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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"I knew he wanted it for his children," said Sara. "I do believe I could make friends with him."
2.Sara went to the wall. Through it she could hear poor Becky crying more softly. She knocked four times.
3.Then they went in and shut the door.
4.Ermengarde looked from her to the doll and back again.
5."But she is so tired," she thought. "She is so tired!"
6."Suppose I had dry clothes on," she thought. "Suppose I had good shoes and a long, thick coat and merino stockings and a whole umbrella. And suppose--suppose--just when I was near a baker's where they sold hot buns, I should find sixpence--which belonged to nobody. SUPPOSE> if I did, I should go into the shop and buy six of the hottest buns and eat them all without stopping."


1."Perhaps it does if you are not used to it," said Sara, with friendly sympathy; "but you don't know how easy it is when you've done it often. I wouldn't try so hard just at first. It will come to you after a while. I'll just tell you what things are. Look at these."
2.But Lottie was a determined little person. If Sara would not tell her where she lived, she would find out in some other way. She talked to her small companions and hung about the elder girls and listened when they were gossiping; and acting upon certain information they had unconsciously let drop, she started late one afternoon on a voyage of discovery, climbing stairs she had never known the existence of, until she reached the attic floor. There she found two doors near each other, and opening one, she saw her beloved Sara standing upon an old table and looking out of a window.
3.Every sign of the festivities had been swept away; the holly had been removed from the schoolroom walls, and the forms and desks put back into their places. Miss Minchin's sitting room looked as it always did--all traces of the feast were gone, and Miss Minchin had resumed her usual dress. The pupils had been ordered to lay aside their party frocks; and this having been done, they had returned to the schoolroom and huddled together in groups, whispering and talking excitedly.
4."I'm not crying," answered Ermengarde, in a muffled, unsteady voice.
5."Miss Amelia," she said in a low voice, "Miss Minchin says I may try to make her stop--may I?"
6."I'll throw in two for makeweight," said the woman with her good-natured look. "I dare say you can eat them sometime. Aren't you hungry?"


1."Becky!" she exclaimed. "My dearest Sara!"
2."Dear me," said Lavinia, "how we can calculate!" In fact, it was not to be denied that sixteen and four made twenty--and twenty was an age the most daring were scarcely bold enough to dream of.
3."It is a strange way of doing the thing," he said. "Who planned it?"
4.Sara stood quite still, her eyes growing larger, her face paler. Ermengarde burst into tears.
5. "I can move as if my feet were of velvet," Ram Dass replied; "and children sleep soundly--even the unhappy ones. I could have entered this room in the night many times, and without causing her to turn upon her pillow. If the other bearer passes to me the things through the window, I can do all and she will not stir. When she awakens she will think a magician has been here."
6."Yes, miss, you are," she cried, and her words were all broken. "Whats'ever 'appens to you--whats'ever--you'd be a princess all the same--an' nothin' couldn't make you nothin' different."


1.But Guy Clarence was not to be thwarted in his benevolence. He thrust the sixpence into her hand.
2."But she is so tired," she thought. "She is so tired!"
3."Thank you," she said, "for coming to my party."
4、"Said I was jist."
5、"But if you cry, you will be one, Lottie pet. You PROMISED>." Lottle remembered that she had promised, but she preferred to lift up her voice.




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    "'T warn't me," wept Becky. "I could 'ave eat a whole un--but I never laid a finger on it."

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    "A little boy once gave me a sixpence for charity," said Sara, with a short little laugh in spite of herself. "Here it is." And she pulled out the thin ribbon from her neck. "He wouldn't have given me his Christmas sixpence if I hadn't looked as if I needed it."

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     "Look at that sparrow," whispered Sara. "I wish I had some crumbs to throw to him."

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    When Sara had passed the house next door she had seen Ram Dass closing the shutters, and caught her glimpse of this room also.

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    {In a moment she did.

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    "Oh, Sara!" she whispered joyfully. "It is like a story!"}

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    Sara patted her, but spoke in the steady voice Lottie knew.

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    He was a clever business man, and he knew what he was saying. He also knew that Miss Minchin was a business woman, and would be shrewd enough to see the truth. She could not afford to do a thing which would make people speak of her as cruel and hard-hearted.

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     "I am not in the least anxious about her education," Captain Crewe said, with his gay laugh, as he held Sara's hand and patted it. "The difficulty will be to keep her from learning too fast and too much. She is always sitting with her little nose burrowing into books. She doesn't read them, Miss Minchin; she gobbles them up as if she were a little wolf instead of a little girl. She is always starving for new books to gobble, and she wants grown-up books--great, big, fat ones--French and German as well as English--history and biography and poets, and all sorts of things. Drag her away from her books when she reads too much. Make her ride her pony in the Row or go out and buy a new doll. She ought to play more with dolls."

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    {"That what?" Ermengarde asked.

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    "I know that," said Sara, "but I thought I would ask you."