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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, it is true!" said Anne of Austria; "and the spies of thecardinal have served him faithfully. I have written a lettertoday; that letter is not yet gone. The letter is here." Andthe queen laid her beautiful hand on her bosom.
2.  "No, PARDIEU; though I should like to have seen Porthos onmy yellow horse. That would give me an idea of how I lookedwhen I arrived in Paris. But don't let us hinder you,Mousqueton; go and perform your master's orders. Is he athome?"
3.  "But do you understand the mission you are fulfilling? Cruelenough, if I am guilty; but what name can you give it, what namewill the Lord give it, if I am innocent?"
4.  Felton, in his turn a suppliant, clasped his hands."Well, then," said Milady, "I confide in my brother; I will dareto--"
5.  "Pardon me, monseigneur, for saying such things, but they form myexcuse. The authorities had terrified me, and you know that aninnkeeper must keep on good terms with the authorities.""But once again, that gentleman-where is he? What has become ofhim? Is he dead? Is he living?"
6.  "It appears so," said Athos, "since here they are. I don'tsuppose that our friend D'Artagnan has added any of his ownto the amount."


1.  On leaving the paternal chamber, the young man found his mother,who was waiting for him with the famous recipe of which thecounsels we have just repeated would necessitate frequentemployment. The adieux were on this side longer and more tenderthan they had been on the other--not that M. D'Artagnan did notlove his son, who was his only offspring, but M. D'Artagnan was aman, and he would have considered it unworthy of a man to giveway to his feelings; whereas Mme. D'Artagnan was a woman, andstill more, a mother. She wept abundantly; and--let us speak itto the praise of M. D'Artagnan the younger--notwithstanding theefforts he made to remain firm, as a future Musketeer ought,nature prevailed, and he shed many tears, of which he succeededwith great difficulty in concealing the half.
2.  "The same, perhaps," said he.
3.  But Athos continued to march majestically, whatever remarkshis companions made; and they, finding their remarksuseless, regulated their pace by his.
4.  "Everything!" replied Athos.
5.  "No; she only told me she wished to send me to London to servethe interests of an illustrious personage."
6.  The boat approached as near as it could to the shore; but therewas not depth enough of water for it to touch land. Feltonwalked into the sea up to his middle, being unwilling to trusthis precious burden to anybody.


1.  D'Artagnan trembled.
2.  "To London, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan.
3.  "My own service!" said D'Artagnan.
4.  "That is sufficient, my Lord! I have sworn."
5.   "With whom is he, then?"
6.  "I ask it humbly of you, my Lord" said he; "sign the order for theliberation of Milady de Winter. Remember that she is a woman whom youhave dishonored."


1.  "You mean to say that he deceives me; you mean to say that hebetrays me? You accuse him, then? Come, speak; avow freely thatyou accuse him!"
2.  "Describe him to me, then."
3.  This cry was generally heeded; for the Musketeers were known tobe enemies of the cardinal, and were beloved on account of thehatred they bore to his Eminence. Thus the soldiers of othercompanies than those which belonged to the Red Duke, as Aramishad called him, often took part with the king's Musketeers inthese quarrels. Of three Guardsmen of the company of M.Dessessart who were passing, two came to the assistance of thefour companions, while the other ran toward the hotel of M. deTreville, crying, "To the rescue, Musketeers! To the rescue!"As usual, this hotel was full of soldiers of this company, whohastened to the succor of their comrades. The MELEE becamegeneral, but strength was on the side of the Musketeers. Thecardinal's Guards and M. de la Tremouille's people retreated intothe hotel, the doors of which they closed just in time to preventtheir enemies from entering with them. As to the wounded man, hehad been taken in at once, and, as we have said, in a very badstate.
4、  "MORBLEU, monsieur!" said he, "however far I may come, it is notyou who can give me a lesson in good manners, I warn you.""Perhaps," said Athos.
5、  "For you alone."




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      "Nothing; for that amounts to the same thing as if I askedyou for something."

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      "Had his Majesty," asked he, "any intention of holding thishunting party yesterday?"

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       "Do not deceive yourself. D'Artagnan and his friends are detained at thesiege of La Rochelle."

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      "He knows them, then?"

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    {  "It's worth eighty. Take it, and there ends the matter.""What," cried Athos, "are you selling my horse--my Bajazet? Andpray upon what shall I make my campaign; upon Grimaud?""I have brought you another," said D'Artagnan.

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      "Where the devil will constancy niche itself next?" murmuredAthos.}

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      "Nothing," said the king, "nothing. But all the time he was inParis, you, of course, did not lose sight of him?""No, sire."

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      This was evidently an ambuscade.

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       "How so?"

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    {  On their side, from time to time, the besiegers took themessengers which the Rochellais sent to Buckingham, or the spieswhich Buckingham sent to the Rochellais. In one case or theother, the trial was soon over. The cardinal pronounced thesingle word, "Hanged!" The king was invited to come and see thehanging. He came languidly, placing himself in a good situationto see all the details. This amused him sometimes a little, andmade him endure the siege with patience; but it did not preventhis getting very tired, or from talking at every moment ofreturning to Paris--so that if the messengers and the spies hadfailed, his Eminence, notwithstanding all his inventiveness,would have found himself much embarrassed.

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