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1. 新京报记者刘洋摄新京报此前报道,5月22日8时许,陈某因追求同事焦女士多年而不得因爱生恨,遂驾车至北京市怀柔区大中富乐村798号城建兴盛房地产开发有限公司停车场内,持单刃匕首扎刺焦女士腹部及身体,致焦女士当场死亡。
2. 母亲是裁缝,一度腰疼得站不起来。
3.   Thus the Song of Pamphilus ended, whereto all the rest (as a Chorus)answered with their Voyces, yet every one particularly (according asthey felt their Love-sicke passions) made a curious constructionthereof, perhaps more then they needed, yet not Divining whatPamphilus intended. And although they were transported with variety ofimaginations; yet none of them could arive at his true meaning indeed.Wherefore the Queene, perceiving the Song to be fully ended, and theLadies, as also the young Gentlemen, willing to go take their rest:she commaunded them severally to their Chambers.
4.   "`No excuse will avail,' said Mr. Duncan Ross; `neithersickness nor business nor anything else. There you must stay, oryou lose your billet.'
5. 后来,闫某某打听到伏某的父母已在发喜帖:2020年1月13日伏某将与刘某举办婚礼。
6. 而成都嘉年华青少年心理辅导中心,则是一个打着拯救孩子旗号却迫害孩子的矫正机构。


1.   Ali Cogia, furious at having to suffer such a loss, protested against the verdict, declaring that he would appeal to the Caliph, Haroun-al-Raschid, himself. But the Cadi paid no attention to his threats, and was quite satisfied that he had done what was right.
2. 卧倒是指一个公司怎么算都活不过三个月。
3.   Laertes' strength failed him when he heard the convincing proofswhich his son had given him. He threw his arms about him, andUlysses had to support him, or he would have gone off into a swoon;but as soon as he came to, and was beginning to recover his senses, hesaid, "O father Jove, then you gods are still in Olympus after all, ifthe suitors have really been punished for their insolence and folly.Nevertheless, I am much afraid that I shall have all the townspeopleof Ithaca up here directly, and they will be sending messengerseverywhere throughout the cities of the Cephallenians."
4. 定海失守的消息传到北京以后,清廷愤懑极了。道光下令调陕、甘、云、贵、湘、川各省的兵到沿海各省,全国脚慌手忙。上面要调兵,下面就请饷。道光帝最怕花钱,于是对林则徐的信任就减少了。七月二十二日他的上谕骂林则徐道:"不但终无实际,反生出许多波澜,思之曷胜愤懑,看汝以何词对联也。"
5. X
6. "Tell her, Sara," Captain Crewe said, smiling.


1.   "Let me see," continued the stranger, "I am one of yourlargest creditors."
2. 原标题:LeanTaaS获高盛4000万美元C轮融资,通过AI优化医疗诊所运营病人的长时间候诊可能会导致大型诊所或医院系统的崩溃。
3. 新的市政建设包括新的机场--它将把日常运输能力提高50%--200多公里环形公路的建设、高速公路和轻轨铁路的建设、生态公园,海洋娱乐中心、露天剧场和水族馆的开放,步行街的设计将雅典卫城、会场、古罗马广场和新的卫城博物馆连为一体。比雷埃夫斯港的游轮将可以容纳上千人。
4. 她试过在药店购买但口罩脱销、在部分商超购买但价格飞涨,她又尝试网店购买但商家被查、无法发货。
5. 方国珍早在一三五九年,即曾向朱元璋通好,但拒绝接受朱元璋授给他的行省平章的官衔,并仍继续为元朝海运粮饷,受元朝的官封。一三六六年,元朝升任方国珍为江浙行省左丞相。朱元璋遣使招降,被方国珍拒绝。一三六七年九月,朱亮祖军进攻台州,驻守台州的方国瑛兵败,逃入海上。十月,朱元璋又派汤和为征南将军,吴祯为副,进攻方国珍占据的庆元。方国珍率部下乘海船逃跑。朱元璋命廖永忠自海道截击。方国珍穷促投降。两浙地区全为朱元璋所占有。
6. Theresa May, the new British prime minister, earns 143,462 pounds ($186,119) a year. That includes her salary as a member of parliament, which is 74,962 pounds ($97,256) a year.


1. 从这个产业并购发展的角度看,国内的这波内生增长和外生并购还处于较早的阶段。
3.   After some small familiar Discourse passing betweene them, Gabriellodemanded of her, upon what occasion shee denyed his comming thitherthe night before, and by such a sodaine unexpected admonition?Andreana told him, that it was in regard of a horrid Dreame, wherewithher soule was perplexed the precedent night, and doubt what mightensue thereon. Gabriello hearing this, began to smile, affirming toher, that it was an especial note of folly, to give any credit to idledreames: because (oftentimes) they are caused by excesse of feeding,and continually are observed to be meere lyes. For (quoth he) if I hadany superstitious beleefe of Dreames, I should not then have comehither now: yet not so much as being dismayed by your dreame, butfor another of mine owne, which I am the more willing to acquaintyou withall.
4. I was astonished myself. You see, I come from California, and there's no country lovelier, but when it comes to towns--! I have often groaned at home to see the offensive mess man made in the face of nature, even though I'm no art sharp, like Jeff. But this place! It was built mostly of a sort of dull rose-colored stone, with here and there some clear white houses; and it lay abroad among the green groves and gardens like a broken rosary of pink coral.
5.   "And a non-commissioned officer."
6.   "Master, I obey," said the genie.


1. 2017年工作转折在家和异地办公。
2. Jeff was most appreciative of this; and Terry made extravagant gestures of admiration, which seemed to set them off, boy- fashion, to show their skill. While we ate the excellent biscuits they had thrown us, and while Ellador kept a watchful eye on our movements, Celis ran off to some distance, and set up a sort of "duck-on-a-rock" arrangement, a big yellow nut on top of three balanced sticks; Alima, meanwhile, gathering stones.
3. "It isn't funny, really," she said between her teeth, as she bent over her book. "They ought not to laugh."

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