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1. 在内迁初期,国民党组织在东北大学居于较强势地位,中共的力量则较为薄弱,该校国家观念有所提升。
2. 58.4%的受访者认为延迟毕业并不能解决已经存在的问题,应慎重选择。
3.   "Which ye may see now riding all before, That in their time did many a noble deed, And for their worthiness full oft have bore The crown of laurel leaves upon their head, As ye may in your olde bookes read; And how that he that was a conquerour Had by laurel alway his most honour.
4.   "By me? You are insane, monsieur."
5. 2008年6月17日,汶川地震后的第36天,成都军区的解放军战士,从重灾区彭州市龙门山镇团山村村民万兴明家倒塌的废墟中救出了他家被埋的猪。
6. 他笔下那些为生活奋斗、与命运抗争的普通人的故事,仍旧令人为之动容:因为,我们总能在其中照见自己的影子。


1.   停工后,项目立即委托湖南湖大土木建筑工程检测有限公司进行第三方检测,委托湖南大学设计研究院有限公司进行结构计算复核,并聘请专家进行论证,经反复讨论和研究,最终结论为:对涉及本次拓宇混凝土事件的13#栋21-25层拆除重建,拆除方案已经专家及相关责任主体单位论证,并在2019年12月4日向长沙市望城区建设工程质量安全管理办公室备案并进行现场技术交底,计划在2019年12月10日正式进场拆除施工,拆除施工工期约60天。
2. 雷金华说,对于一些不识字的老年业主,物业工作人员在门岗准备了自制的暗号小纸条,作为免登记信息凭证。
3. 原标题:高以翔猝死,综艺节目别再拿玩命当看点SINA_TEXT_PAGE_INFO[videoDatas0]=[{ad_state:1,pid:1,video_id:313611124,//vidpic://p.ivideo.sina.com.cn/video/313/611/124/313611124_220_124.jpg,//节目列表小图thumbUrl://p.ivideo.sina.com.cn/video/313/611/124/313611124_220_124.jpg,//html5播放器上视频还未开始播显示的图片,可与pic相同title:,//标题source:,//视频发布来源。
4.   "You think, then, I have something to dread?" asked D'Artagnan."I mean to say, young man, that he who sleeps over a mine thematch of which is already lighted, may consider himself in safetyin comparison with you."
5. 苏联解体后的世界政治及其误判
6. 康玉湛摄徐汇区大华医院手术室护士马骏驰是一名95后男生。


1. 毛洪福对公诉机关指控的故意杀人、放火罪没有异议。
2. 大概十多年前,做保险战略的时候,寿险是不可能远程销售的。
3.   'I don't think I shall ever be afraid of you again, Bessie, becauseI have got used to you, and I shall soon have another set of people todread.'
4.   She thought of Michaelis, and the money she might have had with him; and even that she didn't want. She preferred the lesser amount which she helped Clifford to make by his writing. That she actually helped to make.---`Clifford and I together, we make twelve hundred a year out of writing'; so she put it to herself. Make money! Make it! Out of nowhere. Wring it out of the thin air! The last feat to be humanly proud of! The rest all-my-eye-Betty-Martin.
5.   I had finished: Miss Temple regarded me a few minutes in silence;she then said-
6. 黄坤从中山体校毕业后,本来在银行系统工作,有着丰厚的待遇,但为了儿时的警察梦,2003年,中山公安发出的一纸招警公告,让他毅然放弃了稳定的银行工作,通过层层选拔进入了中山警队。


1.   She came to the clearing. No one there! The hut was locked. But she sat on the log doorstep, under the rustic porch, and snuggled into her own warmth. So she sat, looking at the rain, listening to the many noiseless noises of it, and to the strange soughings of wind in upper branches, when there seemed to be no wind. Old oak-trees stood around, grey, powerful trunks, rain-blackened, round and vital, throwing off reckless limbs. The ground was fairly free of undergrowth, the anemones sprinkled, there was a bush or two, elder, or guelder-rose, and a purplish tangle of bramble: the old russet of bracken almost vanished under green anemone ruffs. Perhaps this was one of the unravished places. Unravished! The whole world was ravished.
2.   'I don't care who it is!' cried my aunt, still shaking her head and gesticulating anything but welcome from the bow-window. 'I won't be trespassed upon. I won't allow it. Go away! Janet, turn him round. Lead him off!' and I saw, from behind my aunt, a sort of hurried battle-piece, in which the donkey stood resisting everybody, with all his four legs planted different ways, while Janet tried to pull him round by the bridle, Mr. Murdstone tried to lead him on, Miss Murdstone struck at Janet with a parasol, and several boys, who had come to see the engagement, shouted vigorously. But my aunt, suddenly descrying among them the young malefactor who was the donkey's guardian, and who was one of the most inveterate offenders against her, though hardly in his teens, rushed out to the scene of action, pounced upon him, captured him, dragged him, with his jacket over his head, and his heels grinding the ground, into the garden, and, calling upon Janet to fetch the constables and justices, that he might be taken, tried, and executed on the spot, held him at bay there. This part of the business, however, did not last long; for the young rascal, being expert at a variety of feints and dodges, of which my aunt had no conception, soon went whooping away, leaving some deep impressions of his nailed boots in the flower beds, and taking his donkey in triumph with him.
3. 类似这样的区别,为达成一致接受的讨价还价带来了新的可能性。假定一家公司有能力签下一份团体医疗保险合同,而这份保单的条件优于工人自己可能签下的保单,比如一个四口之家每年只要交付1000美元,而不是2000美元。这样的话,工人可能更愿意接受医疗保险,而不是年薪提高1500美元,同样,公司也宁可为工人提供医疗保险而不是额外多支付1500美元工资。[3]
4. 宋朝对某些进口货物,如香药、珠贝、犀角、象牙等,还有禁榷的规定,即全由官卖。北宋通过抽解、博买、官卖,取得巨大利润。仁宗皇祐时,市舶收入五十三万贯,英宗治平时增到六十三万贯,成为北宋财政收入的一个重要来源。
5. 同时,法院认为,怡口莲公司使用怡口莲作为其字号、使用相关装潢等行为均构成不正当竞争。
6.   "And it is exactly because he is a bold fellow that he isthe more to be feared."


1.   61. Herberow: Lodging, inn; French, "Herberge."
2.   `Possibly, but indeed I don't know, although they stood whispering very near to me: because they stood at the top of the cabin steps to have the light of the lamp that was hanging there; it was a dull lamp, and they spoke very low, and I did not hear what they said, and saw only that they looked at papers.'
3. 6日21时,决定以最高标准进一步加大应对处置力度,更深入广泛地开展流调、更细更严地扩大排查范围,并做好密切接触医护人员的检测防护工作。

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