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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, then, if you did, depend upon it, Fernand picked itup, and either copied it or caused it to be copied; perhaps,even, he did not take the trouble of recopying it. And now Ithink of it, by Heavens, he may have sent the letter itself!Fortunately, for me, the handwriting was disguised."
2.  "Ah," said Beauchamp, "you doubt me? Well, you can ask myservant, or rather him who will no longer be my servantto-morrow, it was the talk of the house."
3.  "I trust you will not be displeased, sir, that Valentine hasnot come with us, or that I dismissed Barrois, for ourconference will be one which could not with propriety becarried on in the presence of either. Madame de Villefortand I have a communication to make to you."
4.  "The count," repeated Eugenie, as though it had not occurredto her to observe him sooner; "the count? -- oh, he is sodreadfully pale."
5.  "Indeed, count," said Madame Danglars, "I am ashamed to ownit, but all your frightful stories have so upset me, that Imust beg you to let me sit down;" and she fell into a chair.Monte Cristo bowed, and went to Madame de Villefort. "Ithink Madame Danglars again requires your bottle," he said.But before Madame de Villefort could reach her friend theprocureur had found time to whisper to Madame Danglars, "Imust speak to you."
6.  "Truly, truly," said Madame Danglars, "all my linen ismarked thus; Monsieur de Nargonne was a baronet, and my nameis Hermine. Thank God, my child was not then dead!"


1.  "Nothing," replied the count; "only, as you see, theCarnival his commenced. Make haste and dress yourself."
2.  "Are you quite sure you do not say so to tranquillize myfears? See how deadly pale he is! My child, my darlingEdward; speak to your mother -- open your dear eyes and lookon me once again! Oh, sir, in pity send for a physician; mywhole fortune shall not be thought too much for the recoveryof my boy."
3.  The visitor was introduced into the drawing-room, which waslike all other furnished drawing-rooms. A mantle-piece, withtwo modern Sevres vases, a timepiece representing Cupid withhis bent bow, a mirror with an engraving on each side -- onerepresenting Homer carrying his guide, the other, Belisariusbegging -- a grayish paper; red and black tapestry -- suchwas the appearance of Lord Wilmore's drawing-room. It wasilluminated by lamps with ground-glass shades which gaveonly a feeble light, as if out of consideration for theenvoy's weak sight. After ten minutes' expectation the clockstruck ten; at the fifth stroke the door opened and LordWilmore appeared. He was rather above the middle height,with thin reddish whiskers, light complexion and light hair,turning rather gray. He was dressed with all the Englishpeculiarity, namely, in a blue coat, with gilt buttons andhigh collar, in the fashion of 1811, a white kerseymerewaistcoat, and nankeen pantaloons, three inches too short,but which were prevented by straps from slipping up to theknee. His first remark on entering was, -- "You know, sir, Ido not speak French?"
4.  This was already half an hour past the time Valentine hadfixed. It was a terrible moment for the young man. Theslightest rustling of the foliage, the least whistling ofthe wind, attracted his attention, and drew the perspirationto his brow; then he tremblingly fixed his ladder, and, notto lose a moment, placed his foot on the first step. Amidstall these alternations of hope and fear, the clock struckten. "It is impossible," said Maximilian, "that the signingof a contract should occupy so long a time withoutunexpected interruptions. I have weighed all the chances,calculated the time required for all the forms; somethingmust have happened." And then he walked rapidly to and fro,and pressed his burning forehead against the fence. HadValentine fainted? or had she been discovered and stopped inher flight? These were the only obstacles which appearedpossible to the young man.
5.  "Listen to me, my son has also guessed who you are, -- heattributes his father's misfortunes to you."
6.  "There is no great merit due to me, for we were informed ofit."


1.  "Have you tied the knot?" inquired the first speaker.
2.  "Ah," exclaimed Madame Danglars, alarmed, "what is theremore to hear?"
3.  "You are right, in some degree; when I wish to listen tosounds more exquisitely attuned to melody than mortal earever yet listened to, I go to sleep."
4.  Danglars was balancing his monthly accounts, and it wasperhaps not the most favorable moment for finding him in hisbest humor. At the first sight of his old friend, Danglarsassumed his majestic air, and settled himself in hiseasy-chair. Morcerf, usually so stiff and formal, accostedthe banker in an affable and smiling manner, and, feelingsure that the overture he was about make would be wellreceived, he did not consider it necessary to adopt anymanoeuvres in order to gain his end, but went at oncestraight to the point.
5.   "Quite so," said Albert, "if the way be picturesque." Theclock struck nine as the door opened, and a coachmanappeared. "Excellencies," said he, "the coach is ready."
6.  "Yes," said Monte Cristo "I perfectly recollect him; I thinkhe was your colleague."


1.  "You?"
2.  "How strong and courageous you are!" said the fair, frailgirl to her brunette companion.
3.  "You must be aware, at all events, that it is impossible forme to understand motives before they are explained to me;but one thing at least is clear, which is, that you declineallying yourself with my family."
4、  "Of the `Arabian Nights'?"
5、  "What you say is perhaps true; they know my habits. Forinstance, you shall see; how do you wish to occupy yourselfduring tea-time?"




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      "I do."

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      "I did not expect to see you again," said he feebly, toDantes.

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       "Do you not think with me, M. de Villefort, that GeneralQuesnel, whom they believed attached to the usurper, but whowas really entirely devoted to me, has perished the victimof a Bonapartist ambush?"

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      "But Franz did come with the four thousand crowns," saidChateau-Renaud. "A man whose name is Franz d'Epinay orAlbert de Morcerf has not much difficulty in procuringthem."

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    {  At first sight the exterior of the house at Auteuil gave noindications of splendor, nothing one would expect from thedestined residence of the magnificent Count of Monte Cristo;but this simplicity was according to the will of its master,who positively ordered nothing to be altered outside. Thesplendor was within. Indeed, almost before the door opened,the scene changed. M. Bertuccio had outdone himself in thetaste displayed in furnishing, and in the rapidity withwhich it was executed. It is told that the Duc d'Antinremoved in a single night a whole avenue of trees thatannoyed Louis XIV.; in three days M. Bertuccio planted anentirely bare court with poplars, large spreading sycamoresto shade the different parts of the house, and in theforeground, instead of the usual paving-stones, half hiddenby the grass, there extended a lawn but that morning laiddown, and upon which the water was yet glistening. For therest, the orders had been issued by the count; he himselfhad given a plan to Bertuccio, marking the spot where eachtree was to be planted, and the shape and extent of the lawnwhich was to take the place of the paving-stones. Thus thehouse had become unrecognizable, and Bertuccio himselfdeclared that he scarcely knew it, encircled as it was by aframework of trees. The overseer would not have objected,while he was about it, to have made some improvements in thegarden, but the count had positively forbidden it to betouched. Bertuccio made amends, however, by loading theante-chambers, staircases, and mantle-pieces with flowers.

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      "Hate you, sweet Valentine," exclaimed the young man; "howis it possible for any one to do that?"}

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      Penelon rolled his quid in his cheek, placed his hand beforehis mouth, turned his head, and sent a long jet oftobacco-juice into the antechamber, advanced his foot,balanced himself, and began, -- "You see, M. Morrel," saidhe, "we were somewhere between Cape Blanc and Cape Boyador,sailing with a fair breeze, south-south-west after a week'scalm, when Captain Gaumard comes up to me -- I was at thehelm I should tell you -- and says, `Penelon, what do youthink of those clouds coming up over there?' I was just thenlooking at them myself. `What do I think, captain? Why Ithink that they are rising faster than they have anybusiness to do, and that they would not be so black if theydidn't mean mischief.' -- `That's my opinion too,' said thecaptain, `and I'll take precautions accordingly. We arecarrying too much canvas. Avast, there, all hands! Take inthe studding-sl's and stow the flying jib.' It was time; thesquall was on us, and the vessel began to heel. `Ah,' saidthe captain, `we have still too much canvas set; all handslower the mains'l!' Five minutes after, it was down; and wesailed under mizzen-tops'ls and to'gall'nt sails. `Well,Penelon,' said the captain, `what makes you shake yourhead?' `Why,' I says, `I still think you've got too muchon.' `I think you're right,' answered he, `we shall have agale.' `A gale? More than that, we shall have a tempest, orI don't know what's what.' You could see the wind cominglike the dust at Montredon; luckily the captain understoodhis business. `Take in two reefs in the tops'ls,' cried thecaptain; `let go the bowlin's, haul the brace, lower theto'gall'nt sails, haul out the reef-tackles on the yards.'"

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      "And in what manner has this congeniality of mind beenevinced?"

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       "A hundred crowns."

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    {  "Oh, doctor," cried Barrois, "the fit is coming on again.Oh, do something for me." The doctor flew to his patient."That emetic, Villefort -- see if it is coming." Villefortsprang into the passage, exclaiming, "The emetic! theemetic! -- is it come yet?" No one answered. The mostprofound terror reigned throughout the house. "If I hadanything by means of which I could inflate the lungs," saidd'Avrigny, looking around him, "perhaps I might preventsuffocation. But there is nothing which would do --nothing!" "Oh, sir," cried Barrois, "are you going to let medie without help? Oh, I am dying! Oh, save me!"

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      "Why, you know, my dear fellow, when one has been accustomedto Malibran and Sontag, such singers as these don't make thesame impression on you they perhaps do on others."