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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Both Hurstwood and Drouet viewed her pretty figure with risingfeelings. The fact that such ability should reveal itself inher, that they should see it set forth under such effectivecircumstances, framed almost in massy gold and shone upon by theappropriate lights of sentiment and personality, heightened hercharm for them. She was more than the old Carrie to Drouet. Helonged to be at home with her until he could tell her. Heawaited impatiently the end, when they should go home alone.
2.  "Why, hello, Charlie, old man," said Hurstwood, as Drouet came inthat evening about eight o'clock. "How goes it?" The room wascrowded.
3.  Since he feigned to believe in her married state he found that hehad to carry out the part. His triumph, he saw, was still at alittle distance. How far he could not guess.
4.  "I thought," he said, looking at Carrie, "I would come around andtell you how well you did, Mrs. Drouet. It was delightful."
5.  "You think," he said, "I am happy; that I ought not to complain?If you were to meet all day with people who care absolutelynothing about you, if you went day after day to a place wherethere was nothing but show and indifference, if there was not oneperson in all those you knew to whom you could appeal forsympathy or talk to with pleasure, perhaps you would be unhappytoo.
6.  "What do you mean?" he said at last, straightening himself andgazing at the cold, determined figure before him, who paid noattention, but went on arranging herself before the mirror.


1.  "I hadn't thought of it," returned Carrie.
2.  As she dressed with a flutter, in her little stage room, hearingthe voices outside, seeing Mr. Quincel hurrying here and there,noting Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Hoagland at their nervous work ofpreparation, seeing all the twenty members of the cast movingabout and worrying over what the result would be, she could nothelp thinking what a delight this would be if it would endure;how perfect a state, if she could only do well now, and then sometime get a place as a real actress. The thought had taken amighty hold upon her. It hummed in her ears as the melody of anold song.
3.  "Several weeks, anyhow," he said, looking steadily into her eyes.
4.  For nearly a quarter of a century, in another section of thecity, Fleischmann, the baker, had given a loaf of bread to anyone who would come for it to the side door of his restaurant atthe corner of Broadway and Tenth Street, at midnight. Everynight during twenty years about three hundred men had formed inline and at the appointed time marched past the doorway, pickedtheir loaf from a great box placed just outside, and vanishedagain into the night. From the beginning to the present timethere had been little change in the character or number of thesemen. There were two or three figures that had grown familiar tothose who had seen this little procession pass year after year.Two of them had missed scarcely a night in fifteen years. Therewere about forty, more or less, regular callers. The remainderof the line was formed of strangers. In times of panic andunusual hardships there were seldom more than three hundred. Intimes of prosperity, when little is heard of the unemployed,there were seldom less. The same number, winter and summer, instorm or calm, in good times and bad, held this melancholymidnight rendezvous at Fleischmann's bread box.
5.  "I came out here to-day," he went on, solemnly, "to tell you justhow I feel--to see if you wouldn't listen to me."
6.  "Of course we are," he said, with the slightest modification ofsharpness.


1.  "I'll just go down Broadway," he said to himself.
2.  "I've had experience enough," said Hurstwood blandly, but he felta little diffident about referring to Fitzgerald and Moy.
3.  Chapter XXII
4.  "We go right out again," he said, scarcely noticing that Carrielooked tired and weary.
5.   Night approaching, and a slightly more conversational feelingprevailing, Carrie said:
6.  "Aw, let the engagement go. Come on. I can get rid of him. Iwant to have a good talk with you."


1.  The road downward has but few landings and level places. Thevery state of his mind, superinduced by his condition, caused thebreach to widen between him and his partner. At last thatindividual began to wish that Hurstwood was out of it. It sohappened, however, that a real estate deal on the part of theowner of the land arranged things even more effectually than ill-will could have schemed.
2.  "You look fine that way, Cad," he said.
3.  "What is it?" said the manager to Carrie, apparently noticing herfor the first time. He thought he was going to be held up forfree tickets.
4、  She was relieved to see that he felt nothing. She did not credither willingness to go to any fascination Hurstwood held for her.It seemed that the combination of Hurstwood, Drouet, and herselfwas more agreeable than anything else that had been suggested.She arrayed herself most carefully and they started off,extending excuses upstairs.
5、  "You will be in Chicago some little time, won't you?" he observedat one turn of the now easy conversation.




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      "Let me fix my coat for you, anyway," and he arose and arrangedhis light coat in a comfortable position to receive her head.

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      "We can buy it then," she exclaimed sharply.

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       "Why, it's Hurstwood!" said Cargill, remembering now, and sorrythat he had not recognised him quickly enough in the beginning tohave avoided this meeting.

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      "Well enough," she said, still somewhat reduced after Drouet.

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    {  He sidled around, dressing and fidgeting before he arranged tomake his next remark.

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      "Have you ever seen the houses along the Lake Shore on the NorthSide?" asked Hurstwood.}

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      "Let me go," said Carrie, who was folded close to him.

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      "Carrie," he said, looking into her face and assuming a seriouslook which he did not feel, "suppose I were to come to you nextweek, or this week for that matter--to-night say--and tell you Ihad to go away--that I couldn't stay another minute and wasn'tcoming back any more--would you come with me?"His sweetheart viewed him with the most affectionate glance, heranswer ready before the words were out of his mouth.

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       "Well, I like that," exclaimed Drouet, little realising the firehis remark had generated. "I think I've done a good deal."

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    {  "Well, I do, if she doesn't," returned the mother, "and, anyhow,I don't like you to talk that way to me. You're too young to puton such an air with your mother."

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      She went hunting aimlessly through the crowded columns. Her mindwas distracted by this man's indifference. The difficulty of thesituation she was facing was only added to by all he did. Self-commiseration brewed in her heart. Tears trembled along hereyelids but did not fall. Hurstwood noticed something.