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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'What do you want with me?' I asked.
2.  "'Ha, ha! I think I would risk a little sporting flutter that youdon't go there at all.'
3.  "Nothing of the sort, sir!" screamed the little man. "Don't lookto me for a penny- not a penny! You understand that, Mr. Detective!I am all the family that this young man has got, and I tell you that Iam not responsible. If he has any expectations it is due to the factthat I have never wasted money, and I do not propose to begin to do sonow. As to those papers with which you are making so free, I maytell you that in case there should be anything of any value amongthem, you will be held strictly to account for what you do with them.""Very good, sir," said Sherlock Holmes. "May I ask, in themeanwhile, whether you have yourself any theory to account for thisyoung man's disappearance?"
4.  "Well," said Milverton, "you made me lose a good night's rest, mydear. I hope you'll prove worth it. You couldn't come any othertime- eh?"
5.  "Precisely," said Holmes coldly. It was one of the peculiaritiesof his proud, self-contained nature that though he docketed anyfresh information very quietly and accurately in his brain, heseldom made any acknowledgment to the giver. "I rather fancy weshall know a good deal more about Cheeseman's, Lamberley, before weare through. The letter is, as I had hoped, from Robert Ferguson. Bythe way, he claims acquaintance with you."
6.  "It's no one I know."


1.  "It was the question which I was about to put to you, Professor.""To me, sir!"
2.  "'Then take the treaty and lock it up there. I shall give directionsthat you may remain behind when the others go, so that you may copy itat your leisure without fear of being overlooked. When you havefinished, relock both the original and the draft in the desk, and handthem over to me personally to-morrow morning.'
3.  "But who used him roughly?"
4.  "I thought no more of the matter until the vicar's telegramreached me at Plymouth. This villain had thought that I would be atsea before the news could reach me, and that I should be lost foryears in Africa. But I returned at once. Of course, I could not listento the details without feeling assured that my poison had been used. Icame round to see you on the chance that some other explanation hadsuggested itself to you. But there could be none. I was convinced thatMortimer Tregennis was the murderer; that for the sake of money, andwith the idea, perhaps, that if the other members of his family wereall insane he would be the sole guardian of their joint property, hehad used the devil's-foot powder upon them, driven two of them outof their senses, and killed his sister Brenda, the one human beingwhom I have ever loved or who has ever loved me. There was hiscrime; what was to be his punishment?
5.  "But how could you guess what the motive was?"
6.  "I was just going to propose it."


1.  "You evidently do not know the Earl," said he.
2.  "No."
3.  "Give me your coat and umbrella," said Holmes. "They may resthere on the hook and will be dry presently. You have come up fromthe south-west, I see."
4.  "Our learned friend's nerves are somewhat out of order," said he."Perhaps our intrusion was a little crude, and yet we have gained thatpersonal contact which I desired. But, dear me, Watson, he is surelyat our heels. The villain still pursues us."
5.   "I was slow at the outset- culpably slow. Had the body been found inthe water I could hardly have missed it. It was the towel which misledme. The poor fellow had never thought to dry himself, and so I in turnwas led to believe that he had never been in the water. Why, then,should the attack of any water creature suggest itself to me? That waswhere I went astray. Well, well, Inspector, I often ventured tochaff you gentlemen of the police force, but Cyanea capillata verynearly avenged Scotland Yard."
6.  "What should I have done?" I cried, with some heat.


1.  For answer Holmes clapped the hat upon his head. It cameright over the forehead and settled upon the bridge of his nose."It is a question of cubic capacity," said he; "a man with solarge a brain must have something in it."
2.  "Lumbago, possibly. I have known a severe attack make a man walkin just such a way, and nothing would be more trying to the temper.""Good, Watson! You always keep us flat-footed on the ground. Butwe can hardly accept Lumbago, since he was able to stand erect in amoment."
3.  "There was a quarrel between you. He left you in a rage, and beganto make his own plans independently of you."
4、  "Important!" Our visitor threw up his hands. "Have you heard nothingof the abduction of the only son of the Duke of Holdernesse?""What! the late Cabinet Minister?"
5、  The woman must have some strange delusion. I could not see honestBob Ferguson in the character of fiend or devil.




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      "I have no doubt, sir, that you are fully competent, but I am surethat you will agree that in such a case a second opinion isvaluable. You have avoided this, I understand, for fear thatpressure should be put upon you to segregate the patient.""That is so," said Colonel Emsworth.

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      "How did you trace it, then?"

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       "I pray not, sir. And what do you intend to do?"

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      "He'll be here when he promised," said I, "and not an instant sooneror later."

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    {  "You are here for a rest, my dear fellow. For heaven's sake don'tget started on a new problem when your nerves are all in shreds."Holmes shrugged his shoulders with a glance of comic resignationtowards the colonel, and the talk drifted away into less dangerouschannels.

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      "You see, Watson," he remarked, "our evening has been by no meanswasted. Some of my most interesting cases have come to me in thisway through Mycroft. The problem which we have just listened to,although it can admit of but one explanation, has still somedistinguishing features."}

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      "She is there," said Holmes, and he pointed to a high bookcase inthe corner of the room.

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      "Mr. Holmes, the envelope is a long, thin one of pale blue colour.There is a seal of red wax stamped with a crouching lion. It isaddressed in large, bold handwriting to-"

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       Holmes snorted his contempt.

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    {  "You don't keep a dog?"

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      It was not very long before my friend's prediction was fulfilled.A fortnight went by, during which I frequently found my thoughtsturning in her direction and wondering what strange side-alley ofhuman experience this lonely woman had strayed into. The unusualsalary, the curious conditions, the light duties, all pointed tosomething abnormal, though whether a fad or a plot, or whether the manwere a philanthropist or a villain, it was quite beyond my powers todetermine. As to Holmes, I observed that he sat frequently for half anhour on end, with knitted brows and an abstracted air, but he sweptthe matter away with a wave of his hand when I mentioned it. "Data!data! data!" he cried impatiently. "I can't make bricks without clay."And yet he would always wind up by muttering that no sister of hisshould ever have accepted such a situation.