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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You do so well, I thought you might have had some experience."
2.  "It doesn't seem to me," said Carrie, "that we spend very much."
3.  When Drouet came the next night, she was very much satisfied withher day's study.
4.  In contrast, Hurstwood appeared strong and sincere. He had noeasy manner of putting her off. He sympathised with her andshowed her what her true value was. He needed her, while Drouetdid not care.
5.  They drove back, and at 6.15 sat down to dine. It was the Sherryincident over again, the remembrance of which came painfully backto Carrie. She remembered Mrs. Vance, who had never called againafter Hurstwood's reception, and Ames.
6.  "I won't," said the portly woman. "Let's see," she added, "whereare you the first week in February?""Pittsburg," said the woman.


1.  He was a large and corpulent individual, surfeited with goodclothes and good eating, who judged women as another wouldhorseflesh. Carrie was pretty and graceful. She might be put ineven if she did not have any experience. One of the proprietorshad suggested that the chorus was a little weak on looks.
2.  "So I did," said Carrie simply. "I went for a walk."
3.  This getting-something proposition complicated itself the momenthe began to think of what it was he wanted to do. Manage aplace? Where should he get such a position? The papers containedno requests for managers. Such positions, he knew well enough,were either secured by long years of service or were bought witha half or third interest. Into a place important enough to needsuch a manager he had not money enough to buy.
4.  "Ah, you sucker," he heard some one say. Kicks and blows rainedon him. He seemed to be suffocating. Then two men seemed to bedragging him off and he wrestled for freedom.
5.  "Well, do you want to get in a comedy or on the vaudeville or inthe chorus?"
6.  At the clerk's office Hurstwood swung the register about whilethe clerk came forward. He was thinking what name he would putdown. With the latter before him he found no time forhesitation. A name he had seen out of the car window cameswiftly to him. It was pleasing enough. With an easy hand hewrote, "G. W. Murdock and wife." It was the largest concession tonecessity he felt like making. His initials he could not spare.


1.  "Why don't we get married?" she inquired, thinking of the volublepromises he had made.
2.  "Just thinking what?" she returned smilingly, puzzled by hisattitude.
3.  Hurstwood showed his hand. He was done. The bitter fact that hehad lost seventy-five dollars made him desperate.
4.  "I can't wait any longer," urged Hurstwood. "If that is toosoon, come Saturday."
5.   "Any time you say," he said, with ease, refusing to discolour hispresent delight with this miserable problem.
6.  "Do you think he will?" she asked.


1.  The regular entrance of thirty-five dollars a week to one who hasendured scant allowances for several years is a demoralisingthing. Carrie found her purse bursting with good green bills ofcomfortable denominations. Having no one dependent upon her, shebegan to buy pretty clothes and pleasing trinkets, to eat well,and to ornament her room. Friends were not long in gatheringabout. She met a few young men who belonged to Lola's staff.The members of the opera company made her acquaintance withoutthe formality of introduction. One of these discovered a fancyfor her. On several occasions he strolled home with her.
2.  "Very well," said Cargill, troubled for something to talk about."Stopping here?"
3.  "Have I much time to catch that train for Detroit?" he asked ofthe agent.
4、  Hurstwood reasoned, when he neared the last ten dollars, that hehad better keep a little pocket change and not become whollydependent for car-fare, shaves, and the like; so when this sumwas still in his hand he announced himself as penniless.
5、  "Regular people who get you a place?"




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      "You're not doing anything. Get yourself a nice pair of shoesand a jacket."

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      In the morning he put on his best clothes, which were poorenough, and began stirring about, putting some bread and meatinto a page of a newspaper. Carrie watched him, interested inthis new move.

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       Carrie was standing farther back in the room, hearing it all.She was greatly distressed. It was so bad and commonplace.Hurstwood was annoyed also.

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      This thing was the remains of his old-time cocksureness andindependence. Sitting in his flat, and reading of the doings ofother people, sometimes this independent, undefeated mood cameupon him. Forgetting the weariness of the streets and thedegradation of search, he would sometimes prick up his ears. Itwas as if he said:

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    {  "I don't know," she answered, pleased, nevertheless, beyond allconcealment.

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      "Suppose you try frowning all through. Do it hard. Look mad.It'll make the part really funny."}

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      Such of these letters as came while Carrie was still in theSeventeenth Street place were read with more interest--thoughnever delight--than those which arrived after she was installedin her luxurious quarters at the Wellington. Even there hervanity--or that self-appreciation which, in its more rabid form,is called vanity--was not sufficiently cloyed to make thesethings wearisome. Adulation, being new in any form, pleased her.Only she was sufficiently wise to distinguish between her oldcondition and her new one. She had not had fame or money before.Now they had come. She had not had adulation and affectionatepropositions before. Now they had come. Wherefore? She smiledto think that men should suddenly find her so much moreattractive. In the least way it incited her to coolness andindifference.

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      If ever there was dressiness it was here. It was thepersonification of the old term spick and span.

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       Carrie owned to ignorance.

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    {  "Well," he said, "I saw you across the street there. I thought itwas you. I was just coming out to your place. How are you,anyhow?"

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      "Oh, nothing," she answered; "I've always thought so."