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彩吧平台网址【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Entirely."   "'The stateroom was next the cabin, and we flocked in there andflopped down on the settees, all speaking together, for we were justmad with the feeling that we were free once more. There were lockersall round, and Wilson, the sham chaplain, knocked one of them in,and pulled out a dozen of brown sherry. We cracked off the necks ofthe bottles, poured the stuff out into tumblers, and were just tossingthem off when in an instant without warning there came the roar ofmuskets in our ears, and the saloon was so full of smoke that we couldnot see across the table. When it cleared again the place was ashambles. Wilson and eight others were wriggling on the top of eachother on the floor, and the blood and the brown sherry on that tableturn me sick now when I think of it. We were so cowed by the sightthat I think we should have given the job up if it had not been forPrendergast. He bellowed like a bull and rushed for the door withall that were left alive at his heels. Out we ran, and there on thepoop were the lieutenant and ten of his men. The swing skylights abovethe saloon table had been a bit open, and they had fired on us throughthe slit. We got on them before they could load, and they stood toit like men; but we had the upper hand of them, and in five minutes itwas all over. My God! was there ever a slaughter-house like that ship!Prendergast was like a raging devil, and he picked the soldiers upas if they had been children and threw them overboard alive or dead.There was one sergeant that was horribly wounded and yet kept onswimming for a surprising time until someone in mercy blew out hisbrains. When the fighting was over there was no one left of ourenemies except just the warders, the mates, and,the doctor."'It was over them that the great quarrel arose. There were manyof us who were glad enough to win back our freedom, and yet who had nowish to have murder on our souls. It was one thing to knock thesoldiers over with their muskets in their hands, and it was another tostand by while men were being killed in cold blood. Eight of us,five convicts and three sailors, said that we would not see it done.But there was no moving Prendergast and those who were with him. Ouronly chance of safety lay in making a clean job of it, said he, and hewould not leave a tongue with power to wag in a witness-box. It nearlycame to our sharing the fate of the prisoners, but at last he saidthat if we wished we might take a boat and go. We jumped at the offer,for we were already sick of these bloodthirsty doings, and we saw thatthere would be worse before it was done. We were given a suit ofsailor togs each, a barrel of water, two casks, one of junk and one ofbiscuits, and a compass. Prendergast threw us over a chart, told usthat we were shipwrecked mariners whose ship had foundered in Lat. 15'and Long. 25' west, and then cut the painter and let us go."'And now I come to the most surprising part of my story, my dearson. The seamen had hauled the fore-yard aback during the rising,but now as we left them they brought it square again, and as there wasa light wind from the north and east the bark began to draw slowlyaway from us. Our boat lay, rising and falling, upon the long,smooth rollers, and Evans and I, who were the most educated of theparty, were sitting in the sheets working out our position andplanning what coast we should make for. It was a nice question, forthe Cape Verdes were about five hundred miles to the north of us,and the African coast about seven hundred to the east. On the whole,as the wind was coming round to the north, we thought that SierraLeone might be best and turned our head in that direction, the barkbeing at that time nearly hull down on our starboard quarter. Suddenlyas we looked at her we saw a dense black cloud of smoke shoot upfrom her, which hung like a monstrous tree upon the sky-line. A fewseconds later a roar like thunder burst upon our ears, and as thesmoke thinned away there was no sign left of the Gloria Scott. In aninstant we swept the boat's head round again and pulled with all ourstrength for the place where the haze still trailing over the watermarked the scene of this catastrophe.

    Its disappearance, however, was but momentary. With a

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   "Well, that is just how it stands," said Holmes. "And now, sir,since you are here, we had best have a clear account from your ownlips. My friend here knows nothing of the details."

   "Neither do I," said the morose landlord.


    "We had driven up in a dog-cart, and my client led me away atonce, without our entering the house, to the scar on the lawn wherethe elm had stood. It was nearly midway between the oak and the house.My investigation seemed to be progressing.

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   "Some years ago-to be definite, in May, 1884-there came to Lee agentleman, Neville St. Clair by name, who appeared to have plenty ofmoney. He took a large Villa, laid out the grounds very nicely, andlived generally in good style. By degrees he made friends in theneighbourhood, and in 1887 he married the daughter of a localbrewer, by whom he now has two children. He had no occupation, but wasinterested in several companies and went into town as a rule in themorning, returning by the 5:14 from Cannon Street every night. Mr. St.Clair is now thirty seven years of age, is a man of temperatehabits, a good husband, a very affectionate father, and a man who ispopular with all who know him. I may add that his whole debts at thepresent moment, as far as we have been able to ascertain, amount toL88 10s., while he has L220 standing to his credit in the Capitaland Counties Bank. There is no reason, therefore, to think thatmoney troubles have been weighing upon his mind.

    "Who is this dead woman?"

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   "'"On the contrary, I think that we have both shown extraordinarypatience towards him," I answered.

    "Yes, sir."

<  .   "'The game is up. Hudson has told all. Fly for your life.'"Victor Trevor sank his face into his shaking hands. 'It must bethat, I suppose,' said he. 'This is worse than death, for it meansdisgrace as well. But what is the meaning of these "head-keepers"and "hen-pheasants"?'

    "It's a police matter, Mr. Holmes" she cried. "I'll have no moreof it. He shall pack out of there with his baggage. I would havegone straight up and told him so, only I thought it was but fair toyou to take your opinion first. But I'm at the end of my patience, andwhen it comes to knocking my old man about-"


<  Our official detectives may blunder in the matter of intelligence,but never in that of courage. Gregson climbed the stair to arrest thisdesperate murderer with the same absolutely quiet and businesslikebearing with which he would have ascended the official staircase ofScotland Yard. The Pinkerton man had tried to push past him, butGregson had firmly elbowed him back. London dangers were the privilegeof the London force.   "You must not fear," said he soothingly, bending forward and pattingher forearm. "We shall soon set matters right, I have no doubt. Youhave come in by train this morning, I see."

    The garden gate of The Haven had opened and a man had emerged. Therewas no mistaking that tall, angular, straggling figure. It was IanMurdoch, the mathematician. A moment later we confronted him uponthe road.





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