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1. 他感到委屈,坐在回家的车上,哭了一路。
2. 医院拒绝服务的做法存在对女性的歧视。
3.   Menelaus overheard him and said, "No one, my sons, can hold hisown with Jove, for his house and everything about him is immortal; butamong mortal men- well, there may be another who has as much wealth asI have, or there may not; but at all events I have travelled muchand have undergone much hardship, for it was nearly eight years beforeI could get home with my fleet. I went to Cyprus, Phoenicia and theEgyptians; I went also to the Ethiopians, the Sidonians, and theErembians, and to Libya where the lambs have horns as soon as they areborn, and the sheep lamb down three times a year. Every one in thatcountry, whether master or man, has plenty of cheese, meat, and goodmilk, for the ewes yield all the year round. But while I wastravelling and getting great riches among these people, my brother wassecretly and shockingly murdered through the perfidy of his wickedwife, so that I have no pleasure in being lord of all this wealth.Whoever your parents may be they must have told you about all this,and of my heavy loss in the ruin of a stately mansion fully andmagnificently furnished. Would that I had only a third of what I nowhave so that I had stayed at home, and all those were living whoperished on the plain of Troy, far from Argos. I of grieve, as I sithere in my house, for one and all of them. At times I cry aloud forsorrow, but presently I leave off again, for crying is cold comfortand one soon tires of it. Yet grieve for these as I may, I do so forone man more than for them all. I cannot even think of him withoutloathing both food and sleep, so miserable does he make me, for no oneof all the Achaeans worked so hard or risked so much as he did. Hetook nothing by it, and has left a legacy of sorrow to myself, forhe has been gone a long time, and we know not whether he is alive ordead. His old father, his long-suffering wife Penelope, and his sonTelemachus, whom he left behind him an infant in arms, are plungedin grief on his account."
4. 同时,他不断强调只想做苹果的iTunes或Youtube那样,成为一个泛资讯类平台。
5. 据新加坡早报网4月18日报道,当天公布的一份民调显示,如果郭台铭代表国民党参选,无论是对上民进党的蔡英文或赖清德,还是无党籍的柯文哲,郭的支持度都遥遥领先。
6. 一位知情人向媒体谈及余祝生时称:确实是大哥,喜欢赌博,钱多、地多、房多、大气、大方。


1. 体验者需提起仿真灭火器,拔下保险销,手握喷管前端对准火源根部,压下手柄左右喷射。
2.   The Origin of Species
3.   Her mouth is short, and shut in little space, Flaming somedeal,* not over red I mean, *somewhat With pregnant lips, and thick to kiss, percase* *as it chanced (For lippes thin, not fat, but ever lean, They serve of naught, they be not worth a bean; For if the bass* be full, there is delight; *kiss <29> Maximian <30> truly thus doth he write).
4. 崔寔在《四民月令》中说:三月清明节,令蚕妾治蚕室,涂隙穴,具槌持箔笼。这是讲,养蚕前必须修整和打扫蚕室蚕具,涂塞隙缝和洞穴,以防鼠患,又可防风和掌握蚕室的温度。对养蚕方法也很注意,要浴种,用清水洗去种卵卵面上的污物,这是保护蚕种防治蚕病的一个重要措施。在整个饲养过程中,要及时清除蚕沙(蚕粪),不断消毒蚕具。
5.   Which being done, he commanded that Thorello (who wasindifferently recovered) should be attyred in one of his ownesumptuous Saracine Roabes, the very fairest and richest that everwas seene, and on his head a Majesticall Turbant, after the mannerof his owne wearing, and the houre appearing to be somewhat late, hewith many of his best Baschaes, went to the Chamber where Thorellowas, and sitting downe a while by him, in teares thus he spake.Signior Thorello, the houre for sundering you and me, is now veryneere, and because I cannot beare you company, in regard of thebusinesse you goe about, and which by no meanes will admit it: I am totake my leave of you in this Chamber, and therefore am purposelycome to doe it. But before I bid you farewell, let me entreat you,by the love and friendship confirmed betweene us, to be mindfull ofme, and to take such order (your affaires being fully finished inLombardie) that I may once more enjoy the sight of you here, for amutuall solace and satisfaction of our mindes, which are now dividedby this urgent hast. Till which may be granted, let me want novisitation of your kind letters, commanding thereby of me,whatsoever here can possibly be done for you: assuring your selfe,no man living can command me as you doe.
6. 1、大部分车型原厂配备普通滤纸型滤芯,只对较大颗粒粉尘具备过滤效果。


1. 流通环节中的每一级都会加成,使得末端采购成本高、利润低。
2.   The burst with which the carriage started out of the village and up the rise beyond, was soon checked by the steepness of the hill. Gradually, it subsided to a foot pace, swinging and lumbering upward among the many sweet scents of a summer night. The postilions, with a thousand gossamer gnats circling about them in lieu of the Furies, quietly mended the points to the lashes of their whips; the valet walked by the horses; the courier was audible, trotting on ahead into the dim distance.
3.   "Not the least in the world."
4. 目前的前置仓玩家中,永辉、山姆、美团买菜、阿里菜划算四家大公司的可比对信息较少,且外界不太担心巨头烧钱的能力。
5.   Because I cannot once againe returne;
6. 因彭在林已经自杀,不再需要走法院、检察院等程序,目前主要精力用来安抚死者杨某的家属,小女孩才26岁,刚考上公务员,家里人很崩溃。


1. Add your scores for 10 to 14 to find out how you score on the Social Inhibition scale.
2.   "There you go," cried he, "and a precious pair you are. See howheaven brings birds of the same feather to one another. Where, pray,master swineherd, are you taking this poor miserable object? Itwould make any one sick to see such a creature at table. A fellow likethis never won a prize for anything in his life, but will go aboutrubbing his shoulders against every man's door post, and begging,not for swords and cauldrons like a man, but only for a few scraps notworth begging for. If you would give him to me for a hand on mystation, he might do to clean out the folds, or bring a bit of sweetfeed to the kids, and he could fatten his thighs as much as he pleasedon whey; but he has taken to bad ways and will not go about any kindof work; he will do nothing but beg victuals all the town over, tofeed his insatiable belly. I say, therefore and it shall surely be- ifhe goes near Ulysses' house he will get his head broken by thestools they will fling at him, till they turn him out."
3. 引洛水灌溉临晋平原,就必须在临晋上游的征县境内开渠。可是在临晋与征县间却横亘着一条东西狭长的商颜山(今铁镰山)。渠道穿越商颜山,给施工带来了困难。最初渠道穿山曾采用明挖的办法,但由于山高40余丈,均为黄土覆盖,开挖深渠容易塌方,于是改用井渠施工法。《史记?河渠书》记载当时井渠施工法的技术要领是:凿井,深者四十余丈。往往为井,井下相通行水,水颓以绝商颜,东至山岭十余里间。井渠之生自此始。开创了后代隧洞竖井施工法的先河。渠道要穿越十余里的商颜山,如果只从两端相向开挖,施工面较少,洞内通风,照明也有困难。若在渠线中途多打几个竖井,这样既可增加施工工作面,又能加快施工速度,同时也改善了洞内通风和采光的条件。井渠法无疑是隧洞施工方法的一个创新。同时,龙首渠的施工还表现了测量技术的高水平,它在两端不通视的情况下,准确地准定渠线方位和竖井位置,这也是难能可贵的。在施工中掘出恐龙化石,因而渠道叫作龙首渠。
4. 据统计,校园电信网络诈骗主要集中在网购、淘宝刷信誉、虚假中奖信息、游戏币充值、网上兼职、奖助学金及以谎称学生生病、出车祸和被绑架为由诈骗家长等方面,很容易上当受骗,让学生有针对性地掌握防范知识十分必要。
5.   'There's a friend!' murmured Mr. Peggotty, with a grave toss of his head.
6.   "Everything points to the conclusion, sire," said theminister of police, "that death was not the result ofsuicide, as we first believed, but of assassination. GeneralQuesnel, it appears, had just left a Bonapartist club whenhe disappeared. An unknown person had been with him thatmorning, and made an appointment with him in the RueSaint-Jacques; unfortunately, the general's valet, who wasdressing his hair at the moment when the stranger entered,heard the street mentioned, but did not catch the number."As the police minister related this to the king, Villefort,who looked as if his very life hung on the speaker's lips,turned alternately red and pale. The king looked towardshim.


1. 难以忍受楼上养狗楼下邻居以辣椒水相对家住成都天府新区华阳街道某小区的董女士,在几个月前养了一只拉布拉多和一只腊肠犬,她告诉记者,平时都是儿子在养,只是偶尔才带到这边。
2. 无论是在产品的布局方面,还是在战略部署方面,可以说现在互联网的前进速度太快,也许走错一步就是落后十步,小米成功在2019年打入世界500强,接下来的布局更是要小心谨慎。
3.   16. Compare with the lines which follow, the picture of the drunken messenger in the Man of Law's Tale.

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      In this I was much assisted by Mr. Mell, who had a liking for me that I am grateful to remember. It always gave me pain to observe that Steerforth treated him with systematic disparagement, and seldom lost an occasion of wounding his feelings, or inducing others to do so. This troubled me the more for a long time, because I had soon told Steerforth, from whom I could no more keep such a secret, than I could keep a cake or any other tangible possession, about the two old women Mr. Mell had taken me to see; and I was always afraid that Steerforth would let it out, and twit him with it.

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      "Antinous, insolent and wicked schemer, they say you are the bestspeaker and counsellor of any man your own age in Ithaca, but youare nothing of the kind. Madman, why should you try to compass thedeath of Telemachus, and take no heed of suppliants, whose witnessis Jove himself? It is not right for you to plot thus against oneanother. Do you not remember how your father fled to this house infear of the people, who were enraged against him for having gonewith some Taphian pirates and plundered the Thesprotians who were atpeace with us? They wanted to tear him in pieces and eat up everythinghe had, but Ulysses stayed their hands although they wereinfuriated, and now you devour his property without paying for it, andbreak my heart by his wooing his wife and trying to kill his son.Leave off doing so, and stop the others also."

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