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1.   Hail precious phial! Thee, with reverent awe, Down from thine old receptacleI draw! Science in thee I hail and human art. Essence of deadliest powers,refin'd and sure, Of soothing anodynes abstraction pure, Now in thy master'sneed thy grace impart! I gaze on thee, my pain is lull'd to rest; I grasp thee,calm'd the tumult in my breast; The flood - tide of my spirit ebbs away;Onward I'm summon'd o'er a boundless main, Calm at my feet expands theglassy plain, To shores unknown allures a brighter day.Lo, where a car of fire, on airy pinion, Comes floating towards me! I'mprepar'd to fly By a new track through ether's wide dominion, To distantspheres of pure activity. This life intense, this godlike ecstasy Worm that thouart such rapture canst thou earn? Only resolve with courage stern and high,Thy visage from the radiant sun to turn! Dare with determin'd will to burst theportals Past which in terror others fain would steal! Now is the time, throughdeeds, to show that mortals The calm sublimity of gods can feel; To shuddernot at yonder dark abyss, Where phantasy creates her own self - torturingbrood, Right onward to the yawning gulf to press, Around whose narrowjaws rolleth hell's fiery flood; With glad resolve to take the fatal leap, Thoughdanger threaten thee, to sink in endless sleep! Pure crystal goblet! forth Idraw thee now, From out thine antiquated case, where thou Forgotten hastreposed for many a year! Oft at my father's revels thou didst shine, To gladthe earnest guests was thine, As each to other passed the generous cheer. Thegorgeous brede of figures, quaintly wrought, Which he who quaff'd must firstin rhyme expound, Then drain the goblet at one draught profound, Hath nightsof boyhood to fond memory brought. I to my neighbour shall not reach theenow, Nor on thy rich device shall I my cunning show. Here is a juice, makesdrunk without delay; Its dark brown flood thy crystal round doth fill; Let thislast draught, the product of my skill, My own free choice, be quaff'd withresolute will, A solemn festive greeting, to the coming day!(He places the goblet to his mouth.)
2.   A long list could easily be given of 'sporting plants;' by this term gardeners mean a single bud or offset, which suddenly assumes a new and sometimes very different character from that of the rest of the plant. Such buds can be propagated by grafting, &c., and sometimes by seed. These 'sports' are extremely rare under nature, but far from rare under cultivation; and in this case we see that the treatment of the parent has affected a bud or offset, and not the ovules or pollen. But it is the opinion of most physiologists that there is no essential difference between a bud and an ovule in their earliest stages of formation; so that, in fact,'sports' support my view, that variability may be largely attributed to the ovules or pollen, or to both, having been affected by the treatment of the parent prior to the act of conception. These cases anyhow show that variation is not necessarily connected, as some authors have supposed, with the act of generation.
3. 有人形容她瘦得就像筷子似的,一碰可能就折了。
4.   'This is a wild kind of place, Steerforth, is it not?'
5. n. 家仆,
6.   "We owe the grocer five dollars and forty cents this week."


1.   "Arise," he cried in a terrible voice, "and let me kill you as you have killed my son!"
2. 近日,宁强县政府公布事故调查结果,主要原因系驾驶员违规操作导致事故发生
3.   It happened, that the action turned his face to that side of the court which was on his left. About on a level with his eyes, there sat, in that corner of the Judge's bench, two persons upon whom his look immediately rested; so immediately, and so much to the changing of his aspect, that all the eyes that were turned upon him, turned to them.
4.   He was thoroughly aroused now. His dark eyes snapped, and hecrunched his paper as he laid it down. Mrs. Hurstwood saidnothing more. He was just finishing when she turned on her heeland went out into the hall and upstairs. He paused for a moment,as if hesitating, then sat down and drank a little coffee, andthereafter arose and went for his hat and gloves upon the mainfloor.
5. 真正做到了让人足不出户,就能享受到原汁原味宁夏枸杞所带来的滋补。
6. VR行业发展受阻Vive对手强大,HTC未来发展仍有很多未知除了市场份额,对于VR产业来说,还有另外的因素阻碍VR产业的发展:首先,是价格。


1.   'What?' said Mrs. Reed under her breath: her usually coldcomposed grey eye became troubled with a look like fear; she tookher hand from my arm, and gazed at me as if she really did not knowwhether I were child or fiend. I was now in for it.
2. 16.新年愿望:携手更多合作伙伴。
3. 然而,限于手头资金不足,他们想找有财力的公司投资。
4. In a moment she did.
5. 迄今,这种转变都是一种令我备感荣耀的探险,其间既有苦闷低谷也有意气风发的巅峰。
6. 后来这个人也认识到自己的错误,说以后不再这个样子。


1. TMT行业第二个大时代的故事,是消费互联网的二十年,上个世纪IT革命时代二十年留下来的技术创新工具产品,成为了新时代的基础设施,为消费互联网的搭建出信息高速公路。
2.   "And now for yourself- stay here some ten or twelve days longer, andI will then speed you on your way. I will make you a noble presentof a chariot and three horses. I will also give you a beautifulchalice that so long as you live you may think of me whenever you makea drink-offering to the immortal gods."
3. 具体的细分领域投资机会,可以分为几个部分来看:第一,对于IaaS层偏技术的领域。
4. 现在让我们来看看IBM著名的超级计算机“沃森”,这套人工智能系统2011年在电视益智抢答节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy!)中获胜,击败该节目史上最强的两位参赛者。而目前“沃森”的工作则严肃许多,主要就是诊断疾病。像“沃森”这样的人工智能,比起人类医生会有某些巨大的潜在优势。第一,人工智能可以将史上所有已知疾病和药物的信息全部存在数据库里。而且这种数据库还能每天更新,不仅包括最新研究结果,还能接收到世界上所有相关诊所和医院收集到的医疗统计信息。
5.   WHEN the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared,Telemachus bound on his sandals and took a strong spear that suitedhis hands, for he wanted to go into the city. "Old friend," said he tothe swineherd, "I will now go to the town and show myself to mymother, for she will never leave off grieving till she has seen me. Asfor this unfortunate stranger, take him to the town and let him begthere of any one who will give him a drink and a piece of bread. Ihave trouble enough of my own, and cannot be burdened with otherpeople. If this makes him angry so much the worse for him, but Ilike to say what I mean."
6. 据悉,Quantiphi成立于2013年,分别在波士顿和孟买设有办公室。


1.   'Oh, I know you are not!' said I, 'because if you had been you would have told me. Or at least' - for I saw a faint blush in her face, 'you would have let me find it out for myself. But there is no one that I know of, who deserves to love you, Agnes. Someone of a nobler character, and more worthy altogether than anyone I have ever seen here, must rise up, before I give my consent. In the time to come, I shall have a wary eye on all admirers; and shall exact a great deal from the successful one, I assure you.'
2. 啊,原来这事儿算工伤的啊……网友们议论纷纷,看法不一:瓶子520:还是不太能理解,为啥泡奶粉烫伤可以算工伤……杜杜:上班期间冲咖啡(为提神)、吃零食(为保持体力),结果肚子不舒服了,算工伤么?恰烟:公司:明白,明天起取消茶水间休息室下午茶。
3.  愚人节4月1日张国荣逝世14周年薛之谦首部电影《有完没完》上映宜:借势名人效应举办活动纪念张国荣,拉动粉丝缅怀效应。

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      But we may go further than this. The original species of our genus were supposed to resemble each other in unequal degrees, as is so generally the case in nature; species (A) being more nearly related to B, C, and D, than to the other species; and species (I) more to G, H, K, L, than to the others. These two species (A) and (I), were also supposed to be very common and widely diffused species, so that they must originally have had some advantage over most of the other species of the genus. Their modified descendants, fourteen in number at the fourteen-thousandth generation, will probably have inherited some of the same advantages: they have also been modified and improved in a diversified manner at each stage of descent, so as to have become adapted to many related places in the natural economy of their country. It seems, therefore, to me extremely probable that they will have taken the places of, and thus exterminated, not only their parents (A) and (I), but likewise some of the original species which were most nearly related to their parents. Hence very few of the original species will have transmitted offspring to the fourteen-thousandth generation. We may suppose that only one (F), of the two species which were least closely related to the other nine original species, has transmitted descendants to this late stage of descent.The new species in our diagram descended from the original eleven species, will now be fifteen in number. Owing to the divergent tendency of natural selection, the extreme amount of difference in character between species a14 and z14 will be much greater than that between the most different of the original eleven species. The new species, moreover, will be allied to each other in a widely different manner. Of the eight descendants from (A) the three marked a14, q14, p14, will be nearly related from having recently branched off from a14; b14 and f14, from having diverged at an earlier period from a5, will be in some degree distinct from the three first-named species; and lastly, o14, e14, and m14, will be nearly related one to the other, but from having diverged at the first commencement of the process of modification, will be widely different from the other five species, and may constitute a sub-genus or even a distinct genus. The six descendants from (I) will form two sub-genera or even genera. But as the original species (I) differed largely from (A), standing nearly at the extreme points of the original genus, the six descendants from (I) will, owing to inheritance, differ considerably from the eight descendants from (A); the two groups, moreover, are supposed to have gone on diverging in different directions. The intermediate species, also (and this is a very important consideration), which connected the original species (A) and (I), have all become, excepting (F), extinct, and have left no descendants. Hence the six new species descended from (I), and the eight descended from (A), will have to be ranked as very distinct genera, or even as distinct sub-families.Thus it is, as I believe, that two or more genera are produced by descent, with modification, from two or more species of the same genus. And the two or more parent-species are supposed to have descended from some one species of an earlier genus. In our diagram, this is indicated by the broken lines, beneath the capital letters, converging in sub-branches downwards towards a single point; this point representing a single species, the supposed single parent of our several new sub-genera and genera.

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