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2.   Doubtless the purest happiness was thine.
3.   "Nothing, until my uncle here began to speak loudly. I heard that,and I came down."
4.   This Sompnour, which that was as full of jangles,* *chattering As full of venom be those wariangles,* * butcher-birds <7> And ev'r inquiring upon every thing, "Brother," quoth he, "where is now your dwelling, Another day if that I should you seech?"* *seek, visit This yeoman him answered in soft speech; Brother," quoth he, "far in the North country,<8> Where as I hope some time I shall thee see Ere we depart I shall thee so well wiss,* *inform That of mine house shalt thou never miss." Now, brother," quoth this Sompnour, "I you pray, Teach me, while that we ride by the way, (Since that ye be a bailiff as am I,) Some subtilty, and tell me faithfully For mine office how that I most may win. And *spare not* for conscience or for sin, *conceal nothing* But, as my brother, tell me how do ye." Now by my trothe, brother mine," said he, As I shall tell to thee a faithful tale: My wages be full strait and eke full smale; My lord is hard to me and dangerous,* *niggardly And mine office is full laborious; And therefore by extortion I live, Forsooth I take all that men will me give. Algate* by sleighte, or by violence, *whether From year to year I win all my dispence; I can no better tell thee faithfully." Now certes," quoth this Sompnour, "so fare* I; *do I spare not to take, God it wot, *But if* it be too heavy or too hot. *unless* What I may get in counsel privily, No manner conscience of that have I. N'ere* mine extortion, I might not live, *were it not for For of such japes* will I not be shrive.** *tricks **confessed Stomach nor conscience know I none; I shrew* these shrifte-fathers** every one. *curse **confessors Well be we met, by God and by St Jame. But, leve brother, tell me then thy name," Quoth this Sompnour. Right in this meane while This yeoman gan a little for to smile.
5.   "I have heard told, pardie, of your living, Ye lovers, and your lewed* observance, *ignorant, foolish And what a labour folk have in winning Of love, and in it keeping with doubtance;* *doubt And when your prey is lost, woe and penance;* *suffering Oh, very fooles! may ye no thing see? Can none of you aware by other be?"
6. 元素周围留白越多,它就越容易被聚焦。


1. 1月14日,武汉大学人民医院呼吸危重症专家余昌平开始发烧,三天后CT显示肺部有问题,病情一度非常严重,经过治疗慢慢好转
2. 作为下属,你就要有铁一般的执行力,一旦老板发出命令,下属就要无条件地去执行,因为这就是你作为下属的责任,去帮助老板把他想做的事情做好。
3. 齐拉特找到了爱因斯坦。他事先写了一个备忘录,但鉴于爱因斯坦不是这个工程里的人,所以,他不能让爱因斯坦看那个备忘录。他只是就他要爱因斯坦做的事提出了要求。爱因斯坦一下子就抓住了要领,看到了齐拉特要他做的工作的重大意义,所以,毫不犹豫地答应了齐拉特的要求,又给罗斯福总统写了一封信。
4. 10月29日,李国庆和俞渝的离婚案在北京市东城区人民法院第一次开庭。
5. 尊重孩子的天性,才能让孩子更好地成长。
6. 趣店表示,鉴于对公司未来长远发展的积极判断,同时履行为股东持续贡献价值的承诺,公司董事会批准了新的股权回购计划。


1.   'No; you are less than a servant, for you do nothing for your keep.There, sit down, and think over your wickedness.'
2.   Carrie looked into her pretty face, with its large blue eyes, andsaw little beads of moisture.
3.  甚至还有乘客忍不住在站台自拍了起来。
4. 1938年,正是国家、民族处于抗日战争危急关头的年代。陶希圣、吴景超、陈之迈三人,为因战争流离失所的民众和青年对知识的渴求和对国家前途的关心所感奋,决定编辑一套《艺文丛书》,每册3万到6万字,约请既有湛深研究,又有全局识见的专家、学者撰写[118]。当时蒋廷黻正处于已辞驻苏联大使,又未恢复行政院政务处长职掌之际,在汉口赋闲。编者之一的陈之迈知道他对近代史素有研究,便约他写书。蒋廷黻欣然应约,用两个月时间写了这本《中国近代史》,同年由艺文研究会作为《艺文丛书》的一种出版发行。此后,他再也没有做学问的时间和精力,只在官场周旋了。所以这本著作,实际上成了他学术生涯的一个句号。
5. 该平台公关表示,针对客户商品损坏问题,他们已经协调商家进行免费维修并跟进后续处理事宜。
6.   Thus did she speak, and they did even as she had said: twenty ofthem went to the fountain for water, and the others set themselvesbusily to work about the house. The men who were in attendance onthe suitors also came up and began chopping firewood. By and by thewomen returned from the fountain, and the swineherd came after themwith the three best pigs he could pick out. These he let feed aboutthe premises, and then he said good-humouredly to Ulysses,"Stranger, are the suitors treating you any better now, or are they asinsolent as ever?"


1. 先令,他就获得了他的在12小时内执行职能的劳动力的价值。现在如果劳动力的这个日价值当作日劳动的价值来表现,那就会得出这样一个公式:12小时的劳动有3先令价值。这样一来,劳动力的价值就决定劳动的价值,或者用货币来表现,就决定劳动的必要价格。如果劳动力的价格同它的价值相偏离,那末劳动的价格也就会同它的所谓价值相偏离。
2.   "My dear fellow, are you really on such good terms with heras to venture to take me to her box?"
3. 新年目标,自然就是做国内top的电商短视频广告服务平台了。
4. OPPO和小米在年末刚为抢发高通5G芯片较完劲,年初Redmi把K30售卖时间提前了一周,放在realme发布会当天首销。
5. 宋朝官员可以随意购置田产成为大小地主,地主通过科举也可以成为大小官员。官员、地主合为一体,占据有全国大部分的土地。自耕农的田地,一户多不过几十亩,少只有三五亩。宋太宗时,就有人指出:富人有着看不到边的田,穷人没有锥子尖的一点地。(“富者有弥望之田,贫者无卓锥之地”)太宗对近臣说:“杜绝兼并,抑制游情,前世难以做到的事情,朕(皇帝自称。音振zhèn)应该努力去实行。”这说明太宗已经觉察到了地主兼并土地的严重性。这种状况一天天地在发展,皇室、贵族、官僚、地主兼并越来越多的田地。
6. We talked and talked.


1. 使其能在重大事件中发挥关键作用,能够在错误舆论趋势下扮演正确舆论的引导、斧正角色,成为了新一代年轻人的三观风向标和在碎片化阅读的当下最快获得优质内容的首选平台,以内容赋力众生。
2.   "Alas!" she said "I am the innocent cause of our sorrows," and told him of the exchange of the lamp.
3.   It was just dismal, and one had to put up with it. It was quite true, men had no real glamour for a woman: if you could fool yourself into thinking they had, even as she had fooled herself over Michaelis, that was the best you could do. Meanwhile you just lived on and there was nothing to it. She understood perfectly well why people had cocktail parties, and jazzed, and Charlestoned till they were ready to drop. You had to take it out some way or other, your youth, or it ate you up. But what a ghastly thing, this youth! You felt as old as Methuselah, and yet the thing fizzed somehow, and didn't let you be comfortable. A mean sort of life! And no prospect! She almost wished she had gone off with Mick, and made her life one long cocktail party, and jazz evening. Anyhow that was better than just mooning yourself into the grave.

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