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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Be satisfied," replied D'Artagnan; "the honor of no one willhave cause to complain of what I have to tell.
2.  It was evident that without suspecting it, and actuatedsolely by their chivalrous and adventurous character, ourthree friends had just rendered a service to someone thecardinal honored with his special protection.
3.  "He came, he said, on the part of his Eminence, who wished youwell, and to beg you to follow him to the Palais-Royal."**It was called the Palais-Cardinal before Richelieu gave it tothe King.
4.  "Adieu, brother!" cried Milady.
5.  "In the room adjoining the chamber in which she changed hertoilet."
6.  "Good!" murmured Milady; "the austere Puritan lies."As to the soldier, he only smiled.


1.  Milady followed him with her eyes, and made a gesture ofsatisfaction.
2.  D'Artagnan sprang from his horse, threw the bridle to Planchet,and departed at a quick pace, folding his cloak around him."Good Lord, how cold I am!" cried Planchet, as soon as he hadlost sight of his master; and in such haste was he to warmhimself that he went straight to a house set out with all theattributes of a suburban tavern, and knocked at the door.In the meantime D'Artagnan, who had plunged into a bypath,continued his route and reached St. Cloud; but instead offollowing the main street he turned behind the chateau, reached asort of retired lane, and found himself soon in front of thepavilion named. It was situated in a very private spot. A highwall, at the angle of which was the pavilion, ran along one sideof this lane, and on the other was a little garden connected witha poor cottage which was protected by a hedge from passers-by.He gained the place appointed, and as no signal had been givenhim by which to announce his presence, he waited.Not the least noise was to be heard; it might be imagined that hewas a hundred miles from the capital. D'Artagnan leaned againstthe hedge, after having cast a glance behind it. Beyond thathedge, that garden, and that cottage, a dark mist enveloped withits folds that immensity where Paris slept--a vast void fromwhich glittered a few luminous points, the funeral stars of thathell!
3.  "Bah, let us enjoy that pleasure," said Aramis, with hismild and careless manner.
4.  "Near the Carmes-Deschaux."
5.  "That's true. Now, will you make me a report of all that has happened?""Why, I have related the events to you. You have a good memory; repeatwhat I have told you. A paper may be lost."
6.  "Oh, my God, my God!" cried Anne of Austria, "this is more than Ican bear. In the name of heaven, Duke, leave me, go! I do notknow whether I love you or love you not; but what I know is thatI will not be perjured. Take pity on me, then, and go! Oh, ifyou are stuck in France, if you die in France, if I could imaginethat your love for me was the cause of your death, I could notconsole myself; I should run mad. Depart then, depart, I imploreyou!"


1.  "Buckingham had left England the day before, sent as ambassadorto Spain, to demand the hand of the Infanta for King Charles I,who was then only Prince of Wales. My affianced husbandreturned.
2.  "Yes, monsieur," said the Englishman, bowing.
3.  "What do you say?"
4.  "Yes," said Milady, "Lord de Winter; and now you can understandit all, can you not? Buckingham remained nearly a year absent.A week before his return Lord de Winter died, leaving me his soleheir. Whence came the blow? God who knows all, knows withoutdoubt; but as for me, I accuse nobody."
5.   "You see plainly that I have no sword," said the Englishman."Do you wish to play the braggart with an unarmed man?""I hope you have a sword at home; but at all events, I havetwo, and if you like, I will throw with you for one ofthem."
6.  The cardinal could not drive from his mind the fear heentertained of his terrible emissary--for he comprehended thestrange qualities of this woman, sometimes a serpent, sometimes alion. Had she betrayed him? Was she dead? He knew her wellenough in all cases to know that, whether acting for or againsthim, as a friend or an enemy, she would not remain motionlesswithout great impediments; but whence did these impedimentsarise? That was what he could not know.


1.  "He still lives."
2.  "Hold your tongue and take it!" said D'Artagnan. "And you, myfriend, there is a demipistole for your trouble; you will tellMonsieur de Treville that Monsieur Aramis is very much obliged tohim. Go."
3.  "Seven thousand livres, in louis of twelve francs.""Seven thousand livres!" cried Porthos. "That poor littlediamond was worth seven thousand livres?"
4、  Madame, Until the present moment I could not believe that itwas to me your first two letters were addressed, so unworthydid I feel myself of such an honor; besides, I was soseriously indisposed that I could not in any case havereplied to them.
5、  It is by more order and for the good of the state that thebearer of this has done what he has done.




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      The Musketeer returned home hungry and in bad humor.

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      "And moreover, very handsome saddles," said Porthos, who atthe moment wore on his cloak the lace of his own."Besides," said Aramis, "God desires the conversion and notthe death of a sinner."

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       "The white flag, morbleu! We must not leave a flag in thehands of the enemy, even if that flag be but a napkin."And Athos ran back to the bastion, mounted the platform, andbore off the flag; but as the Rochellais had arrived withinmusket range, they opened a terrible fire upon this man, whoappeared to expose himself for pleasure's sake.

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      "From her Majesty!" said Buckingham, becoming so pale thatD'Artagnan feared he would faint as he broke the seal."What is this rent?" said he, showing D'Artagnan a place where ithad been pierced through.

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    {  "In person."

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      Then turning his eyes from Milady to the paper, he read: "'Orderto conduct--' The name is blank," interrupted Lord de Winter."If you have any preference you can point it out to me; and if itbe not within a thousand leagues of London, attention will bepaid to your wishes. I will begin again, then:}

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      Athos, wounded anew by Cahusac, became evidently paler, but didnot give way a foot. He only changed his sword hand, and foughtwith his left hand.

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      "Rue de la Harpe. No. 75."

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       It took some time for D'Artagnan to resume this littledialogue; but then all the ideas of vengeance which he hadbrought with him had completely vanished. This womanexercised over him an unaccountable power; he hated andadored her at the same time. He would not have believedthat two sentiments so opposite could dwell in the sameheart, and by their union constitute a passion so strange,and as it were, diabolical.

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    {  "And don't forget," said D'Artagnan, "to bring up four bottles ofthe same sort for the two English gentlemen."

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