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1. n. (准备好演出的)节目,保留剧目,(计算机的)指令表
2. "What a perfect road! What a heavenly country! See the flowers, will you?"
3. 他家靠近上庄村村小,周边住的多是曾观慈家族的人,这也加剧了他的孤独感。
4.   "Never mind, Renee," replied the marquise, with a look oftenderness that seemed out of keeping with her harsh dryfeatures; but, however all other feelings may be withered ina woman's nature, there is always one bright smiling spot inthe desert of her heart, and that is the shrine of maternallove. "I forgive you. What I was saying, Villefort, was,that the Bonapartists had not our sincerity, enthusiasm, ordevotion."
5. 她还说:我们对畜牧业了解颇多,因为人们对它有过研究。
6. 小组讨论贝蒂的论文。弗里希的发言不断地被玻尔打断。弗里希感到有些奇怪。他正要想向玻尔指出允许他把话说完,忽然发现玻尔想说一句话没出口便停了下来。大家都注意到了。这时,玻尔坐了下来,面如死色。大家焦急地看了他几秒钟,以为他生病了。但是,几秒种过去,玻尔突然站了起来,带着歉意的微笑说道:“现在我弄清楚了。”


1. 同时,他还希望它能自动充电。
2. 放宽时间跨度,全球化并非初生婴儿,仅在过去500年来,就已有过几次全球化浪潮。以往的全球化有两个明显特征:一是从动力提供来说,全球化都是由西方国家所推动--16世纪到20世纪初主要是欧洲,20世纪中下叶以后主要是美国。长期以来,全球化的进程都被西方世界所控制,并驯从于西方国家的利益和愿望。它在最近几十年间的代表性国际组织及机制,乃是七国集团(g7)。
3.   Previous Chapter
4.   "When you say invisible," interrupted Albert, "it is only tokeep up the mystery; for whom do you take the blue domino atthe window with the white curtains?"
5. 在民警依法要求驾驶员出示行车证件时,轻型货车驾驶员不仅拒不出示证件,而且情绪激动,企图离开现场。
6. 公司的重要事项也会及时发全员邮件。


1. ”在2000年纳斯达克崩盘时,网易曾因财务问题、诉讼问题、摘牌风波、人事震荡等而内外交困,但丁磊抓住网络游戏的机会带网易走出困境,跃身新巨头。
2. 今年1-10月,我国高技术制造业吸收外资同比增长5.5%,占制造业利用外资的比重达38.9%,占比增长了5个百分点
3.   They all replied with one accord that he deserved the hand of the princess.
4. 国王队由于签约拉简-朗多,科斯塔-库佛斯和马可-贝利内里,实际上还欠费城一个未来首轮签(无保护,最迟2019年)。传说中的无计划重建队啊。
5. 一位不愿具名的业内人士对蓝鲸TMT记者表示,宁旻此前曾给柳传志当过秘书。
6.   In this manner, having crossed all the Certaldanes (to his greatbenefit) and their abuse: he smiled at his sodaine and dexteriousdevise, in mockery of them, who thought to have made a scorne ofhim, by dispossessing him of the Feather. For Bragoniero andPizzino, being present at his Learned predication, and having heardwhat a cunning shift he found, to come off cleanly, without theleast detection, and all delivered with such admirableprotestations: they were faine to forsake the Church, least theyshould have burst with laughing.


1. 不要有道德洁癖,世界就是这样运行的,那你就赶紧也运行起来吧,还等什么,要顺应这个社会。
2. 凡是由外族进行统治的地方,其革命运动就性质而言是民族主义的,如希腊反对土耳其、波兰反对俄国、比利时反对荷兰、匈牙利反对奥地利的情况就是如此。凡是在政府是本土的但不代表人民的地方,革命运动就性质而言是自由主义的。一个例子见于法国,在那里,复辟的彼旁王朝于1830年被推翻并由自封的“资产除级国王”路易·菲利普取代。另一例子是1832年英国的《改革法案》,该法案多少扩大了选举权,不过十分有限,仅使选举者人数从大约50万人增加到约81.3万人左右。
3.   Morrel allowed his hand to fall into that which the countextended to him; then with an inexpressibly sorrowfulinclination of the head he quitted the count and bent hissteps to the east of the city. Monte Cristo remained on thesame spot until Maximilian was out of sight; he then walkedslowly towards the Allees de Meillan to seek out a smallhouse with which our readers were made familiar at thebeginning of this story. It yet stood, under the shade ofthe fine avenue of lime-trees, which forms one of the mostfrequent walks of the idlers of Marseilles, covered by animmense vine, which spreads its aged and blackened branchesover the stone front, burnt yellow by the ardent sun of thesouth. Two stone steps worn away by the friction of manyfeet led to the door, which was made of three planks; thedoor had never been painted or varnished, so great cracksyawned in it during the dry season to close again when therains came on. The house, with all its crumbling antiquityand apparent misery, was yet cheerful and picturesque, andwas the same that old Dantes formerly inhabited -- the onlydifference being that the old man occupied merely thegarret, while the whole house was now placed at the commandof Mercedes by the count.
4.   "That is to say, you don't believe what I have told you; isit not so?"
5.   But, towards the evening after the hour for the customaryvisit had gone by, Faria, not seeing the young man appear,tried to move and get over the distance which separatedthem. Edmond shuddered when he heard the painful effortswhich the old man made to drag himself along; his leg wasinert, and he could no longer make use of one arm. Edmondwas obliged to assist him, for otherwise he would not havebeen able to enter by the small aperture which led toDantes' chamber.
6.   There! Now the lubber's tamed! But quick, away! We must at once takewing; A cry of murder strikes upon the ear; With the police I know my courseto steer, But with the blood - ban 'tis another thing.Martha (at the window)


1. 原标题:湖南郴州一民警因散布疫情谣言被行拘7日2月5日,湖南郴州市纪委发布消息称,一民警散布疫情谣言被行政拘留。
2. 2018年4月1日,央视报道快手上未成年少女秀怀孕视频,一石激起千层浪,快手再次处于舆论中央。
3. 我们总体的策略是这块的营收保持一定的规模,不会再扩。

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      He looked like his illustration, as he raised his eyes to Mr. Lob's face. `But may not--mind! I ask for information, as a plodding man of business who only deals with such material objects as guineas, shillings, and bank-notes--may not the retention of the thing involve the retention of the idea? If the thing were gone, my dear Manette, might not the fear go with it? In short, is it not a concession to the misgiving, to keep the forge?'

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      And it must be remembered that reason had little part in this.Chicago dawning, she saw the city offering more of lovelinessthan she had ever known, and instinctively, by force of her moodsalone, clung to it. In fine raiment and elegant surroundings,men seemed to be contented. Hence, she drew near these things.Chicago, New York; Drouet, Hurstwood; the world of fashion andthe world of stage--these were but incidents. Not them, but thatwhich they represented, she longed for. Time proved therepresentation false.

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      'Two parties, of course!' said Mr. Omer, nodding his head retrospectively. 'Ex actly so! And Joram's at work, at this minute, on a grey one with silver nails, not this measurement' - the measurement of the dancing child upon the counter 'by a good two inches. - Will you take something?'