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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Only for a minute or so. Then I locked the door and went to myroom."
2.  "Never better. She kept talking of what we should do in our futurelives."
3.  -THE END-
4.  "You're precious near your end, my friend, but I don't want you togo till I have had a word with you. That's why I give you water.There, don't slop it about! That's right. Can you understand what Isay?"
5.  "I will tell you it all. This villain's policy was to murder, on onepretext or another, every man who showed such promise that he might intime come to be a dangerous rival. My husband- yes, my real name isSipora Victor Durando- was the San Pedro minister in London. He met meand married me there. A nobler man never lived upon earth.Unhappily, Murillo heard of his excellence, recalled him on somepretext, and had him shot. With a premonition of his fate he hadrefused to take me with him. His estates were confiscated, and I wasleft with a pittance and a broken heart.
6.  "'It was there at the Norman Conquest in all probability,' heanswered. 'It has a girth of twenty-three feet.'


1.  "I say into the cab, but I soon became doubtful as to whether it wasnot a carriage in which I found myself. It was certainly more roomythan the ordinary four-wheeled disgrace to London, and the fittings,though frayed, were of rich quality. Mr. Latimer seated himselfopposite to me and we started off through Charing Cross and up theShaftesbury Avenue. We had come out upon Oxford Street and I hadventured some remark as to this being a roundabout way toKensington, when my words were arrested by the extraordinary conductof my companion.
2.  "He said that we were slack about such matters- that it would beeasy for a traitor to get the plans."
3.  "There were one or two questions-"
4.  "The case has certainly some points of interest," said he, in hislanguid fashion. "May I ask, in the first place, Mr. McFarlane, how itis that you are still at liberty, since there appears to be enoughevidence to justify your arrest?"
5.  "'Some day, perhaps, but not just at present, Jack.'
6.  I do not know how far Sherlock Holmes took any sleep that night, butwhen I came down to breakfast I found him pale and harassed, hisbright eyes the brighter for the dark shadows round them. The carpetround his chair was littered with cigarette-ends and with the earlyeditions of the morning papers. An open telegram lay upon the table."What do you think of this, Watson?" he asked, tossing it across.It was from Norwood, and ran as follows:


1.  "Well, sir, there's the box-room opposite. I could arrange alooking-glass, maybe, and if you were behind the door-""Excellent!" said Holmes. "When does he lunch?"
2.  "Holmes," I cried, "you are too late."
3.  "Exactly! You will help best by doing what you are told.""Certainly, Holmes."
4.  "By my old enemies, Watson. By the charming society whose leaderlies in the Reichenbach Fall. You must remember that they knew, andonly they knew, that I was still alive. Sooner or later theybelieved that I should come back to my rooms. They watched themcontinuously, and this morning they saw me arrive."
5.   "I never smoke myself, so I think I should have observed it if therehad been any smell of tobacco. There was absolutely no clue of anykind. The only tangible fact was that the commissionaire's wife-Mrs.Tangey was the name-had hurried out of the place. He could give noexplanation save that it was about the time when the woman always wenthome. The policeman and I agreed that our best plan would be toseize the woman before she could get rid of the papers, presuming thatshe had them.
6.  "Ha! You say so! You have heard something, Mr. Holmes; you havelearned something! Where are the gems?"


1.  "Ask Mrs. Mason to bring baby down," said Ferguson. The boy went offwith a curious, shambling gait which told my surgical eyes that he wassuffering from a weak spine. Presently he returned, and behind himcame a tall, gaunt woman bearing in her arms a very beautiful child,dark-eyed, golden-haired, a wonderful mixture of the Saxon and theLatin. Ferguson was evidently devoted to it, for he took it into hisarms and fondled it most tenderly.
2.  "We don't seem to have got any real facts yet, Mr. Holmes. You saythat the prisoner, in the presence of three witnesses, practicallyconfessed by trying to commit suicide, that he had murdered his wifeand her lover. What other facts have you?"
3.  "Yes, so you would say. But the fact remains that there isn't."He took the corner of the carpet in his hand and, turning it over,he showed that it was indeed as he said.
4、  "Well?"
5、  "'Almost immediately after you left.'




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      Just before nine o'clock Sherlock Holmes stepped briskly into theroom. His features were gravely set but there was a light in his eyewhich made me think that he had not been disappointed in hisconclusions.

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       "That will do, Billy," said he. "You were in danger of your lifethen, my boy, and I can't do without you just yet. Well, Watson, it isgood to see you in your old quarters once again. You come at acritical moment."

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      "My wire! I sent no wire."

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    {  "The carriage is our rendezvous, then?"

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      "But how could you guess what the motive was?"}

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      "I went back to the hotel with the big book under my arm, and withvery conflicting feelings in my breast. On the one hand, I wasdefinitely engaged and had a hundred pounds in my pocket, on theother, the look of the offices, the absence of name on the wall, andother of the points which would strike a business man had left a badimpression as to the position of my employers. However, come whatmight, I had my money, so I settled down to my task. All Sunday Iwas kept hard at work, and yet by Monday I had only got as far as H. Iwent round to my employer, found him in the same dismantled kind ofroom, and was told to keep at it until Wednesday, and then come again.On Wednesday it was still unfinished, so I hammered away untilFriday-that is, yesterday. Then I brought it round to Mr. HarryPinner.

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      "'What an eye you have!' he cried with a sigh of relief. 'It is justas you say. But we won't talk of it. Of all ghosts the ghosts of ourold loves are the worst. Come into the billiard-room and have, a quietcigar.'

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       "Yes, but only for you and me."

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    {  "Was it mere chance?"

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      "This outburst rather astonished me, as you can think. 'Well,'said I, 'other people don't think quite so much of me as you seem todo, Mr. Pinner. I had a hard enough fight to get this berth, and Iam very glad to have it.'