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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why do you not seek revenge?"
2.  "You think, then, all is not over yet?" said Albert,horror-stricken.
3.  "He did."
4.  "What time is it now?"
5.  "Are you not his confessor?"
6.  The commissary of police, as he traversed the ante-chamber,made a sign to two gendarmes, who placed themselves one onDantes' right and the other on his left. A door thatcommunicated with the Palais de Justice was opened, and theywent through a long range of gloomy corridors, whoseappearance might have made even the boldest shudder. ThePalais de Justice communicated with the prison, -- a sombreedifice, that from its grated windows looks on theclock-tower of the Accoules. After numberless windings,Dantes saw a door with an iron wicket. The commissary tookup an iron mallet and knocked thrice, every blow seeming toDantes as if struck on his heart. The door opened, the twogendarmes gently pushed him forward, and the door closedwith a loud sound behind him. The air he inhaled was nolonger pure, but thick and mephitic, -- he was in prison. Hewas conducted to a tolerably neat chamber, but grated andbarred, and its appearance, therefore, did not greatly alarmhim; besides, the words of Villefort, who seemed to interesthimself so much, resounded still in his ears like a promiseof freedom. It was four o'clock when Dantes was placed inthis chamber. It was, as we have said, the 1st of March, andthe prisoner was soon buried in darkness. The obscurityaugmented the acuteness of his hearing; at the slightestsound he rose and hastened to the door, convinced they wereabout to liberate him, but the sound died away, and Dantessank again into his seat. At last, about ten o'clock, andjust as Dantes began to despair, steps were heard in thecorridor, a key turned in the lock, the bolts creaked, themassy oaken door flew open, and a flood of light from twotorches pervaded the apartment. By the torchlight Dantes sawthe glittering sabres and carbines of four gendarmes. He hadadvanced at first, but stopped at the sight of this displayof force.


1.  "In two or three hours," thought Dantes, "the turnkey willenter my chamber, find the body of my poor friend, recognizeit, seek for me in vain, and give the alarm. Then the tunnelwill be discovered; the men who cast me into the sea and whomust have heard the cry I uttered, will be questioned. Thenboats filled with armed soldiers will pursue the wretchedfugitive. The cannon will warn every one to refuse shelterto a man wandering about naked and famished. The police ofMarseilles will be on the alert by land, whilst the governorpursues me by sea. I am cold, I am hungry. I have lost eventhe knife that saved me. O my God, I have suffered enoughsurely! Have pity on me, and do for me what I am unable todo for myself."
2.  "Well," said Morcerf, "I may as well be magnanimous, andtear myself away to forward your wishes. Adieu; I will goand try if there are any means of speaking to him."
3.  "Take my last gold," muttered Danglars, holding out hispocket-book, "and let me live here; I ask no more forliberty -- I only ask to live!"
4.  "What has become of Danglars, the instigator, and thereforethe most guilty?"
5.  "That was the general opinion, sir," said the major, "and I"--
6.  "You have evidently seen and observed everything."


1.  "Indeed?" said the count with an air of surprise, remarkablywell counterfeited; "I really did not remember."
2.  "True; but I am not jealous."
3.  "Yes, but not against a strong dose; the poison will bechanged, and the quantity increased." He took the glass andraised it to his lips. "It is already done," he said;"brucine is no longer employed, but a simple narcotic! I canrecognize the flavor of the alcohol in which it has beendissolved. If you had taken what Madame de Villefort haspoured into your glass, Valentine -- Valentine -- you wouldhave been doomed!"
4.  "That is what we must find out," returned Gaetano, fixinghis eyes on this terrestrial star.
5.   "I called you because you were running like a madman, and Iwas afraid you would throw yourself into the sea," saidCaderousse, laughing. "Why, when a man has friends, they arenot only to offer him a glass of wine, but, moreover, toprevent his swallowing three or four pints of waterunnecessarily!"
6.  "But it is the wretched" --


1.  "Well?"
2.  "No; for your skill with the sword is so well known."
3.  "Ah, this marriage will never take place," said Beauchamp."The king has made him a baron, and can make him a peer, buthe cannot make him a gentleman, and the Count of Morcerf istoo aristocratic to consent, for the paltry sum of twomillion francs, to a mesalliance. The Viscount of Morcerfcan only wed a marchioness."
4、  "I want the album."
5、  "You mean the Colosseum?"




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      "l tell you to the left, and you are looking to the right; Imean on my left -- yes, there. You will find yesterday'sreport of the minister of police. But here is M. Dandrehimself;" and M. Dandre, announced by thechamberlain-in-waiting, entered.

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       "I don't know how to write, reverend sir."

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      "Help," cried Caderousse; "I am murdered!"

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    {  "And what did you think of this fine story, eavesdropper?"said Monte Cristo; "did you credit it?"

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      Edmond thus had the advantage of knowing what the owner was,without the owner knowing who he was; and however the oldsailor and his crew tried to "pump" him, they extractednothing more from him; he gave accurate descriptions ofNaples and Malta, which he knew as well as Marseilles, andheld stoutly to his first story. Thus the Genoese, subtle ashe was, was duped by Edmond, in whose favor his milddemeanor, his nautical skill, and his admirabledissimulation, pleaded. Moreover, it is possible that theGenoese was one of those shrewd persons who know nothing butwhat they should know, and believe nothing but what theyshould believe.}

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      "Why, it was he who spoke to me, sir," said Dantes, with asmile.

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      "Why, if my information prove correct, a sort of Bonaparteconspiracy has just been discovered."

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       "Your child -- your son -- your Andrea!"

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    {  "`Monsieur,' I said, `my brother was assassinated yesterdayin the streets of Nimes, I know not by whom, but it is yourduty to find out. You are the representative of justicehere, and it is for justice to avenge those she has beenunable to protect.' -- `Who was your brother?' asked he. --`A lieutenant in the Corsican battalion.' -- `A soldier ofthe usurper, then?' -- `A soldier of the French army.' --`Well,' replied he, `he has smitten with the sword, and hehas perished by the sword.' -- `You are mistaken, monsieur,'I replied; `he has perished by the poniard.' -- `What do youwant me to do?' asked the magistrate. -- `I have alreadytold you -- avenge him.' -- `On whom?' -- `On hismurderers.' -- `How should I know who they are?' -- `Orderthem to be sought for.' -- `Why, your brother has beeninvolved in a quarrel, and killed in a duel. All these oldsoldiers commit excesses which were tolerated in the time ofthe emperor, but which are not suffered now, for the peoplehere do not like soldiers of such disorderly conduct.' --`Monsieur,' I replied, `it is not for myself that I entreatyour interference -- I should grieve for him or avenge him,but my poor brother had a wife, and were anything to happento me, the poor creature would perish from want, for mybrother's pay alone kept her. Pray, try and obtain a smallgovernment pension for her.'

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      "Well, your Eternal City is a nice sort of place."