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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, I see too plainly that it does exist. But it seemsthat it is intended to affect me personally. I fear anattack myself, after all these disasters."
2.  "Any way, mother."
3.  "Well, you must become a diplomatist; diplomacy, you know,is something that is not to be acquired; it is instinctive.Have you lost your heart?"
4.  "Well, let it be three weeks then," said Morcerf; "butremember, at the expiration of that time no delay orsubterfuge will justify you in" --
5.  "Oh, Villefort, Villefort," murmured the count, "this scenemust often have haunted thy sleepless hours!"
6.  "Thank you, gentlemen," replied Albert, with a smile ofindifference; "I shall follow your advice -- not because yougive it, but because I had before intended to quit France. Ithank you equally for the service you have rendered me inbeing my seconds. It is deeply engraved on my heart, and,after what you have just said, I remember that only."Chateau-Renaud and Beauchamp looked at each other; theimpression was the same on both of them, and the tone inwhich Morcerf had just expressed his thanks was sodetermined that the position would have become embarrassingfor all if the conversation had continued.


1.  "Ah, you think very lightly of it; I should like to see youwith a brief preparing in your house."
2.  The command was needless. Franz was fascinated by thehorribly spectacle. The two assistants had borne Andrea tothe scaffold, and there, in spite of his struggles, hisbites, and his cries, had forced him to his knees. Duringthis time the executioner had raised his mace, and signed tothem to get out of the way; the criminal strove to rise,but, ere he had time, the mace fell on his left temple. Adull and heavy sound was heard, and the man dropped like anox on his face, and then turned over on his back. Theexecutioner let fall his mace, drew his knife, and with onestroke opened his throat, and mounting on his stomach,stamped violently on it with his feet. At every stroke a jetof blood sprang from the wound.
3.  "That is true; but he will read a petition countersigned andpresented by me."
4.  "Your excellency his not stated the number of guests."
5.  "Leave me -- go!" The young girl kissed her grandmother, andleft with her handkerchief to her eyes; at the door shefound the valet de chambre, who told her that the doctor waswaiting in the dining-room. Valentine instantly ran down.The doctor was a friend of the family, and at the same timeone of the cleverest men of the day, and very fond ofValentine, whose birth he had witnessed. He had himself adaughter about her age, but whose life was one continuedsource of anxiety and fear to him from her mother havingbeen consumptive.
6.  Chapter 114Peppino.


1.  "Well, do you know if the persons you see there are rich orpoor, if their sacks of wheat are not rubies or diamonds?They seem like poor fishermen, and suddenly they open somemysterious cavern filled with the wealth of the Indies."
2.  A peculiar smile passed over Dantes' lips; he squeezedJacopo's hand warmly, but nothing could shake hisdetermination to remain -- and remain alone. The smugglersleft with Edmond what he had requested and set sail, but notwithout turning about several times, and each time makingsigns of a cordial farewell, to which Edmond replied withhis hand only, as if he could not move the rest of his body.Then, when they had disappeared, he said with a smile, --"'Tis strange that it should be among such men that we findproofs of friendship and devotion." Then he dragged himselfcautiously to the top of a rock, from which he had a fullview of the sea, and thence he saw the tartan complete herpreparations for sailing, weigh anchor, and, balancingherself as gracefully as a water-fowl ere it takes to thewing, set sail. At the end of an hour she was completely outof sight; at least, it was impossible for the wounded man tosee her any longer from the spot where he was. Then Dantesrose more agile and light than the kid among the myrtles andshrubs of these wild rocks, took his gun in one hand, hispickaxe in the other, and hastened towards the rock on whichthe marks he had noted terminated. "And now," he exclaimed,remembering the tale of the Arabian fisherman, which Fariahad related to him, "now, open sesame!"
3.  "Ah, truly? And you say that by his will" --
4.  "Do as you please; but, first of all, pray have a servant,father. I will not have you left alone so long. I have somesmuggled coffee and most capital tobacco, in a small chestin the hold, which you shall have to-morrow. But, hush, herecomes somebody."
5.   "That voice, that voice! -- where did I first hear it?"
6.  "We had anticipated this kindness on the part of the count,"said Beauchamp, "and I have brought some weapons which Ibought eight or ten days since, thinking to want them on asimilar occasion. They are quite new, and have not yet beenused. Will you examine them."


1.  "Is he pleased with you?"
2.  "Let us try first to save the victim before we think ofrevenging her," said d'Avrigny. "Come." The same cabrioletwhich had brought Villefort took them back at full speed,and at this moment Morrel rapped at Monte Cristo's door. Thecount was in his study and was reading with an angry looksomething which Bertuccio had brought in haste. Hearing thename of Morrel, who had left him only two hours before, thecount raised his head, arose, and sprang to meet him. "Whatis the matter, Maximilian?" asked he; "you are pale, and theperspiration rolls from your forehead." Morrel fell into achair. "Yes," said he, "I came quickly; I wanted to speak toyou."
3.  "But what have I done to you?" exclaimed Villefort, whosemind was balancing between reason and insanity, in thatcloud which is neither a dream nor reality; "what have Idone to you? Tell me, then! Speak!"
4、  "He spoke the Romaic language, did he?"
5、  "You have hurt yourself, perhaps," said Morrel. "What can Ido for you, Valentine?" Valentine looked around her; she sawthe deepest terror depicted in Noirtier's eyes. "Don'tworry, dear grandpapa," said she, endeavoring to smile; "itis nothing -- it is nothing; I was giddy, that is all."




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      "He lives at the end of the yard, on the left, on the thirdstory." Andrea went as she directed him, and on the thirdfloor he found a hare's paw, which, by the hasty ringing ofthe bell, it was evident he pulled with considerableill-temper. A moment after Caderousse's face appeared at thegrating in the door. "Ah, you are punctual," said he, as hedrew back the door.

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      "Why, that is the very worst offence they could possiblycommit; for, don't you see, Renee, the king is the father ofhis people, and he who shall plot or contrive aught againstthe life and safety of the parent of thirty-two millions ofsouls, is a parricide upon a fearfully great scale?"

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       A small white cloud, which had attracted Dantes' attention,crowned the summit of the bastion of the Chateau d'If. Atthe same moment the faint report of a gun was heard. Thesailors looked at one another.

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    {  "What telegraph do you intend visiting? that of the homedepartment, or of the observatory?"

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      "I have already had the honor of telling you I was," saidMorrel.}

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      "The best thing I can do will be to certify the truth of thecontents of your petition." And, sitting down, Villefortwrote the certificate at the bottom.

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      "Not at all, my good friend."

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       "The heirs sought everywhere, admired the breviary, laidhands on the furniture, and were greatly astonished thatSpada, the rich man, was really the most miserable of uncles-- no treasures -- unless they were those of science,contained in the library and laboratories. That was all.Caesar and his father searched, examined, scrutinized, butfound nothing, or at least very little; not exceeding a fewthousand crowns in plate, and about the same in ready money;but the nephew had time to say to his wife before heexpired: `Look well among my uncle's papers; there is awill.'

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    {  "And where are they looking for her?"

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      "I swear to you, on my honor," said he, "to await yourdecision respecting the course I am to pursue with M.d'Epinay."