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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I don't know how to write, reverend sir."
2.  "Very good," said the major, "I do not demand more, youunderstand" --
3.  "It would seem so; but listen, and you will understand. Somedays before the return of the emperor, Fernand was drafted.The Bourbons left him quietly enough at the Catalans, butNapoleon returned, a special levy was made, and Fernand wascompelled to join. I went too; but as I was older thanFernand, and had just married my poor wife, I was only sentto the coast. Fernand was enrolled in the active troop, wentto the frontier with his regiment, and was at the battle ofLigny. The night after that battle he was sentry at the doorof a general who carried on a secret correspondence with theenemy. That same night the general was to go over to theEnglish. He proposed to Fernand to accompany him; Fernandagreed to do so, deserted his post, and followed thegeneral. Fernand would have been court-martialed if Napoleonhad remained on the throne, but his action was rewarded bythe Bourbons. He returned to France with the epaulet ofsub-lieutenant, and as the protection of the general, who isin the highest favor, was accorded to him, he was a captainin 1823, during the Spanish war -- that is to say, at thetime when Danglars made his early speculations. Fernand wasa Spaniard, and being sent to Spain to ascertain the feelingof his fellow-countrymen, found Danglars there, got on veryintimate terms with him, won over the support of theroyalists at the capital and in the provinces, receivedpromises and made pledges on his own part, guided hisregiment by paths known to himself alone through themountain gorges which were held by the royalists, and, infact, rendered such services in this brief campaign that,after the taking of Trocadero, he was made colonel, andreceived the title of count and the cross of an officer ofthe Legion of Honor."
4.  "May not Barrois, the old servant, have made a mistake, andhave given Madame de Saint-Meran a dose prepared for hismaster?"
5.  "Yes, in Italy; it was in Italy most probably," repliedMonte Cristo; "you have travelled then in Italy,mademoiselle?"
6.  "Which way?"


1.  "Unfortunately," replied the count, "I am witness that M.Morrel cannot give up his horse, his honor being engaged inkeeping it."
2.  Luigi Vampa.
3.  "And what is her name?"
4.  "Oh, shut up!" again interposed some of the audience.
5.  "Oh, monsieur, this is cruel of you," said Julie, muchaffected; and the young lady's eyes swam with tears.
6.  "The punishment?" exclaimed Madame de Villefort, "thepunishment, monsieur? Twice you have pronounced that word!"


1.  Dantes, although stunned and almost suffocated, hadsufficient presence of mind to hold his breath, and as hisright hand (prepared as he was for every chance) held hisknife open, he rapidly ripped up the sack, extricated hisarm, and then his body; but in spite of all his efforts tofree himself from the shot, he felt it dragging him downstill lower. He then bent his body, and by a desperateeffort severed the cord that bound his legs, at the momentwhen it seemed as if he were actually strangled. With amighty leap he rose to the surface of the sea, while theshot dragged down to the depths the sack that had so nearlybecome his shroud.
2.  "You have no right to beg at night," said the groom,endeavoring to rid his master of the troublesome intruder.
3.  "The first is, that you will never tell any one that I havegranted the interview."
4.  "`Every revolution has its catastrophes,' returned M. deVillefort; `your brother has been the victim of this. It isa misfortune, and government owes nothing to his family. Ifwe are to judge by all the vengeance that the followers ofthe usurper exercised on the partisans of the king, when, intheir turn, they were in power, your brother would beto-day, in all probability, condemned to death. What hashappened is quite natural, and in conformity with the law ofreprisals.' -- `What,' cried I, `do you, a magistrate, speakthus to me?' -- `All these Corsicans are mad, on my honor,'replied M. de Villefort; `they fancy that their countrymanis still emperor. You have mistaken the time, you shouldhave told me this two months ago, it is too late now. Gonow, at once, or I shall have you put out.'
5.   "Yes."
6.  The boat continued her voyage. They had passed the Tete deMorte, were now off the Anse du Pharo, and about to doublethe battery. This manoeuvre was incomprehensible to Dantes.


1.  "It is well. As soon as he arrives inform me. We must beexpeditious. And then I also wish to see a notary, that Imay be assured that all our property returns to Valentine."
2.  "Help, help!" cried Mademoiselle d'Armilly, taking the bellfrom her companion's hand, and ringing it yet moreviolently. "Save me, I am pursued!" said Andrea, claspinghis hands. "For pity, for mercy's sake do not deliver meup!"
3.  "I explained nothing, and it is he who apologized to me."
4、  "Yes, it is indeed he. Five millions -- a pretty sum, eh,Peppino?"
5、  "Remember, this is no affair of mine," said the tremblingvoice of La Carconte, as though through the flooring of herchamber she viewed the scene that was enacting below.




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      "I will see them both," returned the inspector; "I mustconscientiously perform my duty." This was the inspector'sfirst visit; he wished to display his authority.

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      "It is very clear, notwithstanding," replied the young man,with an artlessness wholly free from affectation; "tell hersome fine morning an unheard-of piece of intelligence --some telegraphic despatch, of which you alone are inpossession; for instance, that Henri IV. was seen yesterdayat Gabrielle's. That would boom the market; she will buyheavily, and she will certainly lose when Beauchampannounces the following day, in his gazette, `The reportcirculated by some usually well-informed persons that theking was seen yesterday at Gabrielle's house, is totallywithout foundation. We can positively assert that hismajesty did not quit the Pont-Neuf.'" Lucien half smiled.Monte Cristo, although apparently indifferent, had not lostone word of this conversation, and his penetrating eye hadeven read a hidden secret in the embarrassed manner of thesecretary. This embarrassment had completely escaped Albert,but it caused Lucien to shorten his visit; he was evidentlyill at ease. The count, in taking leave of him, saidsomething in a low voice, to which he answered, "Willingly,count; I accept." The count returned to young Morcerf.

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       "But you can sleep when you please, monsieur?" said Morrel.

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      "`"I say that it is too soon after declaring myself forLouis XVIII. to break my vow in behalf of the ex-emperor."This answer was too clear to permit of any mistake as to hissentiments. "General," said the president, "we acknowledgeno King Louis XVIII., or an ex-emperor, but his majesty theemperor and king, driven from France, which is his kingdom,by violence and treason."

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    {  "And you would be to blame for not assisting him, if theyoung man really needed your help in that quarter, but,happily for me, he can dispense with it."

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      "And writes me thence."}

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      "My wife's brother is my brother," said Edmond; "and we,Mercedes and I, should be very sorry if he were absent atsuch a time."

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      "To the hotel."

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       "You might find it dull."

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    {  The president called for the indictment, revised as we know,by the clever and implacable pen of Villefort. During thereading of this, which was long, the public attention wascontinually drawn towards Andrea, who bore the inspectionwith Spartan unconcern. Villefort had never been so conciseand eloquent. The crime was depicted in the most vividcolors; the former life of the prisoner, his transformation,a review of his life from the earliest period, were setforth with all the talent that a knowledge of human lifecould furnish to a mind like that of the procureur.Benedetto was thus forever condemned in public opinionbefore the sentence of the law could be pronounced. Andreapaid no attention to the successive charges which werebrought against him. M. de Villefort, who examined himattentively, and who no doubt practiced upon him all thepsychological studies he was accustomed to use, in vainendeavored to make him lower his eyes, notwithstanding thedepth and profundity of his gaze. At length the reading ofthe indictment was ended.

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      "As a punishment for the crime I had committed," answeredBertuccio. "Oh, those Villeforts are an accursed race!"