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1. “例如,现在研制出了各种各样的电子产品。使用这些产品时,只要我需要,我就可以很轻松地随时得到有关比赛的最新消息。目前对于这类产品的需求量越来越大,这些产品将为足球商业赢得丰厚的利润。”
2. 其中,《桥边姑娘》1周播放过亿。
3.   For one thing, Sires, safely dare I say, That friends ever each other must obey, If they will longe hold in company. Love will not be constrain'd by mastery. When mast'ry comes, the god of love anon Beateth <3> his wings, and, farewell, he is gone. Love is a thing as any spirit free. Women *of kind* desire liberty, *by nature* And not to be constrained as a thrall,* *slave And so do men, if soothly I say shall. Look who that is most patient in love, He *is at his advantage all above.* *enjoys the highest Patience is a high virtue certain, advantages of all* For it vanquisheth, as these clerkes sayn, Thinges that rigour never should attain. For every word men may not chide or plain. Learne to suffer, or, so may I go,* *prosper Ye shall it learn whether ye will or no. For in this world certain no wight there is, That he not doth or saith sometimes amiss. Ire, or sickness, or constellation,* *the influence of Wine, woe, or changing of complexion, the planets* Causeth full oft to do amiss or speaken: On every wrong a man may not be wreaken.* *revenged After* the time must be temperance *according to To every wight that *can of* governance. *is capable of* And therefore hath this worthy wise knight (To live in ease) sufferance her behight;* *promised And she to him full wisly* gan to swear *surely That never should there be default in her. Here may men see a humble wife accord; Thus hath she ta'en her servant and her lord, Servant in love, and lord in marriage. Then was he both in lordship and servage? Servage? nay, but in lordship all above, Since he had both his lady and his love: His lady certes, and his wife also, The which that law of love accordeth to. And when he was in this prosperrity, Home with his wife he went to his country, Not far from Penmark,<4> where his dwelling was, And there he liv'd in bliss and in solace.* *delight Who coulde tell, but* he had wedded be, *unless The joy, the ease, and the prosperity, That is betwixt a husband and his wife? A year and more lasted this blissful life, Till that this knight, of whom I spake thus, That of Cairrud <5> was call'd Arviragus, Shope* him to go and dwell a year or twain *prepared, arranged In Engleland, that call'd was eke Britain, To seek in armes worship and honour (For all his lust* he set in such labour); *pleasure And dwelled there two years; the book saith thus.
4. 很多关注您的朋友和我说,您好像胖了不少,这是否和特斯拉从去年第四季度以来节节攀升的股价有关呢?有那么一个时刻,特斯拉的市值甚至超过了通用和福特的市值总和。
5. 腾讯云推出针对18个重点行业的ToB作战地图,升级城市发展解决方案WeCity,持续全面拥抱产业互联网,并开放数据中台和技术中台。
6. 事实上,钉钉CEO陈航就明确表示过,SaaS服务涉及到CRM、ERP、OA、HRM、财务管理、差旅管理、协同办公、云存储、会员管理、客服管理、进销存管理等多个领域,钉钉方面绝对不会放弃这些领域,而是将结合自己的核心能力和合作伙伴的产品,更好地满足用户需求。


1.   She acquiesced, and he went. Each afternoon he would go to thecorner for the papers.
2. ”这是从被周围人呵护的安全区走向未知领域的选择,是每个创业者决定创业之初的岔路口。
3.   To take each other's life, I trow, Would cordially delight them! As Orpheus'lyre the beasts, so now The bagpipe doth unite them.Dogmatist
4.   "I've been down to Scotland Yard, Mr. Holmes. I saw InspectorStanley Hopkins. He advised me to come to you. He said the case, sofar as he could see, was more in your line than in that of the regularpolice."
5.   'Tis well, I hope that we shall soon agree! For now your fancies to expel,Here, as a youth of high degree, I come in gold - lac'd scarlet vest, And stiff -silk mantle richly dress'd, A cock's gay feather for a plume, A long andpointed rapier, too; And briefly I would counsel you To don at once the samecostume, And, free from trammels, speed away, That what life is you mayessay.
6.   'No sight so sad as that of a naughty child,' he began, 'especiallya naughty little girl. Do you know where the wicked go after death?'


1.   'I have not been here a week tomorrow, without considering that too, my dear,' she returned. 'There is a furnished little set of chambers to be let in the Adelphi, Trot, which ought to suit you to a marvel.'
2. "Go to your room," cried Miss Minchin, breathlessly, "this instant! Leave the schoolroom! Attend to your lessons, young ladies!"
3. 万幸的是崔牛会这5年来不论怎么折腾,初心一直未变。
4. adj. 优雅的
5.   It will not come again, withoute dread,* No more than will Malkin's maidenhead,<2> When she hath lost it in her wantonness. Let us not moulde thus in idleness. "Sir Man of Law," quoth he, "so have ye bliss, Tell us a tale anon, as forword* is. *the bargain Ye be submitted through your free assent To stand in this case at my judgement. Acquit you now, and *holde your behest*; *keep your promise* Then have ye done your devoir* at the least." *duty "Hoste," quoth he, "de par dieux jeo asente; <3> To breake forword is not mine intent. Behest is debt, and I would hold it fain, All my behest; I can no better sayn. For such law as a man gives another wight, He should himselfe usen it by right. Thus will our text: but natheless certain I can right now no thrifty* tale sayn, *worthy But Chaucer (though he *can but lewedly* *knows but imperfectly* On metres and on rhyming craftily) Hath said them, in such English as he can, Of olde time, as knoweth many a man. And if he have not said them, leve* brother, *dear In one book, he hath said them in another For he hath told of lovers up and down, More than Ovide made of mentioun In his Epistolae, that be full old. Why should I telle them, since they he told? In youth he made of Ceyx and Alcyon,<4> And since then he hath spoke of every one These noble wives, and these lovers eke. Whoso that will his large volume seek Called the Saintes' Legend of Cupid:<5> There may he see the large woundes wide Of Lucrece, and of Babylon Thisbe; The sword of Dido for the false Enee; The tree of Phillis for her Demophon; The plaint of Diane, and of Hermion, Of Ariadne, and Hypsipile; The barren isle standing in the sea; The drown'd Leander for his fair Hero; The teares of Helene, and eke the woe Of Briseis, and Laodamia; The cruelty of thee, Queen Medea, Thy little children hanging by the halse*, *neck For thy Jason, that was of love so false. Hypermnestra, Penelop', Alcest', Your wifehood he commendeth with the best. But certainly no worde writeth he Of *thilke wick'* example of Canace, *that wicked* That loved her own brother sinfully; (Of all such cursed stories I say, Fy), Or else of Tyrius Apollonius, How that the cursed king Antiochus Bereft his daughter of her maidenhead; That is so horrible a tale to read, When he her threw upon the pavement. And therefore he, *of full avisement*, *deliberately, advisedly* Would never write in none of his sermons Of such unkind* abominations; *unnatural Nor I will none rehearse, if that I may. But of my tale how shall I do this day? Me were loth to be liken'd doubteless To Muses, that men call Pierides<6> (Metamorphoseos <7> wot what I mean), But natheless I recke not a bean, Though I come after him with hawebake*; *lout <8> I speak in prose, and let him rhymes make." And with that word, he with a sober cheer Began his tale, and said as ye shall hear.
6. 都交代好了,让她在办公室等我。


1. 鼎晖以2亿的价格换取了俏江南10%股权,并与张兰签署了对赌协议,如果俏江南不能在2012年实现上市,张兰则需要花高价从鼎晖投资手中回购股份。
2. 某种意义上说,上海重塑了中国的消费景观。
3.   "The Lord of the estate on which the chapel of the curacy was situatedsaw this pretend sister, and became enamoured of her--amorous to such adegree that he proposed to marry her. Then she quitted him she hadruined for him she was destined to ruin, and became the Comtesse de laFere--"
4.   Familiar as I was with my friend's methods, it was not difficult forme to follow his deductions, and to observe the untidiness ofattire, the sheaf of legal papers, the watch-charm, and thebreathing which had prompted them. Our client, however, stared inamazement.
5. We came after a while to a sort of marshy lake, very big, so that the circling forest looked quite low and dim across it. Our guide told us that boats could go from there to our camp--but "long way--all day."
6. 63


1. 乘客刘某霞、杨某龙2人受伤现正在医院救治中。
2.   He did not answer, reading on.
3.   "So I drew back, and sheathed my sword, whereon when he had drank ofthe blood he began with his prophecy.

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    They were a polygamous people, and a slave-holding people, like all of their time; and during the generation or two of this struggle to defend their mountain home they built the fortresses, such as the one we were held in, and other of their oldest buildings, some still in use. Nothing but earthquakes could destroy such architecture--huge solid blocks, holding by their own weight. They must have had efficient workmen and enough of them in those days.

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      When he was arrived at the Castle, and found there divers of hisfamiliar acquaintance: he laboured to procure some meanes, that theDamosell might bee sought for in the Forrest. Then the Lady callingfor her, and bringing her to him; he ran and caught her in hisarmes, being ready to swoune with conceite of joy, for never could anyman be more comforted, then he was at the sight of his Angelina, andquestionlesse, her joy was not a jot inferiour to his, such a simpathyof firme love was settled betweene them. The Lady of the Castle, aftershe had given them very gracious entertainment, and understood thescope of their bold adventure; she reproved them both somewhatsharpely, for presuming so farre without the consent of their Parents.But perceiving (notwithstanding all her remonstrances) that theycontinued still constant in their resolution, without any inequalityof either side; shee saide to her selfe. Why should this matter be anyway offensive to me? They love each other loyally; they are notinferiour to one another in birth, but in fortune; they are equallyloved and allied to my Husband, and their desire is both honest andhonorable. Moreover, what know I, if it be the will of Heaven tohave it so? Theeves intended to hang him, in malice to his name andkinred, from which hard fate he hath happily escaped. Her life wasendangered by a sharpe pointed Javeline, and yet her fairer starreswould not suffer her so to perish: beside, they have both escapedthe fury of ravenous wild beasts; and all these are apparant signes,that future comforts should recompence former passed misfortunes;farre be it therefore from me, to hinder the appointment of theHeavens.

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