, and though, distracted as you must be in yourimportant occupations, you have forgotten to pay me my rent--as,I say, I have not tormented you a single instant, I thought youwould appreciate my delicacy."




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      "What have I, then, done to you," said Felton, much agitated,"that you should load me with such a responsibility before Godand before men? In a few days you will be away from this place;your life, madame, will then no longer be under my care, and,"added he, with a sigh, "then you can do what you will with it.""So," cried Milady, as if she could not resist giving utteranceto a holy indignation, "you, a pious man, you who are called ajust man, you ask but one thing--and that is that you may not beinculpated, annoyed, by my death!"

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      "What have I to fear?"

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       The four countenances expressed four different feelings:that of Porthos, tranquillity; that of D'Artagnan, hope;that of Aramis, uneasiness; that of Athos, carelessness.At the end of a moment's conversation, in which Porthoshinted that a lady of elevated rank had condescended torelieve him from his embarrassment, Mousqueton entered. Hecame to request his master to return to his lodgings, wherehis presence was urgent, as he piteously said.

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      Immediately the alderman, clothed in their cloth robes andpreceded by six sergeants, each holding a FLAMBEAU in his hand,went to attend upon the king, whom they met on the steps, wherethe provost of the merchants made him the speech of welcome--acompliment to which his Majesty replied with an apology forcoming so late, laying the blame upon the cardinal, who haddetained him till eleven o'clock, talking of affairs of state.His Majesty, in full dress, was accompanied by his royalHighness, M. le Comte de Soissons, by the Grand Prior, by the Ducde Longueville, by the Duc d'Euboeuf, by the Comte d'Harcourt, bythe Comte de la Roche-Guyon, by M. de Liancourt, by M. deBaradas, by the Comte de Cramail, and by the Chevalier deSouveray. Everybody noticed that the king looked dull andpreoccupied.

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    {  "Talking with you brings me misfortune," said Porthos."But, tell me, what do you ask?"

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      But there, as he was alighting from his horse at the gate of theJolly Miller, without anyone--host, waiter, or hostler--coming tohold his stirrup or take his horse, D'Artagnan spied, though anopen window on the ground floor, a gentleman, well-made and ofgood carriage, although of rather a stern countenance, talkingwith two persons who appeared to listen to him with respect.D'Artagnan fancied quite naturally, according to his custom, thathe must be the object of their conversation, and listened. Thistime D'Artagnan was only in part mistaken; he himself was not inquestion, but his horse was. The gentleman appeared to beenumerating all his qualities to his auditors; and, as I havesaid, the auditors seeming to have great deference for thenarrator, they every moment burst into fits of laughter. Now, asa half-smile was sufficient to awaken the irascibility of theyoung man, the effect produced upon him by this vociferous mirthmay be easily imagined.

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      D'Artagnan bowed with respect.

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       She allowed, therefore, half an hour to pass away; and as at thatmoment all was silence in the old castle, as nothing was heardbut the eternal murmur of the waves--that immense breaking of theocean--with her pure, harmonious, and powerful voice, she beganthe first couplet of the psalm then in great favor with thePuritans:

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    {  "The fact is," hazarded D'Artagnan, timidly, "I did not see thehandkerchief fall from the pocket of Monsieur Aramis. He had hisfoot upon it, that is all; and I thought from having his footupon it the handkerchief was his."

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      "Well," said Felton, "till tonight."