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1.   "The snare is rather MALADROIT for the cardinal," replied theyoung man, smiling.
2. 想一想再看
3. 所以,如果佩戴防护口罩是为了帮助自己预防病毒,选择带呼气阀的比较舒适的防护口罩是没有问题的。
4.   'I believe you, my pet,' replied Miss Mowcher. 'I keep his nails in order for him. Twice a week! Fingers and toes.'
5. Yet while the mother process remains, the inherent ground for sex-distinction remains also; and who shall say what long- forgotten feeling, vague and nameless, was stirred in some of these mother hearts by our arrival?
6. 赵之珩表示,这6次大距中有4次大距的观测条件较为不错,它们是2月10日和6月4日的水星东大距,以及7月22日和11月11日的水星西大距。


1. 在打卡过数家养老公寓后,老人们得知,这些养老机构均需老人投资几万至几十万元不等,成为会员、享受床位费折扣入住。
2. 一连串富有戏剧性的事件——东印度公司对茶叶的垄断、波士顿茶党案、作为对在波士顿港口的破坏行为的惩罚的强制法令即不可容忍法令——是人们所熟悉的。当时,1774年,英国国会还通过了魁北克法案,为被征服的法商加拿大人规定了一个政府体制,并划定了魁北克的边界,边界内包括俄亥俄河以北的全部领土,即现在的威斯康星州、密执安州、伊利诺斯州、印第安纳州和俄亥俄州。在捍卫魁北克法案方面,可说的东西很多,但是,美利坚殖民者谴责它是为了天主教的法裔加拿大人的利益而阻挡他们向西扩张的又一道不可容忍法令。1774年9月,第一届大陆会议在费城召开,组织了对英货的又一次抵制。第二年,当英国军队从波士顿前往康科德搜夺那里的秘密军需库时,战斗开始了。正是在这次战斗中,有人在列克星敦草坪打响了“声闻全世界的枪声”。结果是英国军队发现自己被围困在波士顿。第二月即1775年6月,第二届大陆会议召开,它需要负责一场正式的战争,开始招募一支美利坚军队。
3. ICU病房里的30张床位基本满员,穿上厚厚防护设备的汪俊一直处于来回跑的状态。
4. n. 舒适,安逸,安慰,慰藉
5. There has also always been a certain fluidity to this concept of whiteness. Irish and Italian immigrants to the United States, and Jews in Britain, were once seen as separate from the white national majority, and are now generally considered part of it, benefiting from racial privilege. At the same time, Jews’ white skin did not protect them from being cast as outsiders by some of Mr. Trump’s supporters who have circulated anti-Semitic memes on social media.
6. 日前,第四届黑马运动会在京开幕。


1. 那为什么要做全员营销呢?下面将从两个方面来阐述。
2. 情节较轻的,处5日以下拘留或者500元以下罚款。
3. 雇员在从事雇佣活动中因安全生产事故遭受人身损害,发包人、分包人知道或者应当知道接受发包或者分包业务的雇主没有相应资质或者安全生产条件的,应当与雇主承担连带赔偿责任。
4.   Poor Traddles! I knew enough of Mr. Micawber by this time, to foresee that he might be expected to recover the blow; but my night's rest was sorely distressed by thoughts of Traddles, and of the curate's daughter, who was one of ten, down in Devonshire, and who was such a dear girl, and who would wait for Traddles (ominous praise!) until she was sixty, or any age that could be mentioned.
5. Common industries for college startups include catering, agriculture, IT, transportation, education and culture. 13.8% of the entrepreneurs were interested in hospitality and catering, while 13.7% chose agriculture, the report said.
6. 双十一期间,就有上千家4S店、2000多导购化身为淘宝主播,争当车圈网红导购。


1. To see that businesses and the public benefit more from our reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services, we must cut red tape, level the playing field, provide greater convenience, and remove that last crucial hurdle.
2. 昌平交警通过鹰眼发现后,立即通报执勤民警,车辆后被拖走。
3. The future is always bright if you are an entrepreneur, and the opportunities to create new ventures based on the digitisation of age-old services has a long way to run.
4.   "How can I? On what plea?"
5. Sam Smith is a fluid soul man, with style channeling Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles alongside modern icons like Amy Winehouse and Adele.
6. 农业原材料,特别是所谓的软性大宗商品,例如糖、咖啡和棉花,今年的表现在最佳之列。


1. 他们分别来自呼吸科、感染性疾病科、重症医学科和护理专业等,目前已在武汉全面展开救治工作。
2. 首先,工厂从原来的10.5代LCD工厂缩小到规模更小的6代工厂。
3. 我和钱晓接过奶茶,一口气就灌下了大半杯,一天都没敢喝水,实在是太渴了

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