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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I'd tell her to keep it if I were you. She might be here weekswithout getting another one."
2.  "Yes," she answered.
3.  "Oh, he is so good!" said Mrs. Vance. "He's just the funniestman."
4.  "Oh, he's nice enough," answered Carrie; "but he isn't sincere.He assumes such an air."
5.  "I have three of a kind," said one of the players to himself."I'll just stay with that fellow to the finish."
6.  "The stage," he went on, "is all right if you can be one of thebig guns, but there's nothing to the rest of it. It takes a longwhile to get up."


1.  "I will," said a voice.
2.  "How long are you here?" asked Hurstwood.
3.  In due time they reached the depot, and after helping her out hehanded the man a five-dollar bill and hurried on.
4.  He entered, and then began a scene which had as much to do withthe creation of the tragedy of affection in Hurstwood as anythingin his peculiar and involved career. For Carrie had resolved tomake something of this scene, and, now that the cue had come, itbegan to take a feeling hold upon her. Both Hurstwood and Drouetnoted the rising sentiment as she proceeded.
5.  "Yes. I just told him I didn't have anything. Gee, I couldn'tgo home. I live way over in Hoboken."
6.  "Yes, you'd better," returned Minnie. "You've got to get upearly, you know."


1.  That little soldier of fortune took her good turn in an easy way.She felt a little out of place, but the great room soothed herand the view of the well-dressed throng outside seemed a splendidthing. Ah, what was it not to have money! What a thing it wasto be able to come in here and dine! Drouet must be fortunate.He rode on trains, dressed in such nice clothes, was so strong,and ate in these fine places. He seemed quite a figure of a man,and she wondered at his friendship and regard for her.
2.  "Tease," he said, "what makes you smile that way?"
3.  "Can't you make him?" said Carrie.
4.  "All right," he said.
5.   "I guess I'll stand down at the door a little while." She couldscarcely prevent her voice from trembling.
6.  After he had all the money in the handbag, a revulsion of feelingseized him. He would not do it--no! Think of what a scandal itwould make. The police! They would be after him. He would haveto fly, and where? Oh, the terror of being a fugitive fromjustice! He took out the two boxes and put all the money back.In his excitement he forgot what he was doing, and put the sumsin the wrong boxes. As he pushed the door to, he thought heremembered doing it wrong and opened the door again. There werethe two boxes mixed.


1.  "Now, don't forget about that," said one of the mannish women.
2.  "Oh, that's it, is it?" he returned. "Well, you come on with me.Let's go over here to Partridge's."
3.  "Oh, very well," said Carrie, scarcely believing her ears.
4、  As he undid his collar and unfastened his studs, preparatory towashing his face and changing his clothes, he dilated upon histrip. Carrie could not help listening with amusement to hisanimated descriptions.
5、  "I don't know," said Minnie.




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      "I don't know what I'm going to do about clothes," she said oneevening when they were together. "I need a hat."

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      "Well, you're a fine one," said Mrs. Vance, laughing, the whilenoting that Carrie's appearance had modified somewhat. "Theaddress, too," she added to herself. "They must be hard up."

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       "That --- --- --- ---- hit me in the neck," said one of theofficers. "I gave him a good crack for it, though."

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      "Didn't I tell you?" said Lola. "It doesn't do you any good togo away from New York. They forget all about you if you do."

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    {  "Oh, I need one," said Carrie.

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      "Ah, such little feet," said the leather of the soft new shoes;"how effectively I cover them. What a pity they should ever wantmy aid."}

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      At the clerk's office Hurstwood swung the register about whilethe clerk came forward. He was thinking what name he would putdown. With the latter before him he found no time forhesitation. A name he had seen out of the car window cameswiftly to him. It was pleasing enough. With an easy hand hewrote, "G. W. Murdock and wife." It was the largest concession tonecessity he felt like making. His initials he could not spare.

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      "Well," he said, "I want to talk to you. You're not goinganywhere in particular, are you?"

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       She began to dress at three o'clock for her departure at half-past five for the noted dining-room which was then crowdingDelmonico's for position in society. In this dressing Carrieshowed the influence of her association with the dashing Mrs.Vance. She had constantly had her attention called by the latterto novelties in everything which pertains to a woman's apparel.

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    {  "What are you up to?" he inquired genially, turning a smilingface upon his secret brother.

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      Drouet shared in the conversation, but he was almost dull incomparison. Hurstwood entertained them both, and now it wasdriven into Carrie's mind that here was the superior man. Sheinstinctively felt that he was stronger and higher, and yetwithal so simple. By the end of the third act she was sure thatDrouet was only a kindly soul, but otherwise defective. He sankevery moment in her estimation by the strong comparison.