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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, yes, very gloomy, my friend. Some one had just died inthe house to which that garden belonged. One of the personswhose conversation I overheard was the master of the house;the other, the physician. The former was confiding to thelatter his grief and fear, for it was the second time withina month that death had suddenly and unexpectedly enteredthat house which was apparently destined to destruction bysome exterminating angel, as an object of God's anger."
2.  "Exactly."
3.  "There is a dupe somewhere."
4.  "Good! Gendarmes, I am at your service. Ah, sir, do leave afew crowns for me at the gate that I may have some things Iam in need of!"
5.  "How long have you been here?"
6.  "And you, my dear boy?"


1.  "Yes; but so little, it can hardly be called eating."
2.  "And you say that Signor Vampa exercises his profession atthis moment in the environs of Rome?"
3.  "No; he merely came and freed me from the hands of SignorVampa, where, I can assure you, in spite of all my outwardappearance of ease and unconcern, I did not veryparticularly care to remain. Now, then, Franz, when, forservices so promptly and unhesitatingly rendered, he butasks me in return to do for him what is done daily for anyRussian prince or Italian nobleman who may pass throughParis -- merely to introduce him into society -- would youhave me refuse? My good fellow, you must have lost yoursenses to think it possible I could act with suchcold-blooded policy." And this time it must be confessedthat, contrary to the usual state of affairs in discussionsbetween the young men, the effective arguments were all onAlbert's side.
4.  "Do you not know what became of him, and the share he had inEdmond's misfortunes?"
5.  "Ah, true," said Debray, "you did fight some time ago; aboutwhat?"
6.  M. de Blacas returned as speedily as he had departed, but inthe ante-chamber he was forced to appeal to the king'sauthority. Villefort's dusty garb, his costume, which wasnot of courtly cut, excited the susceptibility of M. deBreze, who was all astonishment at finding that this youngman had the audacity to enter before the king in suchattire. The duke, however, overcame all difficulties with aword -- his majesty's order; and, in spite of theprotestations which the master of ceremonies made for thehonor of his office and principles, Villefort wasintroduced.


1.  "Yes." answered the abbe; "Edmond related to me everythinguntil the moment when he was arrested in a small cabaretclose to Marseilles."
2.  At length Tuesday came, the last and most tumultuous day ofthe Carnival. On Tuesday, the theatres open at ten o'clockin the morning, as Lent begins after eight at night. OnTuesday, all those who through want of money, time, orenthusiasm, have not been to see the Carnival before, minglein the gayety, and contribute to the noise and excitement.From two o'clock till five Franz and Albert followed in thefete, exchanging handfuls of confetti with the othercarriages and the pedestrians, who crowded amongst thehorses' feet and the carriage wheels without a singleaccident, a single dispute, or a single fight. The fetes areveritable pleasure days to the Italians. The author of thishistory, who has resided five or six years in Italy, doesnot recollect to have ever seen a ceremony interrupted byone of those events so common in other countries. Albert wastriumphant in his harlequin costume. A knot of rose-coloredribbons fell from his shoulder almost to the ground. Inorder that there might be no confusion, Franz wore hispeasant's costume.
3.  "You will then submit to what fate decrees for you withouteven attempting to contend with it?" said Morrelsorrowfully. "Yes, -- if I die!"
4.  "Ah, very well, that's an explanation!" said Caderousse."How do you do, Madame Dantes?"
5.   Villefort's only answer was a stifled groan.
6.  "About the papers."


1.  "The scheme is well known," said the inspector; "and theabbe's plan has not even the merit of originality."
2.  "Then," murmured Louis, "he was well informed. And how manymen had he with him?"
3.  "Your daughter?" cried d'Avrigny with grief and surprise.
4、  "How do you know?"
5、  "So," answered the abbe. "Old enough to be ambitions, buttoo young to be corrupt. And how did he treat you?"




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      "What do you think of the count?" inquired Debray; "he isnot much amiss, according to my ideas of good looks."

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      "And," said Cavalcanti, "I know that Lake Fusaro alonesupplies lampreys of that size."

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       The prisoner reproached himself with not having thusemployed the hours he had passed in vain hopes, prayer, anddespondency. During the six years that he had beenimprisoned, what might he not have accomplished?

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      "He is an admirable man," said the major; "and he sent themto you?"

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    {  "Half in gold, and the other half in bank-notes, if youplease," said the count, rising from his seat.

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      "That is extremely kind of you," said Monte Cristo with atone of perfect indifference.}

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      The sharp gaze of Caderousse was instantly directed towardsthe priest's garments, as though hoping to discover thelocation of the treasure. Calmly drawing forth from hispocket a small box covered with black shagreen, the abbeopened it, and displayed to the dazzled eyes of Caderoussethe sparkling jewel it contained, set in a ring of admirableworkmanship. "And that diamond," cried Caderousse, almostbreathless with eager admiration, "you say, is worth fiftythousand francs?"

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      "Eugenie has left us!"

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       "Would you rather die, then, and cause Maximilian's death?"

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    {  "Good-by."

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      "He has told you rightly. The house of Thomson & French had300,000 or 400,000 francs to pay this month in France; and,knowing your strict punctuality, have collected all thebills bearing your signature, and charged me as they becamedue to present them, and to employ the money otherwise."Morrel sighed deeply, and passed his hand over his forehead,which was covered with perspiration.