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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Now only say! what liquor will you take?
2.  Blood is a juice of very special kind.
3.  (Aside, glancing at Mephistopheles,)
4.  (She gathers a star - flower and plucks off the leaves one after another.)Faust
5.  Brander
6.  If husband scold and wife retort, Then bear them far asunder; Her to theburning south transport, And him the North Pole under.The Whole Orchestra (fortissimo)


1.  Many a gay wherry glides along; And see, deep sinking in the tide, Pushes thelast boat now away. E'en from yon far hill's path - worn side, Flash the brighthues of garments gay. Hark! Sounds of village mirth arise; This is the people'sparadise. Both great and small send up a cheer; Here am I man, I feel it here.Wagner
2.  Faust
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  To take each other's life, I trow, Would cordially delight them! As Orpheus'lyre the beasts, so now The bagpipe doth unite them.Dogmatist
5.  My little ones these spirits be. Hark! with shrewd intelligence, How theyrecommend to thee Action, and the joys of sense! In the busy world to dwell,Fain they would allure thee hence: For within this lonely cell, Stagnate sap oflife and sense.
6.  Naught of this genial influence do I know! Within me all is wintry. Frost andsnow I should prefer my dismal path to bound. How sadly, yonder, withbelated glow Rises the ruddy moon's imperfect round, Shedding so faint alight, at every tread One's sure to stumble 'gainst a rock or tree! An IgnisFatuus I must call instead. Yonder one burning merrily, I see. Holla! myfriend! may I request your light? Why should you flare away so uselessly? Bekind enough to show us up the height!


1.  All
2.  Margaret
3.  And this flower - language, darling, let it be, A heavenly oracle! He loveththee! Know'st thou the meaning of, He loveth thee? (He seizes both herhands.)
4.  A dog well taught E'en by the wisest of us may be sought. Ay, to your favourhe's entitled too, Apt scholar of the students, 'tis his due! (They enter the gateof the town.)
5.   Now grasp my doublet - we at last A central peak have reached, whichshows, If round a wondering glance we cast, How in the mountain Mammonglows,
6.  Good sir, these things you view indeed, Just as by other men they're view'd;We must more cleverly proceed, Before life's joys our grasp elude. The devil!thou hast hands and feet, And head and heart are also thine; What I enjoywith relish sweet, Is it on that account less mine? If for six stallions I can pay,Do I not own their strength and speed? A proper man I dash away, As theirtwo dozen legs were mine indeed. Up then, from idle pondering free, Andforth into the world with me! I tell you what; - your speculative churl Is like abeast which some ill spirit leads, On barren wilderness, in ceaseless whirl,While all around lie fair and verdant meads.


1.  The prospect fills me with dismay.
2.  Who lieth here?
3.  Mephistopheles
4、  Vineyards! unless my sight deceives?
5、  You have it there!




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      You on the Blocksberg I'm rejoiced to find, That 'tis your most appropriatesphere is certain.

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       Whom are you luring here? I'll give it you! Accursed rat - catchers, yourstrains I'll end! First, to the devil the guitar I'll send! Then to the devil with thesinger too!

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      We're too well - bred to squabble here, Or insult back to render; But mayyou wither soon, my dear, Although so young and tender.Leader of the Band

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    {  Evil - Spirit

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      Who, as a rule, a treatise now would care To read, of even moderate sense?As for the rising generation, ne'er Has youth displayed such arrogantpretence.

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      Aloft to you we would mount with glee! We wash, and free from all stain arewe, Yet barren evermore must be!

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       What! She? She from confession cometh here, From every sin absolved andfree; I crept near the confessor's chair. All innocence her virgin soul, For nextto nothing went she there; O'er such as she I've no control!Faust

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    {  Once in a cellar lived a rat, He feasted there on butter, Until his paunchbecame as fat As that of Doctor Luther. The cook laid poison for the guest,Then was his heart with pangs oppress'd, As if his frame love wasted.Chorus (shouting)

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      And tempests roar in emulation From sea to land, from land to sea, Andraging form, without cessation, A chain of wondrous agency, Full in thethunder's path careering, Flaring the swift destructions play; But, Lord, Thyservants are revering The mild procession of thy day.The Three