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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh! The affair was not long, I assure you. They placedthemselves on guard; the stranger made a feint and a lunge, andthat so rapidly that when Monsieur Porthos came to the PARADE, hehad already three inches of steel in his breast. He immediatelyfell backward. The stranger placed the point of his sword at histhroat; and Monsieur Porthos, finding himself at the mercy of hisadversary, acknowledged himself conquered. Upon which thestranger asked his name, and learning that it was Porthos, andnot D'Artagnan, he assisted him to rise, brought him back to thehotel, mounted his horse, and disappeared."
2.  "You shall not call," said Felton, throwing himself between the duke andthe bell placed on a stand encrusted with silver. "Beware, my Lord, youare in the hands of God!"
3.  "Why that question, my dear host?" asked D'Artagnan. "Do youintend to sit up for me?"
4.  "PARBLEU, I believe it is not," said Planchet. "Why, it ispoor Lubin, the lackey of the Comte de Wardes--he whom youtook such good care of a month ago at Calais, on the road tothe governor's country house!"
5.  "Was he so sweet, then?"
6.  Louis XIII's confidential valet, who never left the door, enteredin reply to the call.


1.  The two men followed the company, and on leaving theaubourg St. Antoine, mounted two horses properly equipped,which a servant without livery had waiting for them.
2.  procurator's wife. "I have been wrong; I see it. I oughtnot to have driven a bargain when it was to equip a cavalierlike you."
3.  One day, when he had an appointment with a duchess, he endeavoredeven to borrow it of Athos. Athos, without saying anything,emptied his pockets, got together all his jewels, purses,aiguillettes, and gold chains, and offered them all to Porthos;but as to the sword, he said it was sealed to its place andshould never quit it until its master should himself quit hislodgings. In addition to the sword, there was a portraitrepresenting a nobleman of the time of Henry III, dressed withthe greatest elegance, and who wore the Order of the Holy Ghost;and this portrait had certain resemblances of lines with Athos,certain family likenesses which indicated that this great noble,a knight of the Order of the King, was his ancestor.Besides these, a casket of magnificent goldwork, with the samearms as the sword and the portrait, formed a middle ornament tothe mantelpiece, and assorted badly with the rest of thefurniture. Athos always carried the key of this coffer abouthim; but he one day opened it before Porthos, and Porthos wasconvinced that this coffer contained nothing but letters andpapers--love letters and family papers, no doubt.Porthos lived in an apartment, large in size and of verysumptuous appearance, in the Rue du Vieux-Colombier. Every timehe passed with a friend before his windows, at one of whichMousqueton was sure to be placed in full livery, Porthos raisedhis head and his hand, and said, "That is my abode!" But he wasnever to be found at home; he never invited anybody to go up withhim, and no one could form an idea of what his sumptuousapartment contained in the shape of real riches.
4.  Milady looked at him for some time with an expression which theyoung man took for doubt, but which, however, was nothing butobservation, or rather the wish to fascinate.
5.  "What has become of her, then?" asked Rochefort, eagerly."Return to camp and you shall know."
6.  "No, monseigneur, for the only thing for which I could be arrested isstill unknown to your Eminence."


1.  "But you said that your name was D'Artagnan."
2.  He then went straight to the door and knocked, murmuring, "I willgo myself and be caught in the mousetrap, but woe be to the catsthat shall pounce upon such a mouse!"
3.  Then those who dwelt in Bonacieux's unfortunate house, togetherwith the nearest neighbors, heard loud cries, stamping of feet,clashing of swords, and breaking of furniture. A moment after,those who, surprised by this tumult, had gone to their windows tolearn the cause of it, saw the door open, and four men, clothedin black, not COME out of it, but FLY, like so many frightenedcrows, leaving on the ground and on the corners of the furniture,feathers from their wings; that is to say, patches of theirclothes and fragments of their cloaks.
4.  There are in affluence a crowd of aristocratic cares and capriceswhich are highly becoming to beauty. A fine and white stocking,a silken robe, a lace kerchief, a pretty slipper on the foot, atasty ribbon on the head do not make an ugly woman pretty, butthey make a pretty woman beautiful, without reckoning the hands,which gain by all this; the hands, among women particularly, tobe beautiful must be idle.
5.   At this moment a man who had been crouching in a ditch jumped up andcame towards them. It was Mousqueton. He pointed his finger to thelighted window.
6.  "Nothing but one word!" said D'Artagnan.


1.  "Against calumniators," said M. de Treville.
2.  Without waiting for the permission of his host, D'Artagnan wentquickly into the house, and cast a rapid glance at the bed. Ithad not been used. Bonacieux had not been abed. He had onlybeen back an hour or two; he had accompanied his wife to theplace of her confinement, or else at least to the first relay."Thanks, Monsieur Bonacieux," said D'Artagnan, emptying hisglass, "that is all I wanted of you. I will now go up into myapartment. I will make Planchet brush my boots; and when he hasdone, I will, if you like, send him to you to brush your shoes."He left the mercer quite astonished at his singular farewell, andasking himself if he had not been a little inconsiderate.At the top of the stairs he found Planchet in a great fright."Ah, monsieur!" cried Planchet, as soon as he perceived hismaster, "here is more trouble. I thought you would never comein."
3.  Milady was looking out at the window, and pretended not to hearthe door as it opened.
4、  "My letter of recommendation!" cried D'Artagnan, "my letter ofrecommendation! or, the holy blood, I will spit you all likeortolans!"
5、  The cabinet of M. de Treville, generally held so sacred, becamein an instant the annex of the antechamber. Everyone spoke,harangued, and vociferated, swearing, cursing, and consigning thecardinal and his Guards to all the devils.




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      "That is he--wounded in the shoulder."

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      One day, when he arrived with his head in the air, and aslight at heart as a man who awaits a shower of gold, hefound the SOUBRETTE under the gateway of the hotel; but thistime the pretty Kitty was not contented with touching him ashe passed, she took him gently by the hand.

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       Te Deums were chanted in camp, and afterward throughoutFrance.

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      But there, as he was alighting from his horse at the gate of theJolly Miller, without anyone--host, waiter, or hostler--coming tohold his stirrup or take his horse, D'Artagnan spied, though anopen window on the ground floor, a gentleman, well-made and ofgood carriage, although of rather a stern countenance, talkingwith two persons who appeared to listen to him with respect.D'Artagnan fancied quite naturally, according to his custom, thathe must be the object of their conversation, and listened. Thistime D'Artagnan was only in part mistaken; he himself was not inquestion, but his horse was. The gentleman appeared to beenumerating all his qualities to his auditors; and, as I havesaid, the auditors seeming to have great deference for thenarrator, they every moment burst into fits of laughter. Now, asa half-smile was sufficient to awaken the irascibility of theyoung man, the effect produced upon him by this vociferous mirthmay be easily imagined.

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    {  "He came, he said, on the part of his Eminence, who wished youwell, and to beg you to follow him to the Palais-Royal."**It was called the Palais-Cardinal before Richelieu gave it tothe King.

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      "This letter! From whom comes this letter?"}

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      "There is no desert where a bird cannot pass over one'shead, where a fish cannot leap out of the water, where arabbit cannot come out of its burrow, and I believe thatbird, fish, and rabbit each becomes a spy of the cardinal.Better, then, pursue our enterprise; from which, besides, wecannot retreat without shame. We have made a wager--a wagerwhich could not have been foreseen, and of which I defyanyone to divine the true cause. We are going, in order towin it, to remain an hour in the bastion. Either we shallbe attacked, or not. If we are not, we shall have all thetime to talk, and nobody will hear us--for I guarantee thewalls of the bastion have no ears; if we are, we will talkof our affairs just the same. Moreover, in defendingourselves, we shall cover ourselves with glory. You seethat everything is to our advantage."

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      "Yes," replied Porthos, "it is the one that ought to havebeen sent to me at first. A bad joke of the husband'ssubstituted the other; but the husband has been punishedsince, and I have obtained full satisfaction."

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       On arriving at the king's private antechamber, M. de Trevillefound La Chesnaye, who informed him that they had not been ableto find M. de la Tremouille on the preceding evening at hishotel, that he returned too late to present himself at theLouvre, that he had only that moment arrived and that he was atthat very hour with the king.

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    {  "What?" asked D'Artagnan.

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      "Yes, yes," said Athos; "but they are only civilians--verybad marksmen, who will be sure not to hit me."