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1. 之前,外墙保温材料曾引发多起火灾事故,应引起高度重视。
2.   That varieties of this doubtful nature are far from uncommon cannot be disputed. Compare the several floras of Great Britain, of France or of the United States, drawn up by different botanists, and see what a surprising number of forms have been ranked by one botanist as good species, and by another as mere varieties. Mr H. C. Watson, to whom I lie under deep obligation for assistance of all kinds, has marked for me 182 British plants, which are generally considered as varieties, but which have all been ranked by botanists as species; and in making this list he has omitted many trifling varieties, but which nevertheless have been ranked by some botanists as species, and he has entirely omitted several highly polymorphic genera. Under genera, including the most polymorphic forms, Mr Babington gives 251 species, whereas Mr Bentham gives only 112, a difference of 139 doubtful forms! Amongst animals which unite for each birth, and which are highly locomotive, doubtful forms, ranked by one zoologist as a species and by another as a variety, can rarely be found within the same country, but are common in separated areas. How many of those birds and insects in North America and Europe, which differ very slightly from each other, have been ranked by one eminent naturalist as undoubted species, and by another as varieties, or, as they are often called, as geographical races! Many years ago, when comparing, and seeing others compare, the birds from the separate islands of the Galapagos Archipelago, both one with another, and with those from the American mainland, I was much struck how entirely vague and arbitrary is the distinction between species and varieties. On the islets of the little Madeira group there are many insects which are characterized as varieties in Mr Wollaston's admirable work, but which it cannot be doubted would be ranked as distinct species by many entomologists. Even Ireland has a few animals, now generally regarded as varieties, but which have been ranked as species by some zoologists. Several most experienced ornithologists consider our British red grouse as only a strongly-marked race of a Norwegian species, whereas the greater number rank it as an undoubted species peculiar to Great Britain. A wide distance between the homes of two doubtful forms leads many naturalists to rank both as distinct species; but what distance, it has been well asked, will suffice? if that between America and Europe is ample, will that between the Continent and the Azores, or Madeira, or the Canaries, or Ireland, be sufficient? It must be admitted that many forms, considered by highly-competent judges as varieties, have so perfectly the character of species that they are ranked by other highly-competent judges as good and true species. But to discuss whether they are rightly called species or varieties, before any definition of these terms has been generally accepted, is vainly to beat the air.Many of the cases of strongly-marked varieties or doubtful species well deserve consideration; for several interesting lines of argument, from geographical distribution, analogical variation, hybridism, &c., have been brought to bear on the attempt to determine their rank. I will here give only a single instance, the well-known one of the primrose and cowslip, or Primula veris and elatior. These plants differ considerably in appearance; they have a different flavour and emit a different odour; they flower at slightly different periods; they grow in somewhat different stations; they ascend mountains to different heights; they have different geographical ranges; and lastly, according to very numerous experiments made during several years by that most careful observer G?rtner, they can be crossed only with much difficulty. We could hardly wish for better evidence of the two forms being specifically distinct. On the other hand, they are united by many intermediate links, and it is very doubtful whether these links are hybrids; and there is, as it seems to me, an overwhelming amount of experimental evidence, showing that they descend from common parents, and consequently must be ranked as varieties.Close investigation, in most cases, will bring naturalists to an agreement how to rank doubtful forms. Yet it must be confessed, that it is in the best-known countries that we find the greatest number of forms of doubtful value. I have been struck with the fact, that if any animal or plant in a state of nature be highly useful to man, or from any cause closely attract his attention, varieties of it will almost universally be found recorded. These varieties, moreover, will be often ranked by some authors as species. Look at the common oak, how closely it has been studied; yet a German author makes more than a dozen species out of forms, which are very generally considered as varieties; and in this country the highest botanical authorities and practical men can be quoted to show that the sessile and pedunculated oaks are either good and distinct species or mere varieties.
3. 参考品牌溢价以及精神属性,按这个逻辑可能会让VC更容易投中好项目。
4. 第五章市场概论
5.   I soon satisfied his curiosity, and the next day we went together to the Ivory Hill, and he was overjoyed to find that I had told him nothing but the truth. When we had loaded our elephant with as many tusks as it could carry and were on our way back to the city, he said:
6. 周伯文:技术中台化是一个有远见的互联网企业必须要经历的路程,业务的沉淀可以使技术能力也沉淀下来,而且这些能力与具体的业务结合,又能细分出很多不同的技术能力,比如T-PaaS技术中台、D-PaaS数据中台、B-PaaS业务中台等,沉淀的这些中台可以帮助我们尽快把新业务支撑起来。


1.   When I reached the top I found the brass dome and the statue exactly as the pilot had described, but was too wearied with all I had gone through to do more than glance at them, and, flinging myself under the dome, was asleep in an instant. In my dreams an old man appeared to me and said, "Hearken, Agib! As soon as thou art awake dig up the ground underfoot, and thou shalt find a bow of brass and three arrows of lead. Shoot the arrows at the statue, and the rider shall tumble into the sea, but the horse will fall down by thy side, and thou shalt bury him in the place from which thou tookest the bow and arrows. This being done the sea will rise and cover the mountain, and on it thou wilt perceive the figure of a metal man seated in a boat, having an oar in each hand. Step on board and let him conduct thee; but if thou wouldest behold thy kingdom again, see that thou takest not the name of Allah into thy mouth."
2. 我们的惟一希望是把我们获得结果的事实公之于人民。这样或许会帮助说服每一个人:下一次战争将是毁灭性的。为了这一目的,实际的作战使用甚至可以是最好的事。使用原子弹似乎还有一个理由:补偿它的花费,说服国会相信,投资20亿美元是值得的。
3.   When death came, unrepining His cities o'er he told; All to his heir resigning,Except his cup of gold.
4.   "Show him in," said Milady, in a quick tone, but so piercingthat D'Artagnan heard her in the antechamber.
5. 冬日傍晚的夕阳静谧,看不出有什么异样。
6.   "When the Greek king," said the fisherman to the genius, "had finished the story of the parrot, he added to the vizir, "And so, vizir, I shall not listen to you, and I shall take care of the physician, in case I repent as the husband did when he had killed the parrot." But the vizir was determined. "Sire," he replied, "the death of the parrot was nothing. But when it is a question of the life of a king it is better to sacrifice the innocent than save the guilty. It is no uncertain thing, however. The physician, Douban, wishes to assassinate you. My zeal prompts me to disclose this to your Majesty. If I am wrong, I deserve to be punished as a vizir was once punished." "What had the vizir done," said the Greek king, "to merit the punishment?" "I will tell your Majesty, if you will do me the honour to listen," answered the vizir."


1. 一九一五年初,梁启超说到当时的危机,谓"今也水旱频仍,殃灾(左水右存)至……以吏冶未澄,盗贼未息,刑罚失中,税敛繁重,祁寒暑雨,民怨沸腾。内则敌党蓄力待时,外则强邻狡焉思启",袁世凯将为"众矢之鹄",断非"仅恃威力而可以移国祚"."犹须恃人心以相维系"。所谓"强邻狡焉思启",指的是日本进攻山东与二十一条要求,激起全国反日情绪。一九一五年二月至七月,最为壮烈,留日学生发之于前,上海各界继之于后,举行爱国大会,到者三万余人,抵制日货,储金救国,二十余日之内,上海一处所收储金达五十万元。袁对日屈服后,人民的愤慨至于极点,汉口商民因排斥日货而罢市,镇江、沈阳、北京等地散发爱国传单,风潮波及全国。袁三令五申的禁止,社会的怨恨由对日而兼对袁,甚而仇袁过于仇日。以往对于袁的压迫国民党,摧残国会,以为尚可谅宥,今日对于袁的卖国,进而化国为家,则绝不宽恕,日本是中国的第一号敌人,倒袁是第一要务。有组织而坚决的反袁者自为国民党。二次革命失败后,国民党元气大丧,几乎一蹶不振。孙中山重整旗鼓,加以彻底改造。一九一四年六月,易名为"中华革命党",党员须一律立具誓约,牺牲一己之生命、自由权利,附从孙中山,再举革命。革命军未起前入党者,为首义党员,悉隶元勋公民,享有参政的优先权;革命政府成立前入党者,为协助党员,得隶有功公民,享有选举权及被选举权;革命政府成立后入党者,为普通党员,得隶先进公民,享有选举权。这是以党治国的先声,中心目的为推倒袁世凯,不断在湖南、广东、江苏举事。黄兴、李烈钧、陈炯明、李根源等,不赞成孙中山新订办法,未加入中华革命党,以研究欧洲战争为名,别立"欧事研究会",①亦以倒袁为第一义,但在国内均乏实力。遭袁遗弃的进步党初虽未必有倒袁之意,但审度情势及自身利害,则不以帝制为然。梁启超再三对袁恳劝,说是"政体诚能立宪,则无论国体为君主,为共和,无一不可,政体而非主宪,则无论国体为君主,为共和,无一可也"。希望袁实行新的约法,以共和政体,行君主立宪。袁不仅不听,且对梁施以恫吓威迫。梁认为国家之大不幸,莫过于革命,过去进步党之所以与袁合作,目的为维持现状,然处处为所劫持,时时为所利用,失败之迹,历历可数。就目前情势而论,现状多维持一日,元气多凿丧一分。瞻望将来演变,革命党必乘普天同愤之时,煽用进步党的滇、黔根据地,举兵讨伐,进步党与袁将同归于尽。纵令幸免于此,袁于获逞之后,滇、黔亦必坐待刲割,何若自求多福,奋起一决,不让革命党得志,进步党方有前途,遂决心反袁。
2. 邳州人民起义一一四一年,邳州人民聚集起义。起义军发展到近二十万人。遭到金将温迪罕蒲里特的镇压。
3. 跨界的要点,在于降维打击,在于思维认知的差异,在于创业者是否站在技术和潮流的边缘,是否属于被打湿鞋子的那一帮人。
4. 根据我国《精神药品品种目录》,阿莫达非尼药品中含有的莫达非尼成分,属于精神药品,能提高正常人的中枢兴奋性,具有成瘾性。
5. "She says it has nothing to do with what you look like, or what you have. It has only to do with what you THINK of, and what you DO>." "I suppose she thinks she could be a princess if she was a beggar," said Lavinia. "Let us begin to call her Your Royal Highness."
6.   Her grave is in Brocklebridge churchyard: for fifteen years afterher death it was only covered by a grassy mound; but now a grey marbletablet marks the spot, inscribed with her name, and the word'Resurgam.'


1.   2020年,紫禁城即将迎来600岁的生日。
2.   The night was quiet enough. Toward two o'clock in the morningsomebody endeavored to open the door; but as Planchet awoke in aninstant and cried, "Who goes there?" somebody replied that he wasmistaken, and went away.
3.   "'Strangers, who are you? Where do sail from? Are you traders, or doyou sail the as rovers, with your hands against every man, and everyman's hand against you?'
4. Sweden’s Proponent of ‘Feminist Foreign Policy,’ Shaped by Abuse
5. 黄某朋友圈好友尧某系一名微商,截取了黄某的照片发布到另一微信群中,声称自己有货源从国外直邮一次性医疗口罩。
6. 可以根据发现的位点专门定制某种检测用的基因芯片,看看自己是否有这些易感基因型。


1. 纪冰冰摄在抗击疫情的战场上还有很多像上述一样的夫妻们携手并肩在一线战斗疫情来袭守住岗位是他们使命更是他们内心的担当向所有奋斗在一线的勇士们致敬希望你们注意安全、保重身体全国人民期待你们平安凯旋来源:中国新闻社点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎。
2.   "One horse?" interjected Holmes.

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