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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have told you, where the air is pure, where every soundsoothes, where one is sure to be humbled, however proud maybe his nature. I love that humiliation, I, who am master ofthe universe, as was Augustus."
2.  "And have you forgiven her for all she has made you suffer?"
3.  "M. Morrel, I believe?" said Villefort.
4.  "Not having repeated them, through negligence, I should befined."
5.  "Why, you said," answered Mademoiselle Danglars, "that youwould be condemned to die like the worst criminals."
6.  Monte Cristo concealed himself behind a large tomb andawaited the arrival of Morrel, who by degrees approached thetomb now abandoned by spectators and workmen. Morrel threw aglance around, but before it reached the spot occupied byMonte Cristo the latter had advanced yet nearer, stillunperceived. The young man knelt down. The count, withoutstretched neck and glaring eyes, stood in an attitudeready to pounce upon Morrel upon the first occasion. Morrelbent his head till it touched the stone, then clutching thegrating with both hands, he murmured, -- "Oh, Valentine!"The count's heart was pierced by the utterance of these twowords; he stepped forward, and touching the young man'sshoulder, said, -- "I was looking for you, my friend." MonteCristo expected a burst of passion, but he was deceived, forMorrel turning round, said calmly, --


1.  "`This is the head of Ali Tepelini Pasha of Yanina.' I criedbitterly, and tried to raise my mother from the earth, butshe was dead! I was taken to the slave-market, and waspurchased by a rich Armenian. He caused me to be instructed,gave me masters, and when I was thirteen years of age hesold me to the Sultan Mahmood."
2.  "And by whom are you forbidden?"
3.  "I do not think that, for he has complained of feelingalmost suffocated, and asked why the Venetian blinds werenot opened as well as the windows."
4.  "From day to day he lived on alone, and more and moresolitary. M. Morrel and Mercedes came to see him, but hisdoor was closed; and, although I was certain he was at home,he would not make any answer. One day, when, contrary to hiscustom, he had admitted Mercedes, and the poor girl, inspite of her own grief and despair, endeavored to consolehim, he said to her, -- `Be assured, my dear daughter, he isdead; and instead of expecting him, it is he who is awaitingus; I am quite happy, for I am the oldest, and of courseshall see him first.' However well disposed a person may be,why you see we leave off after a time seeing persons who arein sorrow, they make one melancholy; and so at last oldDantes was left all to himself, and I only saw from time totime strangers go up to him and come down again with somebundle they tried to hide; but I guessed what these bundleswere, and that he sold by degrees what he had to pay for hissubsistence. At length the poor old fellow reached the endof all he had; he owed three quarters' rent, and theythreatened to turn him out; he begged for another week,which was granted to him. I know this, because the landlordcame into my apartment when he left his. For the first threedays I heard him walking about as usual, but, on the fourthI heard nothing. I then resolved to go up to him at allrisks. The door was closed, but I looked through thekeyhole, and saw him so pale and haggard, that believing himvery ill, I went and told M. Morrel and then ran on toMercedes. They both came immediately, M. Morrel bringing adoctor, and the doctor said it was inflammation of thebowels, and ordered him a limited diet. I was there, too,and I never shall forget the old man's smile at thisprescription. From that time he received all who came; hehad an excuse for not eating any more; the doctor had puthim on a diet." The abbe uttered a kind of groan. "The storyinterests you, does it not, sir?" inquired Caderousse.
5.  Dantes was then seized with an indescribable desire to knowwhat was going on in the dungeon of his unfortunate friend.He therefore returned by the subterraneous gallery, andarrived in time to hear the exclamations of the turnkey, whocalled out for help. Other turnkeys came, and then was heardthe regular tramp of soldiers. Last of all came thegovernor.
6.  "Sire," said Villefort, "I will render a faithful report toyour majesty, but I must entreat your forgiveness if myanxiety leads to some obscurity in my language." A glance atthe king after this discreet and subtle exordium, assuredVillefort of the benignity of his august auditor, and hewent on: --


1.  "True enough; he wanted to kill me!" returned the turnkey.
2.  "I will keep it," returned Morcerf; "but I fear that youwill be much disappointed, accustomed as you are topicturesque events and fantastic horizons. Amongst us youwill not meet with any of those episodes with which youradventurous existence has so familiarized you; ourChimborazo is Mortmartre, our Himalaya is Mount Valerien,our Great Desert is the plain of Grenelle, where they arenow boring an artesian well to water the caravans. We haveplenty of thieves, though not so many as is said; but thesethieves stand in far more dread of a policeman than a lord.France is so prosaic, and Paris so civilized a city, thatyou will not find in its eighty-five departments -- I sayeighty-five, because I do not include Corsica -- you willnot find, then, in these eighty-five departments a singlehill on which there is not a telegraph, or a grotto in whichthe commissary of police has not put up a gaslamp. There isbut one service I can render you, and for that I placemyself entirely at your orders, that is, to present, or makemy friends present, you everywhere; besides, you have noneed of any one to introduce you -- with your name, and yourfortune, and your talent" (Monte Cristo bowed with asomewhat ironical smile) "you can present yourselfeverywhere, and be well received. I can be useful in one wayonly -- if knowledge of Parisian habits, of the means ofrendering yourself comfortable, or of the bazaars, canassist, you may depend upon me to find you a fittingdwelling here. I do not dare offer to share my apartmentswith you, as I shared yours at Rome -- I, who do not professegotism, but am yet egotist par excellence; for, exceptmyself, these rooms would not hold a shadow more, unlessthat shadow were feminine."
3.  "You mean a mischance."
4.  "Ah, yes; you have ordered your carriage at eight o'clockprecisely?"
5.   Mercedes, however, paid no heed to this explanation of herlover's arrest. Her grief, which she had hitherto tried torestrain, now burst out in a violent fit of hystericalsobbing.
6.  In a moment that part of the floor on which Dantes wasresting his two hands, as he knelt with his head in theopening, suddenly gave way; he drew back smartly, while amass of stones and earth disappeared in a hole that openedbeneath the aperture he himself had formed. Then from thebottom of this passage, the depth of which it was impossibleto measure, he saw appear, first the head, then theshoulders, and lastly the body of a man, who sprang lightlyinto his cell.


1.  "Follow me, then," said the abbe, as he re-entered thesubterranean passage, in which he soon disappeared, followedby Dantes.
2.  "Well, my dear sir," said Danglars to Fernand, "here is amarriage which does not appear to make everybody happy."
3.  "What, though payable at Rome?"
4、  "Yes, if I am killed," said Albert, laughing. "But I assureyou, mother, I have a strong intention of defending myperson, and I never felt half so strong an inclination tolive as I do now."
5、  "Very dangerous, to say the least."




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      "Indeed? And is the reason known?"

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      "But do you think we shall find the count at home?"

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       "Where are you going?" cried the young girl, extending herhand through the opening, and seizing Maximilian by hiscoat, for she understood from her own agitated feelings thather lover's calmness could not be real; "where are yougoing?"

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      "An excellent one," said Valentine. "He pretends the air ofthe Faubourg St. Honore is not good for me."

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    {  "I am sure of it. To whom was this letter addressed?"

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      "When I like."}

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      "Possibly, madame. And now, what do you want?"

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      "He's heavy though for an old and thin man," said one, as heraised the head.

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       "Then, in these trunks" --

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    {  "Oh, indeed -- indeed, sir, he is innocent!" sobbed forthMercedes.

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      "M. Beauchamp," announced the servant. "Come in, come in,"said Albert, rising and advancing to meet the young man."Here is Debray, who detests you without reading you, so hesays."