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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Indeed, the name of Bernajoux was known to all the world,D'Artagnan alone excepted, perhaps; for it was one of those whichfigured most frequently in the daily brawls which all the edictsof the cardinal could not repress.
2.  "She was sent to me by someone of high rank, under the name of Kitty. Ihave not tried to discover her other name."
3.  As perhaps our readers are not familiar with the slang of the Ruede Jerusalem, and as it is fifteen years since we applied thisword for the first time to this thing, allow us to explain tothem what is a mousetrap.
4.  D'Artagnan flew to his hole, laid himself down on the floor atfull length, and listened.
5.  Porthos went away after having appointed a meeting with theprocurator's wife in the cloister of St. Magloire. Theprocurator, seeing he was going, invited him to dinner--aninvitation which the Musketeer refused with a majestic air.Mme. Coquenard repaired trembling to the cloister of St.Magloire, for she guessed the reproaches that awaited herthere; but she was fascinated by the lofty airs of Porthos.All that which a man wounded in his self-love could let fallin the shape of imprecations and reproaches upon the head ofa woman Porthos let fall upon the bowed head of theprocurator's wife.
6.  "I was to take your dispatches, written or verbal, and return by post;and when he shall know what you have done, he will advise what you haveto do."


1.  "Well, one day when she was hunting with her husband," continuedAthos, in a low voice, and speaking very quickly," she fell fromher horse and fainted. The count flew to her to help, and as sheappeared to be oppressed by her clothes, he ripped them open withhis poinard, and in so doing laid bare her shoulder.D'Artagnan," said Athos, with a maniacal burst of laughter,"guess what she had on her shoulder."
2.  "And what does he say?" asked Porthos, in a self-sufficient tone."He relates that he met at Brussels Rochefort, the AME DAMNEE ofthe cardinal disguised as a Capuchin, and that this cursedRochefort, thanks to his disguise, had tricked Monsieur deLaigues, like a ninny as he is."
3.  "And her husband found out that she had a fleur-de-lis onher shoulder?" cried Porthos.
4.  "I beg you to understand, sir, I will go no farther unless youtell me whither you are taking me."
5.  "Let us see," said D'Artagnan. "Are you SURE that the OTHERis dead?"
6.  5 THE KING'S MUSKETEERS AND THE CARDINAL'S GUARDSD'Artagnan was acquainted with nobody in Paris. He wenttherefore to his appointment with Athos without a second,determined to be satisfied with those his adversary shouldchoose. Besides, his intention was formed to make the braveMusketeer all suitable apologies, but without meanness orweakness, fearing that might result from this duel whichgenerally results from an affair of this kind, when a young andvigorous man fights with an adversary who is wounded andweakened--if conquered, he doubles the triumph of his antagonist;if a conqueror, he is accused of foul play and want of courage.Now, we must have badly painted the character of our adventureseeker, or our readers must have already perceived thatD'Artagnan was not an ordinary man; therefore, while repeating tohimself that his death was inevitable, he did not make up hismind to die quietly, as one less courageous and less restrainedmight have done in his place. He reflected upon the differentcharacters of men he had to fight with, and began to view hissituation more clearly. He hoped, by means of loyal excuses, tomake a friend of Athos, whose lordly air and austere bearingpleased him much. He flattered himself he should be able tofrighten Porthos with the adventure of the baldric, which hemight, if not killed upon the spot, relate to everybody a recitalwhich, well managed, would cover Porthos with ridicule. As tothe astute Aramis, he did not entertain much dread of him; andsupposing he should be able to get so far, he determined todispatch him in good style or at least, by hitting him in theface, as Caesar recommended his soldiers do to those of Pompey,to damage forever the beauty of which he was so proud.In addition to this, D'Artagnan possessed that invincible stockof resolution which the counsels of his father had implanted inhis heart: "Endure nothing from anyone but the king, thecardinal, and Monsieur de Treville." He flew, then, rather thanwalked, toward the convent of the Carmes Dechausses, or ratherDeschaux, as it was called at that period, a sort of buildingwithout a window, surrounded by barren fields--an accessory tothe Preaux-Clercs, and which was generally employed as the placefor the duels of men who had no time to lose.


1.  "I suspect," said he, "a tall, dark man, of lofty carriage, whohas the air of a great lord. He has followed us several times,as I think, when I have waited for my wife at the wicket of theLouvre to escort her home."
2.  "Boisrenard."
3.  "That is the very truth," cried the mercer; "but Monsieur doesnot tell you--"
4.  "She worries me in England as well as in France," saidAthos.
5.   "A false letter altogether," said Porthos, "we have not beendisciplined."
6.  "Monsieur Porthos, be generous!"


1.  "And people are wrong, D'Artagnan; for death is the door whichleads to perdition or to salvation."
2.  "Infamous!" said Mme. Bonacieux, addressing this epithet to herhusband.
3.  And the four friends, seconded by Grimaud, pushed with thebarrels of their muskets an enormous sheet of the wall,which bent as if pushed by the wind, and detaching itselffrom its base, fell with a horrible crash into the ditch.Then a fearful crash was heard; a cloud of dust mountedtoward the sky--and all was over!
4、  "Be kind enough to pardon me, madame; but in this circumstance Iam but the instrument which the king employs. Has not hisMajesty just left you, and has he not himself asked you toprepare for this visit?"
5、  The epithet, as may be easily understood, resounded to thevery bottom of D'Artagnan's heart.




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      "But it is D'Artagnan that will come."

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      "Does she know you?"

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       "There is myself," replied Milady.

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      "Yes," said D'Artagnan, "Athos is right, it must be burned. Andyet if we burn it, who knows whether Monsieur Cardinal has not asecret to interrogate ashes?"

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    {  "I might answer, sire, that he is too deeply interested in thequestion to be a very impartial witness; but so far from that,sire, I know the duke to be a royal gentleman, and I refer thematter to him--but upon one condition, sire."

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      "I confess that unless you deign to give me some proof ofwhat you advance--"}

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      "Very well," said the cardinal; "and you, Monsieur Aramis?""Monseigneur, being of a very mild disposition, and being,likewise, of which Monseigneur perhaps is not aware, aboutto enter into orders, I endeavored to appease my comrades,when one of these wretches gave me a wound with a sword,treacherously, across my left arm. Then I admit my patiencefailed me; I drew my sword in my turn, and as he came backto the charge, I fancied I felt that in throwing himselfupon me, he let it pass through his body. I only know for acertainty that he fell; and it seemed to me that he wasborne away with his two companions."

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       "And the two women parted, exchanging charming smiles.Milady had told the truth--her head was confused, for her ill-arrangedplans clashed one another like chaos. She required to be alone thatshe might put her thoughts a little into order. She saw vaguely thefuture; but she stood in need of a little silence and quiet to give allher ideas, as yet confused, a distinct form and a regular plan.What was most pressing was to get Mme. Bonacieux away, and convey her toa place of safety, and there, if matters required, make her a hostage.Milady began to have doubts of the issue of this terrible duel, in whichher enemies showed as much perseverance as she did animosity.Besides, she felt as we feel when a storm is coming on--that this issuewas near, and could not fail to be terrible.

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    {  "One of your boarders?" said Milady; "oh, my God! Poor woman! I pityher, then."

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      "Dead or desperately wounded, as I left without having been able to hearanything of him. A fanatic has just assassinated him.""Ah," said Rochefort, with a smile; "this is a fortunate chance--onethat will delight his Eminence! Have you informed him of it?""I wrote to him from Boulogne. But what brings you here?""His Eminence was uneasy, and sent me to find you.""I only arrived yesterday."